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  1. Quite a difference in presentation of the cars !,
  2. Haggisman


    I have bought various BMW parts for my Z4, original BMW or OEM from ECS, Pelican and Turner Motorsport at a cheaper rate than here without any problem. USA BMW dealers will not send anything from the US to NZ as it would break their BMW agreement.
  3. My experience of the UK Z4-forum.com site has been quite different to yours. I searched for posts made under nowool and it came up as 0 posts so can’t comment. Anyway, I guess things are as we see it and regardless you are enjoying your Z
  4. If you haven’t done so already worth asking the question on the uk forum, someone may have one or know where to look.
  5. Nice car, worth looking at the UK Z4 forum - www.Z4-forum.com heaps of info and help on that site. Have fun.
  6. I remember they did a rally version of this called the ‘Landcrab’. It actually did quite well
  7. Yep, leave a note, my neighbour bought a motorsport E30 325i that way last year. Nice car.
  8. I bought a set direct from apex, shipped them to kiwi shipping in the states (mainfreight) who shipped them here. Very happy with wheels but took an age to get here.
  9. Welcome to bimmersport and Z ownership. Great motoring for the summer.
  10. I have the M54, the facelift SI had the N52 with a few more horses
  11. Yep, be hard if it was the only car in the household. Do like these 190E ‘S, great seeing them race in the DTM classic races
  12. There doesn’t seem to be much activity with Z4 owners here in NZ compared with other BmW models. The majority of owners IMO buy the roadster for a bit of summer fun and then move on. I’ve found the Z4 roadster to be quite practical for me and also (touch wood) very reliable. The 3.0 litre straight six is a great engine which easily gobbles up the miles and economical if you want it to be. Done a few wellington to Taupo trips and no issues. The UK forum is well worth a look with lots of info on Z4-forum.com The BMW club down here is good with at least another Z roadster in it, also a couple coupes around the area. Anyway, They are great value cars and you’ll have heaps of fun with it.
  13. Haven’t come across many on here, there is a nz group started by someone on Auckland on Facebook, certainly 3 or4 I know about down here in Wellington. IMO a very under rated car. I’ve had a variety of road and race cars and the Z4 is great value, handles well on the track as well with reasonable running costs.
  14. Welcome, I run a 2003 Z4, great fun cars. Should check out a UK forum, Z4-forum.com Well worth a look for technical help and how too do stuff.
  15. The UK Z4 forum I’m a member of report many cases of not only cracked wheels but broken springs. In fact, they have a broken spring club within the forum with many owners using suplex, eibach or similar replacements. Some of the roads in the UK leave a lot to be desired, potholes etc. re wheels, mainly the 19” ones on the newer model Z’s are the ones that are cracking
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