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  1. Got the repaired Bilstein B8 back from Autolign and into the car last night. Our garage opens onto the street as so I've had lots of people stopping by talking to me about their E30 stories, and I've heard some quite good ones now. A really iconic car across generations it seems. Anyway, just as I was putting the wheel back on and getting ready to take the car for a shake down, a blue e30 ripped past on our street sounding like a cut cat. Nice colour too. Then they turned around and ripped back past the other way, but this time one of the occupants looked to the side and saw me and my E30 and hollered in camaraderie. They circled back and pulled up and lo and behold, its my neighbour-ish and the guy I bought an Alternator off! He had just got his m52b28 swapped e30 working and was taking the neighbour for a ride and I got to have a ride in it. Holy moly is that thing quick. The 2.8 absolutely rips. Which got me thinking. I'm not going to buy the m42 and associated bits just yet. I think I'll get it looking pretty first (full respray, panel beating, not in that order) and then if im up for it, I'll start looking at an engine swap. While not brilliant, the m40b16 in there at the moment still has enough juice in it to make me grin ear to ear, and thats good enough for me. I wouldn't mind a limited slip though... Does anyone have any guidance on what diff I should be seeking out? I'd realistically prefer a lower ratio diff for better highway cruising, but I'm unsure of my options.
  2. Decided that any further money spent on this engine will be a futile endeavor, and the ticking is getting quite frustrating. The idles a bit off and ultimately I wouldn't mind more power and more fuel efficiency, so I've found an M42 containing 318ti that I'm going to go pick up tomorrow to harvest components off and then get rid of so I'm not clogging the driveway with BMW's. However that then means I have to find an engine jack that I can borrow. Fingers crossed the neighbours or some mates have one. Autolign got my butchered Bilstein B8 back to me after it was rethreaded by their race division up in Auckland, set me back $150~ which was nice after mentally preparing myself to fork out the cost of a new one. Based on my research, I think I'm going to need to obtain a few things to do the swap smoothly, namely the M44 headers, a Holden steering linkage, since i'll do the Z3 rack at the same time, and some new gaskets. What preventative maintenance needs to be done while I have the m42 out of the car? I'll likely give it the proper treatment at a later date, but as of right now I'm more interested in getting the M42 into the e30. I guess as it stands, the M42 i've found is in good condition at ~150 thou km's and has a wof and rego. Does anyone know If i can swap the e36 dif into the e30?
  3. So the engine has been on a low idle since I got it up and running, stalling out when first starting it up in the morning. After a cursory browse around the engine bay, I noticed that the fuel line hole clamps were loose but the hose wasn't leaking thank goodness. Tightened those up. Having read about people playing with the fuel pressure regulator (FPR), I decided to see what happens if I pull the vacuum hose off the FPR. I was in theory expecting the engine to increase in revs, much like what happens if the fuel return line is clamped. Instead what I found was that with the vacuum to the FPR removed and the line sealed with my thumb, the engine seemed to run better than when it was all connected. I had no idea what to make of this, so maybe one of you good people can offer some insight. Given that it is a 30+ y/o engine, i wondered about the distributed, since it sounds like its missing a beat at idle. once I took the cap off, I realised I have absolutely no idea what worn distributor components look like, so I took photos and Im hoping again, you guys can direct me. However what made me laugh was when I looked at the rocker cover, and saw that I hadn't put the cap back on properly, letting the manifold pressure drop to atmospheric, making it run terrible. Once I did that back up, it was a hell of a lot better, but the low idle and slight misfire is still curious. Do I need to do anything to my distributor?
  4. @Olaf Yes I was wondering about just buying another one. From FCPEuro I could get one landed in NZ for $306, where these guys can send it up to auckland and get a new cylinder for $270 (cant remember if that was including gst or not). Im going to enquire with some engineering shops on monday about rethreading it to a smaller nut so that I can salvage some of my dignity. I wasn't aware about the Z3 cert, I had figured it would it fall under the 'like-for-like' category that the E36 rack swaps fall under. Will keep that in mind. I do have a diff bush that needs to go in, but that'll get done when i do the trailing arm bushings, which will get done when the PO drops off the disc brake parts, which will happen when Auckland drops down to level 2. Today I picked up some etch primer and gloss black rustoleum to make the strut housings look nice and pretty, while also keeping them from rusting. This is a brilliant display of procrastination, I have many exams and assessments coming up for university that would suggest I let the car mature in the garage for a bit. Nevertheless, I'm having lots of fun. Took Julius some fresh donuts this morning as thanks for the support and help he has been giving. It's nice when you're green in the field to have someone who knows what they're up to looking out for you, much like all of you helpful folk.
  5. Good news and bad news today. Went and had a yarn to the guy at BNT about putting some Redline MTL in the Getrag 240, but after some discussion concluded that my money was better spent elsewhere considering its a street car and struggling to push 90hp. Will probably pick up some Penrite stuff thats on sale at the moment at repco and also hit the 40c per litre fuel saving while Im at it. Picked up a BMW windscreen from a wrecker for $150 that pulled it out of another e30, and I asked about purple tags, which he didn't have. But he offered me a Z3 rack for $450 which I thought about for a bit and decided to grab it. Picked up the required jankey M8 washers to space it out 14mm, and will plan on hunting down an early 2000's Holden Barina/Astra steering linkage. Got the windscreen fitted by the absolute gem's at Hamilton Windscreens. When i went to pick it up, they mentioned that they liked the car, which was nice to hear. Unfortunately, not all is well with the mangled Bilstein that I managed to cross thread. Got a call today from the shop i'd dropped it off to and they said that the threads were beyond repair. So the plan will likely be send it up to auckland where there is a team who can rebuild and replace the inner cylinder, but thats going to be $300 down the drain. Costly lesson learnt, but a lesson learnt it certainly is. On a more positive side of things, the guy I've been talking to from Autolign has gone above and beyond to help me out, so I'm thinking I'll go drop off a box of donuts at their shop tomorrow morning as a means of thanks. To Do list - Get headlights focused and aligned, then finally WOF time!! - Burn some CD's or get an aux cord with a USB-C adaptor. Not sure which way I'm leaning at the moment. The PO left a CD in that I've had on repeat since I got the car working. Im enjoying the analogue nature of the CD. - install Z3 rack (after WOF) - figure out why the power steering fluid is disappearing - Transmission fluid --Would like to do trans seals as the output shaft is showing signs of a leak. Mind you, there are a lot of leaks. One thing at a time. -Odometer still doesn't work Dirty Windscreen Clean(er) windscreen
  6. Today was another wet and windy day, so it was back to what I'm supposed to be doing - studying - rather than twiddling with a car. That being said, I was able to do a quick job today which involved resetting the service indicator, which I did with the help of a DIY Service Tool (Bit of wire). Its nice to be able to tick off the smaller jobs. I was meant to be getting a new windscreen today (~$400 wouldnt you believe) but a I was able to get ahold of a local BMW wrecker who had just pulled one out of another coupe, so I'll pick that up tomorrow and get it fitted. I got in touch with a local suspension shop in hamilton who directed me to Mashal Transmissions who have the tooling to redo the buggered thread on the suspension as depicted in my previous post. Dropped it off yesterday and fingers crossed I'll be able to pick it up tomorrow. I put the remaining Bilstein strut in the car alongside the monroe shock that came with the 51mm strut housings and by golly is there one hell of a difference. Most importantly, I didn't realise how shagged the struts were in my 45mm housing, and also how firm the Bilstein is compared to the old BMW struts, and the Monroe strut which sits somewhere in the middle. I'm excited to get the second Bilstein in and take it for a spin. The to-do list keeps growing. Today I discovered the possibility of doing a purple-tag steering rack swap. -Odometer has broken, need to fix that -Interior dome lights don't work. Would like them to. -Focus and align the headlights -Find an M42 to drop it.
  7. Alright, that was fun. I hope you guys are all doing well, and I really hope that I was the only one who cross threaded the strut nut onto the top of my brand new Bilstein B8's yesterday. Definitely put a damper on the evening. Dean was very generous in reaching out about the 51mm struts, and after collecting those, I was excited to get the new B8's into the car before it went to get a new windscreen on wednesday morning (the next day). So I took apart the car and started stripping and cleaning everything, and all went well. The B8's came with the car and had locking nuts already on the shafts, so I didnt question it. When I had everything ready, I used the nut that was on the strut, but as I discovered, it was entirely the wrong nut for some reason. I have a suspicion that the bolt that I was trying to force onto the strut was actually a loose bolt from the lower control arm that was also in the boot when I bought it that the PO had incorrectly put onto the shaft. After forcing the wrong nut onto the shaft, I also managed to shear out the central allen key pocket at the top because of how much force I put through it, which is all the more frustrating because at the time i though "Hm, it shouldn't be this hard, why is it not going on smoothly" which really should have been the point to test the other strut, which went on very normally and quite easily. Right, now I have to figure out if this strut thread can be chased with a die, or if i have made a costly error here. The D-windows and tyres with 5mm thread will be coming up for sale if anyone is after them. They have 195/50R15 tyres on it, so a bit smaller than factory. The fronts have a small spacer to clear the brake caliper.
  8. @Deano1968 No ABS for my 316i. If you're willing to sell them, I'd be over the moon.
  9. @Olaf When I was having a browse through your Grey Thunder build post, I noticed that the time between you mentioning wanting 51mm strut housings and you getting the housings was particularly short. You wouldnt have any guidance on where to source some would you? Besides some rusty sets on Ebay from the UK, I haven't been able to find any.
  10. Hey guys, I appreciate the feedback. Took it through a WOF and a myriad of things came up, but all within my reach. The previous owner bought it with the intention of dropping a newer m42 in it, but was using it as a work vehicle until someone popped the boot and stole his tool. He swapped it for his old mans hilux and left it sitting in the drive way for 3 years until I picked it up. What has been amazing since tearing through it is the complex lack of rust on the car even though it has sat in the driveway for the past 4-5 years. There is a little surface rust, but nothing significant at all. The brakes rear brakes didn't work with the pedal, and only the right side worked with the handbrake. Ive since replaced the two rear drum cylinders and taken it all apart and put it back together again and topped up the brake fluid. This has significantly improved the brake performance. After seeing @Olaf's build when he was doing the calipers, I got some VHT caliper paint that will treat the gunky calipers and make them look all shiny and new again. This will be once I get seals and slider-boots so I can rebuild them all in one fell swoop. The power steering is leaking somewhere, I haven't figured out where from, but that is a job for after the WOF. A new (to me) 90A alternator and belt with an upgraded 14.5V regulator seemed to fix a lot of the general grumpiness from the car and kept the modern battery charged. The drivers side seat was wiggly, which got picked up in the wof. Turned out that it was the outside seat base bracket which joins to the hinge mechanism which had somehow been torn apart, so that was welded up and the seat re-foamed while it was there. The passenger side low-beam light had been part of the damaged corner, which the only damage thankfully being that a bracket (bottom right) broke off. I managed to make up a new bracket that I expoxy'd to the housing and then used a dry-wall anchor screw to attach to the original adjustment screw and it works flawlessly. Not the best, but it retains original function. The D-windows are too small for the car, resulting in the speedo being out by ~13km, which is really annoying as well as inefficient. I'm looking at replacing them with a set of 16' TSW Hockenheim R's with fairly new Hankooks on them. The car is getting a new dynomax superturbo muffler today to dampen it down while retaining some exciting noises. The car came with a full set of Bilstein B8's and Eibach springs, however as I came to realise, the front B8 struts need a 51mm housing, where the 316i only has a 46mm housing. Im open to anyone offering a workaround for this, short of trying to hunt down the unicorn that is the 51mm strut housing. The engine runs quite poorly though, which is the major thing I'm hunting right now. It idles low, so It's not a vacuum leak that I can tell, however the vacuum cum pipes definitely need replacing when I have the time. Im thinking of getting the injectors cleaned professionally, or ordering new injectors, but I'm not sure which is the best approach. I've check the ICV which is fully functional and replaced the spark plugs with new NGKs, and done the cursory BMW Filter and 5w40 havoline oil. On the list of things to do is -Check resistance on the TPS -Check throttle body butterfly clearance -AFM? -FPR? Im not thinking its a fuel thing simply because it runs fine when driving, and based on the reading ive done, a lot of people with the similar issue test the FPR and find that its completely fine. -Anything else? Im not quite sure
  11. Hi guys, I'm after the following. Alternator for an M40B16 Passenger side smiley headlight, both light assembly depending on price The block plastic moulding on the front bumper rear drum brake piston (drivers side if it makes a difference)
  12. @*Glenn* When there isn't that pesky Delta ripping around the place, would you mind me flicking you a message to sort something out?
  13. Hi guys, Im looking in to doing the cambelt and associated bits on my E30 116i and I'm struggling to figure out where I could find the camshaft locking plate and crankshaft locking pin that I need to hold everything in one place. Does anyone have some guidance? Cheers
  14. G'day guys, I come for more advice on a matter beyond me. A 1990 E30 316 manual has come up from a neighbour who says he wants 6-7k for it. Rego on hold, no wof, windscreen has cracked, the front left corner has been smacked into something, the rear muffler has been cut off, the steering squeals like a pig when you turn and the breaks might as well not be there at all (very squishy, foot to the floor to get any braking). But, it appears rust free, particularly in the boot which I know has water issues. The gearbox is smooth as anything and it is a real pleasure to drive. However, Im out of my depth here. I have the blind confidence to assume I can work on this car for the most part, but is the price fair? I know Im going to have to sort the brakes out, the front left light housing and fender, windscreen and the exhaust for a WOF. Is 6k a fair price? https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=PW9797
  15. Thanks a ton guys. I really had no idea what I was getting into with this trade. By the sounds of it, this car is probably best avoided. Im going to check it out over the weekend to get an idea of its condition, but I recognise that it likely would be a down-trade that would lose me money. Thanks @gjm for your wealth of knowledge as well. I really appreciate the breakdown and justification of your conclusion.
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