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  1. You might be surprised how well they drive. Good luck
  2. Just looked at the address on Driven. Car looks good , personally, I would follow this one up. These cars are so rare.Snooze you lose
  3. My view is that there is more chance of a service history if NZ new and you know the climate that the car has lived in. Also spec can vary between country to country. Uk cars are often better spec’d. My car is a UK import brought in by the original owner, seldom used in wet and always garaged. I have the original purchase docs and service book/ information / wof sheets that gives a good history of the car. At the end of the day buy on condition, if no service history then prepare to spend some money for peace of mind.
  4. Hi, feel your painful search. I looked for one for a long time. Bought a low mileage M54 2 owner manual a couple of years ago. The N52 engine is lighter and a bit more powerful but on the road (IMO) not worth waiting for in the hope one turns up. The M54 engine is fairly bulletproof.The n52 does have certain issues such as water pump, oil leaks for example. The M54 also has things to watch out for such as the disa valve and both can have vamps issues. My car is on around 80,000 k’s and (touch wood) going great. I did give it a fairly good service when I bought it. Havn’t come across the one you have found but subject to history, nz new and overal condition then that is a good price imo. Oh, need to make sure the electric hood works, there are drain plugs that need to be kept clear in front of the rear wheels otherwise the hood motor gets waterlogged. Z4-forum.com is a good site and happy to share my experience of the car. Cheers, Peter
  5. Interested to learn your opinion on the tyres, leaning to the Bridgestone’s as they seem to be good price/performance/ value proposition. Just awaiting my wheels from Apex to fit on my Z4
  6. How much and what. Are the details of the tyres? Tried to pm you but said you can’t receive messages. Cheers.
  7. I could be interested in straight purchase of the 18”s ? cheers
  8. Welcome from a Z4 owner in Wellington. I have a 2003 3.0 manual E85, under rated car IMO. Ditching the run flats make a big difference, I guess you mean Bilstein shocks and standard springs? I have Motorsport suspension but was considering the H & R’s with koni or Bilstein shocks so interested to hear your comments. Nice looking car in white.www.z4-forum.com is a good UK site for Z4 enthusiasts.
  9. Cheers Iain and Sam. Will have a look at them. Good to meet you yesterday. Go the Hurricanes.
  10. Considering modifying the exhaust on my 3.0 Z4, any recommendations in Hutt Valley or i may have to look at wellington? Thanks
  11. WTB Lightweight wheels for 2003 Z4. Apex or BBS preferred though Schnitzer type 3 possible. 8.5” square or staggered 8.5” and 9”/9.5” no offset below 30. With or without tyres. Not much out there but thought I’d ask. Cheers
  12. Looks like intermittent confusion between miles and kilometres (UK import)
  13. NZVV do this, New Zealand Vehicle Valuations.They are in Christchurch but I sent photos and a description and they come back with a valuation. I did this for insurance with Star, They are approved valuers by Star. I was really happy with their service.google them.
  14. Thanks, we’ll see what comes on the market post lockdown and be patient. Manual is first choice and no rush, I’m not carless
  15. I guess I’m trying to sneak another car in to the household that I can have a bit of fun with under the guises of a sensible daily, trying to keep the other half happy. Once the lockdown is over I can go and drive a couple and if the auto doesn’t deliver for me then I’ll just have to be patient and wait for a manual. cheers
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