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  1. Wanting to get my paws on a set of these - if anyone can help me out!
  2. Hey team, somewhat new to the BMW platform as a whole really with limited previous experience (come from a strong JDM build background). Looking at purchasing an E30 Coupe and while I have general what to look for know how - what are some things you guys would insist on making the car go from a HELL YEAH! To a..oh heck nooooo. I am hoping to secure a manual with an M20 platform which will start off as a daily (to get a good feel for the vehicle) and then slowly transition into a longterm build / restoration. On that note, if you know of anyone with a sound E30 that may be interested in finding it a good forever home where they can oooo and ahhhh and the build progress (we'll be sure to post it all here) then send them my way!
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