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  1. JBJB

    E21 build

    Hi I am looking to build a 2.3 from a 2.0 m10 engine, I only have the m10 engine at this stage, I see I can get stroker kits from usa but thought I would see what parts are around locally. I considered a complete s14 engine but they are very hard to find and more expensive than a much higher hp m10 build.
  2. JBJB

    E21 build

    Hi I am looking for the following for my E21 build any help would be much appreciated. 16 inch wheels bbs or anything considered S14 crank S14 cylinder head Lsd
  3. JBJB

    E21 parts

    Hi, I am restoring a 1979 323i and am looking for the following parts. Passenger door Bonnet Recaro seats Tilt rear side windows Any help would ld be much appreciated.
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