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  1. I have the M54, the facelift SI had the N52 with a few more horses
  2. Yep, be hard if it was the only car in the household. Do like these 190E ‘S, great seeing them race in the DTM classic races
  3. There doesn’t seem to be much activity with Z4 owners here in NZ compared with other BmW models. The majority of owners IMO buy the roadster for a bit of summer fun and then move on. I’ve found the Z4 roadster to be quite practical for me and also (touch wood) very reliable. The 3.0 litre straight six is a great engine which easily gobbles up the miles and economical if you want it to be. Done a few wellington to Taupo trips and no issues. The UK forum is well worth a look with lots of info on Z4-forum.com The BMW club down here is good with at least another Z roadster in it, also a couple coupes around the area. Anyway, They are great value cars and you’ll have heaps of fun with it.
  4. Haven’t come across many on here, there is a nz group started by someone on Auckland on Facebook, certainly 3 or4 I know about down here in Wellington. IMO a very under rated car. I’ve had a variety of road and race cars and the Z4 is great value, handles well on the track as well with reasonable running costs.
  5. Welcome, I run a 2003 Z4, great fun cars. Should check out a UK forum, Z4-forum.com Well worth a look for technical help and how too do stuff.
  6. The UK Z4 forum I’m a member of report many cases of not only cracked wheels but broken springs. In fact, they have a broken spring club within the forum with many owners using suplex, eibach or similar replacements. Some of the roads in the UK leave a lot to be desired, potholes etc. re wheels, mainly the 19” ones on the newer model Z’s are the ones that are cracking
  7. Saw this being driven a couple weeks ago, very well done. The wheels and the front disc gives it away it’s age but very cool imo
  8. Great product, used one for years. Bit annoying that deal as I bought another one for my son at the normal price. Just out of interest, the NZ importer of these told me repco parallel import these. If that’s true i feel a bit sorry for the NZ importer that I bought from in my effort to support an NZ business.
  9. Welcome to Z ownership and bimmersport. I have an E85 Z4 as well and great fun cars. A great forum in the UK called Z4-forum.com has heaps of helpful diy links and info, worth a look. Also in Wellington so may see you at one of the meets.
  10. Haggisman

    My NewToy 635CSi

    Nice looking car Stephen, I was in that exact spot today. How many garages do you have again !!!
  11. I went with Star with an agreed value policy and found them great to deal with. As I have a few mods on my car and an expensive set of apex wheels my valuation exceeded their valuation initially but I sent photos and a description to Star’s approved valuer in Christchurch who came back with a satisfactory valuation and job done. Star’s premiums are competitive and service great so far.
  12. Welcome, very nice looking E46
  13. Exactly, life seems to be about timing doesn’t it. All my research told me these tyres would be fine but they sit fairly square on the wheels to maximise grip. C’est la vie.
  14. I was in a similar situation to Moupe on my E85. Bought new PS4’s 2 weeks ago for my new Apex wheels but rubbed ever so slightly under compression. Intended lowering the car so the problem would have been exasperated. Did about 30 K’s on them so as new. Fitted 225 x 40 x 18 and fit perfectly. If 235 x 40 x 18 worked for you can do a decent discount on new, getting them to you is the only issue as I am in Wellington though could drop them at Mainfreight depot if you arranged freight. Just deliberating if the new 255 x 35 x 18 rears are going to be replaced as well as they will be close to the arches when lowered. Will advertise the tyres shortly to the market. Cheers
  15. Hi J, shame you’ve just bought the 235’s . Similar situation to yourself, bought the 235 x40 x 18 ps4 Michelin for my new apex wheels on my E85 but they rubbed ever so slightly on the inner liner under compression due to the wheel offset. Done about 30 k’s so as new. Just fitted 225’s and perfect and will allow me to lower the car as planned.
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