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  1. Hope so that’s exactly what I need, will look at replies with interest.
  2. Sorry long since sold.
  3. al lowe

    Z3 parts car

    Hi are the seats tear or mark free and for a non airbag Car ? Definitely leather and not leather look ? Are you able to fit these with door cards to existing Z3 for my son to do color swap with existing tan color seats/door cards.
  4. Great thanks mate, will check it out.
  5. My son has a 1997 Z3 and brought a set of seats from a later Car and electric plugs / connects are different, anyone recommend anyone in Auckland whom can make work in his Car ?
  6. al lowe

    2012 1M Coupe.

    Yes this is correct, take care Peter. Thanks Thanks Peter, take care mate…
  7. 75 to 80k I would think based on current listings/recent sales ... Dealer or private ?
  8. Have been wondering same, strange it’s been listed for so long and seems after seller was firm on price for a long time despite heaps of feedback, price seems to be falling and still no bites.
  9. Is there something wrong with this Car, why has it been for sale for so long ? Is it because RHD conversion ? Interested to get others thoughts ?
  10. You can only get the BMW logo via BMW and they charge you $300 for the privilege !
  11. Yes enjoyed watching this one, it was pretty bad eh, amazing what they can do..
  12. I have mix on my 2002 Turbo, slim on front & wide on back ...
  13. Good point possibly, my step daughters Car so will check. Thanks
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