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  1. Welcome. Nice one dude, love a touring! Was looking at buying one myself. Look forward to see what you do with it ??
  2. Cheers guys! Am looking at some m3 wheels to Chuck on it ?
  3. Yeah would definitely be keen for that unfortunately my hours of work are inconsistent given the industry of my profession. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch the one in Jan...? ?
  4. The E92 m3 was a dream for the 16 year old me. Just owning a regular e92 itself still baffles me!
  5. Hey guys Brian here, I’ve lurked around for the past couple months gathering knowledge here & there to further my understanding of this beautiful brand we all love. Back in September I purchased my 1st ever car, a 2013 E92 320i M-Sport with 42,000km’s. Growing up, my family for the past 3-4 generations have only ever been in Mercedes so I’m the first to branch out into something I never understood until meeting a friend back in high school who’s family have been BMW. This is technically the 2nd bmw I’ve owned although the first one I myself purchased. Used to drive an e87 2010 120i. Apologies for some of the shitty iPad camera quality but will share more pics as my ownership progresses! Stoked to be a part of this community, pleasure to meet you all.
  6. boyish


    Hey I’m new to this forum & I’m super keen to purchase these. To my understanding is m3 tyre fitment for the e9x m3’s are 245/40/18 fronts & 265/40/18 for rears ?
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