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  1. Yeah I was wondering about that, seems like you'd be at the mercy of finding an exact module part match at a wreckers. I know a 325i will be more peppy than my 323i (+20hp), but just wondering if I'd wish I'd gone for a 3 litre further down the track 😏 To be fair I don't track or race or anything like that and have hardly ever felt like the 323 needed more horsies
  2. Yeah I'm not too sure about the green but it does look pretty tidy. Thoughts on this one? It closes in 12 hours and it's only up to 1250. Not my first choice but if it goes for like 2k or something it could be a fun do up. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2820307602 How much would you expect an abs/asc module to cost? Also I've seen places in the US that make whole new genuine leather seat covers like lseat, would definitely make the interior look better. Think it has the msport multifunction wheel. https://www.lseat.com/products/1998-2004-bmw-e46-coupe-sedan-sport-custom-real-leather-seat-covers-front.html
  3. Seems super expensive. They have a nice blue (manual I think) 330ci clubsport, estimated landing price is 8900nzd https://www.sbtjapan.com/dealers-cars/bmw/3-series/DZC2868 215kms though
  4. Man that's so tidy. Wonder if it's had the cooling system/suspension done? If it been serviced regularly at the dealer you'd assume they would pick stuff up. He says he's been offered 9k for it too. Does that seem a little steep for an auto? Be interesting to see what it goes for. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2826267739?bof=MgoMoVBk This 325i msport is pretty tempting as well
  5. That's dumb, why didn't they just list it with a reserve lol. The seller didn't seem to realise how likely it was the engine was cooked
  6. Out of curiosity, did you end up looking at the black one? It goes in 12 hours https://www.trademe.co.nz/2812324467
  7. Damn that imola red one looks so good 😍 Is there any way to set up new listing alerts on facebook like you can with TM? I keep forgetting to check on there
  8. Yeah I think I saw that on auto insider last week, really nice, love that interior color. A manual is definitely outside my budget sadly ... and you'll probably think I'm nuts but most of my driving is around Auckland so an auto makes the most sense anyway. As long as it's the msport package with the multifunction wheel and isn't silver I'm happy haha
  9. It'll be interesting to see what this msport goes for, shame about the seats and the color (why did BMW make so many silver e46 lol). ABS issue as well which shouldn't be too hard to fix https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/330i/listing/2820307602?bof=hChttH3D
  10. I'm at uni still so my budget is only around 4k unfortunately. Obviously not expecting a meticulously maintained one for that and I'm happy diy-ing mechanical maintenance over time as needed. I might be able to stretch the budget a bit depending on what maintenance has been done. Gutted I missed that blue msport on TM, the guy sold it Ah well there's always more That purple one is epic, bit out of my budget sadly haha
  11. There's the lure of potentially getting a great deal if its fine.... but also it could be completely stuffed. I don't want to waste $$ to get it checked out and find it's kaput so I'm gonna pass. Yeah I'm gonna wait for a tidy msport 330 to pop up, seems like a good buyers market at the moment. Should I post in the want to buy section?
  12. Not sure, here's my conversation with the seller. Maybe a mechanic checked it and said it was ok? Don't know why she says it needs to be checked again in that case. Is a compression test and coolant/oil inspection enough to rule out engine damage from overheating? Or could the block be warped and issues crop up a few years down the track?
  13. Oh so I asked the seller specifically about the overheat and that's what she said, sounds like it actually died from overheating, then she pulled over, then it 'worked again' so she drove it to a mechanic. How easy are the engines to come by? Definitely a bit out of my league but I'd love to do an engine swap one day. Nice! yeah you've done pretty much exactly my plan. I just want a solid daily driver I can enjoy for the next 5 years or so... preferably one that doesn't have dents and half the clear coat coming off like my current 323i 🙄 Is it worth keeping an eye on fb marketplace and turners, or is forums/TM the best places to find them?
  14. This looks nice https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/330i/listing/2812324467 .... if it weren't for the fact that the coolant leaked out and it overheated until "the engine stopped so we pulled over, but then it worked again so drove it to the repairer" -verbatim quote from the seller. Yikes. That has to be some serious damage
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