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  1. Christchurch Aves invasion last night 😎💪🔥🔥
  2. jim jones

    Import tax

    Labour want to tax us into 3rd world poverty... Reason for all the tax on petrol is to faze New Zealander's out of their cars and all catching the bus and stuck in the 5G kill grid.☠️
  3. Hey Carl, Nice E34's I also live in Christchurch and have a 93' E34 530i 😎
  4. Just got back home, Not many people could have sat through 4 hours of that.. It felt like a red hot fire poker rubbing on my throat! nice jokes btw guys
  5. I'm getting this done tonight.. Probably 3 to 4 hours of scorching pain ahead of me. I'v been tattooing for 2 years now and the tattooist doing it is looking at opening his own shop. I think he could be keen on taking me on as an apprentice.. 🤞
  6. Just part of living in the eastern suburbs in Christchuch lol. thank god my property is fortified, a house i lived at in woolston a while back someone got shot in the face just out on the road by the cops.
  7. Three houses down from my place there was an audi that had its rims taken and left on bricks a few weeks back..
  8. Sounds like up north is the place to be if you own a BMW. Not sure if much happens in Chirstchurch in terms of meets... Alot of young people here in Christchurch seem to be all about Skylines and Cefiros. Most of my family have old Holdens, My old man has a HQ Kingswood Ute with a 350 Chev and always gives me sh*t about owning a BMW. Would be good to meet others that are passionate about BMW's and go for cruises, get advice and get help with my e34. 🤞
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