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  1. Have been wondering same, strange it’s been listed for so long and seems after seller was firm on price for a long time despite heaps of feedback, price seems to be falling and still no bites.
  2. Is there something wrong with this Car, why has it been for sale for so long ? Is it because RHD conversion ? Interested to get others thoughts ?
  3. You can only get the BMW logo via BMW and they charge you $300 for the privilege !
  4. Yes enjoyed watching this one, it was pretty bad eh, amazing what they can do..
  5. I have mix on my 2002 Turbo, slim on front & wide on back ...
  6. Good point possibly, my step daughters Car so will check. Thanks
  7. There were three points listed on the WOF sheet for left side headlight, one was beam height, other was related to beam spectrum and can’t recall third.
  8. Where is the best place in Auckland to take a Z3 for headlight adjustment that failed WOF ?
  9. Is the soft-top any good, rear window clear and all seams ok ?
  10. ***** Sold Sold Sold ***** I have a set of BMW branded plates (only available from BMW at additional cost) for sale from my 2002 Turbo if anyone is interested. $600. Plates Image is of both legal plates, one on the rear of the 2002 in pic is a non legal made plate (slightly different design) and also comes with
  11. Quick question, are they steel or aluminium, this will influence if can weld or panel bond ?
  12. Also after an M3 CSL boot-lid that will fit the 1M. Will call you tomorrow.
  13. How much is the White one ? Thinking of cutting out the power dome and vents and welding into my 1M bonnet.
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