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  1. Glad to hear that, knew a few people have it on here but still was a bit skeptical with it coming from aliexpress!
  2. Thanks yep have backed up the current tune just in case. A 5" intercooler will be in soon I want JB4 just for this haha
  3. Thanks will get some new plugs from FCP euro. Yea I'm ordering a MHD plug so I can log everything and have the option for their tunes if the new intercooler and plugs doesn't sort my issue.
  4. I'll see if I can talk to the guy who tuned it and see what he did in terms of the correction table. I semi regularly have about a 30min crawl (like couple of times a week) the colder plugs will be ok for that right?
  5. Right so unless I've not grasped this properly it's really sounding to me like it's the timing being pulled due to high IAT as where I'm feeling the stumble the most is 3k to 4k which has the biggest timing pull there. Will get the intercooler upgraded and see how things go, if no improvement I'll get MHD and use the tunes from that instead of the current one. Also would it be worth getting the step colder spark plugs as well at the current power (340whp)? Thanks so much for all the advice from you guys!
  6. Thanks John, really appreciate that, will be useful for me to ask about when I go in and speak with the mechanics. Thinking I'm going to get the bigger FMIC from the store you used on aliexpress, HZ racing and MHD and go from there before I start spunking big money on oil and trans coolers.
  7. Thanks for that I'm still on the stock intercooler so an upgraded one should be next on the list right? Will the high IAT be causing the timing to be pulled which could be causing the hesitation/stumble? Could be that it needs retuning? Wasn't letting off on the straights unless I hit traffic and the hesitation happens around 4000 so could be the DME. Nah no left foot braking I'm still a newbie on track so keeping it basic for now. Happy for the logs on there, looks like a good tool. Yea looks increasingly likely I need to get my hands on an MHD,
  8. Another thing to look into! haha will see what I can find out.
  9. Thanks John, will see what other sensors I can log and if I can get fuel pressure and AFR I'll try do some pulls somewhere and see if I can get anything useful, but looks like I'll have to get my hands on a MHD to get some decent logs at this rate, have attached in vbo format in case that works with your normal log software. Thanks for taking time to help out. Log-20210515-124457 Pukekohe Park 15.5.21 - session 3.vbo Log-20210515-152154 Pukekohe Park 15.5.21 - session 5.vbo
  10. My boost solenoids were replaced about 18 months ago but I'll keep them in mind as they may have crapped out since then, thanks
  11. So Saturday had less stutter/hesitation but also had 3 out of 5 sessions stuck in traffic. The 2 sessions I got a chance to go for it (ignore the lap times times, biggest upgrade needed is the driver) I got a bit of the hesitation and then on my last lap going over the finish line I got limp mode and 30FE DME: Turbocharger. boost pressure too high and 31 00 DME: Boost-pressure control, deactivation codes come up. Cycled the ignition and is running ok again. Have attached logs but don't know if what I was able to capture is helpful. Engine oil temp never went above 125c on the dash gauge. So thinking my hesitation could be tune/boost related as opposed to engine or trans temps (granted have no idea what temp the trans actually is), if anyone has any thoughts they're much appreciated. Log-20210515-124457 Pukekohe Park 15.5.21 - session 3 - Interpolated.csv Log-20210515-152154 Pukekohe Park 15.5.21 - session 5 - Interpolated.csv
  12. I just meant cost of the car to begin with, everything Japanese here that could be decent on the track is well over priced compared to the US and UK. On my first track day I was getting overtaken by a lot of old Hondas but think that was more the driver than the car haha
  13. Haha nah have learnt my lesson on doing that. A Z3 looks like fun as a track car and not too pricey. Surprising how in NZ if you want a cheap car with decent handling and power BMWs are pretty much the only option (not that I'm complaining)
  14. I just want to be able to go do a track day maybe once a month or bimonthly and it not die but I get what you're saying. lol seen the price of M3s? Definitely not in the budget 😥 Have looked at 328s and 323s as maybe a cheaper way of getting a track only car but by the time that is sorted may as well just fix my 135 up
  15. Getting 15 or 20 min session done without issues is the dream, looks like I better see if anyone will give me a good price on this extra kidney I have. Will see how Saturday goes and see what I get from the logs, hopefully it'll point me in a direction of what to sort first.
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