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  1. Hey Kevin thanks for the comments. I just gigged with my Dad a few weeks back. Yep it's the M50 engine and the car is super straight.
  2. Hi all my name's Nathan and recently I acquired my first BMW Touring, a 1992 525i. I bought this car after my very nice Mercedes W124 Estate was written off in an accident and I couldn't find a good W124 wagon anywhere. I'd always liked the E34 Touring so I took the plunge and went over to 'the dark side' as the Merc crowd would say! It's in great condition (engine bay is fantastic with a lot of work done) and I just got her back from some panel and paint this week which looks great. Underside is also great with no rust, and the interior is near mint. I need some advice on the SLS as I'm told one of the shocks has gone, but the other is good. I'll get some advice from another area on the forum as I'm sure you'll all have some remedies and plans of action - it rides very hard in the rear at the moment! Thanks in advance, Nathan https://ibb.co/ccFcngP https://ibb.co/mh8xJ0c https://ibb.co/vLTbGKy Sorry for links I'll try and work out how to upload pics.
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