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  1. E36 M3 interior for sale, check the listing $1800 pick up pukekohe, good condition apart from a bit of peeling on door cards seats just need a good clean no rips or tears https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/interior/listing/2872064188
  2. As per title based in akl
  3. Hi guys I am on the hunt for some wheels for my e36 but I am still yet to find anything that really tickles my fancy ? I am currently running 17x8 + 38 as these are what came on the car when I bought it. I want something that fills out the guards more and makes the car stand out more. looking for 17 inch. Factory or bbs, or anything that is polished with some nice dish. photos of my car to show you the current setup. any advice on wheel sizes would be good too. cheers
  4. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has any experience on whether or not this will make me fail a WOF. I have looked up how to fix it but don’t really have the equipment needed. I need a WOF soon and I am wondering if people have had the same issue and still pass. Cheers
  5. Yeah man sure is! Thanks ill keep that in mind while i decide during quarantine ??
  6. Dannydubs

    E36 WHEELS

    Anyone got any wheels that would look nice on my e36. I’m looking for another set as I would like something that sets the car off more than the current setup. I was looking to see if there is a clean set of style 66 but show me what you have. just wanting to see what is out there for the moment price wise
  7. Looking to buy an e36. either 328i factory manual m sport coupe or well priced M3 whats out there AUCKLAND
  8. Can you send me some dets? I dont have facebook
  9. Ah the purple one, im in auckland so would prefer closer to home
  10. Looking to buy a factory manual 328i. have the $$$$ want to see what there is
  11. Im looking to buy a clean manual e36 328i coupe within the next few months. Im always looking on these forums and im just waiting for the right car. Would like it to have under 200kms but not fussed if the car has been looked after well. anything out there? Cant find much on trademe.
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