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  1. Thanks for the tips. CBF'd driving 25 mins to the dealer so got a hengst one from BNT for $30 much appreciate the help
  2. Hi So supercheap have 2 listings for a Ryco oil filter for my e61 N52. one's half the price of the other. I've done an oil change before but cant for the life of me remember which one i used then. I've got a plastic cap into an alloy housing so does that mean i need the one that says suits metal housing? R2673P Oil Filter Suits Metal Housing R2592P Oil Filter
  3. Bumping this. Got it done. still yet to test drive it and make sure it doesn't throw any codes for stuff i forgot to plug in. But man does it crank and start so much faster now. Ended up getting the bolts from BMW dealership. $31 which is cheaper than amazon+shipping. used a double linked spanner to do them up and after some googling did them to just past finger tight (15nm) and then 90degrees. top back bolt is meant to be 180 degrees but thread said some can snap at that so i just did it a bit less and i'll hope it doesnt bite me later. Replaced 2 crank vent hoses. man those "quick release" clips are not that quick. Even less so doing them for the 3rd time lying on top of the motor cause I connected the plug on the wrong side of the fuel pressure hose. Plus side i found the passenger side cabin filter pocket where a bunch of wiring sits was 3/4 full of water due to the infamous blocked drains. must have had over 1L of water in there. drivers side wasnt as bad as it seems to have 2 drains and only 1 was blocked. I got the bosch motor, 2 hoses, intake and AFM orings from rockauto. all arrived in about 7 days. very good service and price would recommend and use again.
  4. So my e61 decided it didn't want to start on the weekend. thought it was battery as its had a history of seemingly slow start/cranks. I replaced the battery about 14 months ago. But anyway i tried charging it off the charger and the old battery that had been charge too and nothing, Just a click and a buzz for a few seconds. Did some googling, decided it could be the starter motor, pulled the intake manifold out of the way (what fun that is) and removed the starter. Brushes are munted and big gouge marks and chewed up bits on the coil part. I'm about to order a bosch replacement and 2 crank case hoses. valve cover one snapped in half and the one to the crank case broke a clip. That one would probably be fine but i don't want to do this job again cause of a $60 hose. So anyway i read the the starter bolts are 1 time use. They are aluminium it seems. Rock Auto pricing is about $200 cheaper than FCP euro for all the parts. BUTTTTTT they dont have the bolt kit. FCP do for $7US but they want $80US freight if i ordered the bolts alone. So question. Do i NEED to replace them or can i get away with locktite and the old ones? There doesnt seem to be a way you could even get a torque wrench on the top bolt. IF the answer is yes you need to replace them would anyone local stock them> Part number is 12410392577 Appreciate any advice
  5. Mate of mine in Palmy also recommends the engine room
  6. So i've driven my e61 for a year now with no spare on tyres that arent run flats. Figured i was pushing my luck. Found a pair of 19x8 aftermarket alloys with 235/35 on them for a bargain so i grabbed them but they are slightly to wide a diameter to fit in the wheel well even with all the trim removed. What do other people do since spare's seem to be hard to come by these days. Do i hunt for a 16" with a low enough profile to fit ?
  7. So the trans place scanned it, had a bunch of low voltage errors and the 1 relating to the trans which he didnt say much about. He said the fluid was filthy, overfull and the case connector was leaking a bit. recommended a trans fluid/filter change, replace the seal and get the trans module software updated by someone. Dealer approved the trans work which was done yesterday. i drove the car 20mins and no weird shudder from 2 to 1 like it has been doing on occasion. time will tell but hopefully all it needed was the fluid sorted out. Do people recommend getting the system/modules updated. I've read people saying that trans shifts better, more economical etc after updates. Is it worth looking into that or more a case of if its not broke dont fix it?
  8. ok looks like thats what i'm in for. dealer said they'd pay a few hundred towards it but i'd rather get another key fob with that $ than pay for wiring that i can do. everything else seems to work except maybe the demister. so i'll just do the right hand hinge to the glass/spoiler and see what it looks like. Did you guys remove the rear glass or just pop the hinge bracket, pop the bottom rivet then pry the wire cover apart?
  9. So the E61 i brought from dealer came with only 1 fob which doesn't work for remote locking. I've done a fair amount of googling on it but so far no progress. Checked the diversity antenna and while it had some light oxidization in places it wasn't rusted or anything. I've cleaned those spots with a toothbrush and contact cleaner but no change. Checked all the fuses are ok front glovebox and rear above battery. checked continuity on the red/white power wire from the fuse box to the antenna. it also has 12v. pin 2 has 4.5v odd. A test i read said to monitor the voltage when you push the key. if its getting a signal the voltage should change. mine doesnt. that then says to check the aerial. Not sure what i'm meant to do there? The fob is sealed so i cant just swap the battery without cutting it open. It's 315mhz so i tried a test i found of tuning my tv to analogue 315mhz then pushing the buttons. the static then shows lines on the tv so i believe the fob itself is working. Any one got anything else i can test before i dive into the hinge wiring ?
  10. Hey so here i am within 4 days of BMW ownership asking a question. I brought an e61 sight unseen from a dealer in chch. Our only car got written off in the recent napier flooding and we needed something in a hurry. Anyway so I got it shipped to Wellington since i was planning to be there anyway and then drove it home. Seemed fine but noticed with town driving that when coming to stop sometimes it make a little lurch. My wife noticed it also then 3 days later it threw the following "Transmission fault" Possible to reduce acceleration. possible to continue journey. Have the problem checked by the nearest BMW service" It ran like it was stuck in 3rd. got home, turned it off then back on again it no error, drove around the block ok. Called the dealer who said he'd cover the cost of it getting scanned. Rang a local euro expert and when i mentioned it said a transmission fault they recommended i call the local transmission specialist. I called them and he seemed fine with it being bmw etc. Its booked for next week but just thought i'd ask what people thought it may be. The car has 143kms on it. unknown if its had a trans fluid replacement.
  11. Thanks for the heads up Yea guys only had it 3 months and selling already with service due. I'm a little unsure on it. Still in talks with a guy on an 07 LCI 550i with 81kms and a sunroof that doesnt open.
  12. oh is this the one from kapiti ? sold overnight ?
  13. I've been using this, seems to work well - http://bimmer.work/
  14. Very nice man, mind me asking where you got it? i've been looking for an e61 for months now and i hadn't seen this one.
  15. Me again, 4months on and still without a wagon. Seen a few good deals come and go. Found my expectations on price are a little lower than what's being asked at the moment in most cases. I'm considering flying up to Auckland and having a look at a few This isn't too bad but I think i'd want to pay closer to 9 for it. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2806390929?bof=1KgtUF3G This is the same seller. Asked him a few questions and he said that the list price is his bottom dollar. I'd hope to pay around 11 max for it but it is pretty well specced. Not a huge fan of the colour https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2758084114?bof=yFplG427 Then there's this very nice looking 550i with a busted sunroof. Via text he said he'd go 13500. That's still a bit outside what i want to spend and doesnt leave me anything for repairs. ( I don't overly mind the sunroof not working as long as it doesnt leak. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2793443844?bof=sZhjcLCt Any thoughts on those ones and the pricing? Or just peoples opinions in general of a 530i/550i touring prices. Ideally after doing more research I'd like an 07 LCI but i can live with an 06 for the right price and condition. I've given up the idea of ever finding a 525,530d or 535d. Does anyone know of something fitting my bill for sale? I've scoured trademe, driven.co.nz, turners and facebook as much as possible. Is there another way to search all car dealers sites/listings? Appreciate any help. whilst i love riding my motorbike sharing 1 car with the wife is wearing thin.
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