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  1. This, and I think buying an old manual euro car is already a somewhat of an emotive purchase, so it makes sense presentation and colour can easily command a premium...
  2. Will raise that again pending this diagnosis, but it really depends how hard would have to fight to return it - not keen to drag it through small claims court I mean...
  3. Hopefully not but have definitely being eyeing up Black BMW coupes recently...
  4. Yeah.... odd indeed. It was 100% leaking a LOT of oil beforehand ( I had to top up a litre and it was barely driven) so seems very odd this other leaking issue has now popped up out of the blue and that they offered to cover excess. Positive is its only costing us time and braincells so far...
  5. Another fun update on this sh*t-show: Dealer advised (after having the car another 8 days with almost no progress) that the car is now dumping transmission fluid and the transmission has to come out... He's asked us to file a claim under our MBI as its a new fault but they will cover the excess, which sounded dodgy to me, so I had a pretty frank and honest discussion with the MBI provider who was happy to raise the claim... So its now going to a transmission shop. We do have an F10 535i loaner in the meantime, but its huge and a real boat to be honest. Suffice to say, the Honeymoon period with the Audi was very brief indeed - only positive is we are getting some major service items out of the way 😐
  6. Looks like it! Mora 325i Coupe with Ivory interior, manual M52B28 swap, coilovers etc - looked stunning - asking $10k
  7. Yeah, damn - that was quick!
  8. Stunning colour combo and seems like a good buy for the money spent - nice E36's are pretty few and far between these days. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2882229928?bof=iJwIsTnl
  9. Goddamnit haha - I tried it only with zeros instead of o's...
  10. No pic as I was moving but saw a beautiful Estoril Blue E36 M3 with white interior in the Britomart car park this afternoon - number plate was EVO321 or something - weirdly when I car-jammed all variations of that plate, had no results...
  11. @Jacko Better than the 130 getting hit? Although E91 330i's Msports are rare as hens teeth...
  12. Could be simply a matter of someone with a few $$$ who really wanted a red one? That car was stunning though. Other recent higher value sales were the Bimmersport Phoenix yellow one which was far from stock which probably went for close to $40k and that lowish km black one on the Trade Me thread that had a dollar reserve but was withdrawn from Trade Me with bidding in the late 30's.
  13. Crazy times when $26K for a Mtech2 seems pretty good? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2875788912?bof=yW8g2kzv Obviously not as immaculate as the $40K one recently, but looks like an honest car with a few decent upgrades.
  14. If its for insurance purposes, a valuation would be your best bet. A lot of 'small print' in most 'agreed value' insurance policies. If you're curious on its market value, condition and big ticket maintenance would factor but SMG would probably keep it around $30k. I would think high 30s to low 40s would need to be for a lower km manual post 2003 in more of a 'hero' colour.
  15. Sammo

    E46 330ci Manual

    Thanks! Drivers seat is a little shinier than the rest now but I'm going to re-do the matte clear soon. I have considered it - concern however is finding one / colour matching - I guess I could spray my boots with my leftover dye and try it out ?
  16. Sammo

    E46 330ci Manual

    Yeah, the rinseless is good stuff, although I only let my car get a little road film before I use it (i.e. not too dirty).
  17. Looks amazing mate - need to bring it to the next Auckland meet!
  18. Sammo

    E46 330ci Manual

    Got my alignment today at Wairau Alignment, getting ready for cert, he did unfortunately confirm my Tie rods are shot which I suspected and made the alignment tricky so another item for the to-do list... Steering feels significantly better which is nice, should be great when I change the Tie rods and get another alignment ? I don't have camber plates so was a little concerned at being able to get it close enough to factory specs for LVVTA certification which I'll be doing ASAP. Rear camber was no issue but front camber was borderline at my current ride height which is low but not silly IMO. Front Left -1'04' (spec range -1'03' - 0'23') Front Right - 1'32' (spec range -1'03' - 0'23') Alignment guy seemed think while not ideal, this would pass cert (within 1/2 a degree of stock range) so fingers crossed! Really don't want to have to buy camber plates as well...
  19. Looks like you are very sharp off the line - that Demon driver tho.... ?
  20. Sammo


    Would be a handful on an NZ back road ?
  21. Nice - some clear lights and wheels and would look really good in that colour. Sounds like pretty cheap fixes and new tie-rods and LCAs will make it drive even better.
  22. Grandad spec may mean less likely to have fallen into the wrong hands. No mention of preventative maintenance but just budget on a cooling system refresh and sorted.
  23. Great shots, E91's are a great looking wagon
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