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  1. What intercooler are you running on this mate?
  2. Cheers that's a good suggestion, when I'm bored at work next I'll look into those
  3. The thing I'm struggling with is that most of the info I can find on them is how they go for like 1 or 2 pulls not what's going on when on track. Like would the CSF be better as it looks to cool back down quicker or is a 7.5 race better as it won't get as hot in the first place maybe? 🤷‍♂️
  4. Looking for recommendations for an intercooler to handle track days at Puke and Hampton. I've currently got the BMS 5" which can't handle the track at all (40-50 degrees C over ambient 🤒) , car is at 340Whp so think that equates to about stage 2. All other supporting mods have been done just my IATs are insane. Looking at the CSF, or should I be going to the 7.5" race units from Mad/Masata/VRSF? Cheers
  5. Thanks guys appreciate the help
  6. Random question for anyone who does some low level racing (like 2k cup, production series and the like). Can I put a couple of small vinyl stickers on my helmet or will the stickers make my helmet fail scrutineering? TIA
  7. Hoping for some recommendations. Wanting a bit more noise and aggressive sounding note but as the car is my daily I don't want to go too loud or it be droning when cruising. Already have catless DPs. let me know if you've had success with this and if so how you achieved it. Thanks!
  8. Not noticed anything like that before but will have a few drives with the windows down and music off to see if I can hear anything weird.
  9. Good we can rule them out, just wish I'd get a code or something to point me in the right direction! Just throwing random ideas out there but vanos solenoids starting to maybe fail could cause hesitation with no code? Yea VRSF didn't show they were out of stock on their website, so I ordered then after a bit had to email them to ask what was going on, I ordered 2 things 1 was in stock one out, told me the out of stock would take a month so I said ok, month rolls around and I have to email them again, they then tell me they didn't put aside the item that was in stock before and now it's out of stock and I'll have to wait another month, even though they had my money right from the start. That pissed me off so out of principle I'm ordering from somewhere else even if it's more expensive. Sweet will start getting those things changed, will wait till get misfire codes before doing the spark plugs, coils are delphi with maybe 10,000km on them, I hope carbon is still ok as had a walnut blast maybe 15,000km ago. I will check the air filter though, had forgotten about that. Thanks Jon will add the ignition timing and any knock readings I can see in and see if I can get the car nice and hot then do some pulls somewhere quiet. Will get it on the dyno for a tune once I get my intercooler on so will see if they say when it's on there. Appreciate the help from you guys once again.
  10. I'm very glad to hear that, not something I want to have to replace with how much they cost, and my LPFP looks fine as well right? So fuel pumps don't look to be an issue. Yea went with VRSF originally but they properly messed me around (long story but their customer service and stock system sucks) so currently waiting on my refund from them to come through so I can order another. Sorry for my ignorance but could the high intake temps possibly cause stuttering? I have asked Eurosurgeon if the tune was locked or not so I could back it up as it's really fun on the street so don't want to lose it, it is locked so thinking I'll just get the intercooler on then get them to make me a flashable tune (haven't asked if it was ok for track yet but I'm guessing it wasn't with track in mind) then can chop and change with MHD off the shelf maps and see if the issue persists. Yep I was running with DTC on.
  11. Cheers let me know when you have a good look what you think about high pressure fuel pump being on the way out as a possible cause for the stuttering I'm getting between 2-4k rpm.
  12. Not done 1 step colder plugs yet, figured I'd wait for a misfire before changing. Intercooler is on the way, should of had it a month ago but have been messed around by supplier 😬
  13. I got the orange MHD wireless adaptor from Burger Tuning in the US, postage was reasonable and it arrived fast. Works perfectly on my N54 135i and it's very quick. I have an android phone.
  14. Got back on the track this weekend and logged 3 sessions with MHD (did 4 sessions but forgot to hit the log button first time), my stuttering was present again in each between 2-4k RPM. Had a shadow code for fuel pump plausibility come up but nothing else. I have also noticed my fuel economy has taken a hit, I'm getting 50km less per tank on normal driving and on the track 4 15min sessions used almost 3/4 of a tank! Thinking HPFP could be my issue maybe? I've put the 3 logs on datazap if anyone who knows what they're looking at would have a look and see if that sounds right that would be awesome. https://datazap.me/u/grayman11/2021-07-11-log-1?log=0&data=3-23 https://datazap.me/u/grayman11/2021-07-11-log-2?log=0&data=3-23 https://datazap.me/u/grayman11/2021-07-11-log-3?log=0&data=3-23
  15. Glad to hear that, knew a few people have it on here but still was a bit skeptical with it coming from aliexpress!
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