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  1. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2926873918.htm
  2. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2888421069.htm Not quite under your wanted mileage but description paints a well looked after picture. + touring 😅
  3. Ah seems like the kinda guy that revives 10 year old for sale posts 🤦
  4. If this was the one on TM a few weeks back, I’m glad it went to a good home!
  5. Did your 205 GTI end up going across the ditch? :( I remember seeing your other cars in the listing ?
  6. Good job on tidying it up, looks almost like a different car from the state it was previously in. $9K is a pretty reasonable ask too considering E30 tax and all. Was going to ask you on TM if it was the same car, but the Q&A warriors of justice would've had a field day.
  7. Sorry to randomly hijack, but is this the same car? Can only make a few letters of the reg out and looks to be the same given the description of the paint etc.
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