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  1. Or the 3rd row facing each other on opposite sides
  2. boyish


    The car in discussion is my e53 4.6is. Apologies my initial post wasn’t very clear regarding that detail. Whenever I visit the petrol station I usually just press “FILL” and click the handle into place to let it do it’s thing until it stops. What you said makes sense though as I suppose that’s what happens? Will update this as I get to the bottom of it.
  3. boyish


    The leak seems to have stopped, however the petrol odour still lurks but not as strong. I will still definitely get it checked out. Thanks for all the advice, appreciate it!
  4. Yeah on my e92 it was a similar thing. Just a little lever you sort of unclip, adjust then clip it back up. Haven’t been able to spot anything of that sort in my E53 😅
  5. Not that I can see, just the electronic stalk 🥺
  6. Okay so slight problem, due to being unable to adjust my steering wheel I can’t physically remove the instrument cluster to change the bulbs…
  7. 184,452km Okay so earlier this week I went & saw Ray @HELLBM up on the coast to pick up a boot-lid lock mechanism. Was the first time I’d ever been there & got to see some of his awesome cars (he was working on his infamous “M140i”) Wish I took photos, only got a sneaky one of his e39. We got the mechanism off a detached boot-lid and I got to pulling apart & re assembling everything. Rookie mistake after everything was re-assembled I realised I had forgotten to re-connect the plug into the actual mechanism 😅 Anyway everything’s all sorted now however will need to clear the code. Also still occasionally being thrown the “Trans. Failsafe Prog” code and Ray says it’s due to my battery having low voltage. Still awaiting my outer right rear CV boot to arrive so will address the battery at the same time. (Hopefully this will fix my seat memory function/steering tilt & spastic left side mirror) Also picked up new instrument cluster bulbs from continental to address the dimming. Installing those this afternoon. 184,780km My leather kit arrived finally & put in some elbow grease to give my interior a bit of a refresh! Cleaned & Conditioned. Hopefully the shine fades once the conditioner seeps into the leather a little but so far loving the product!
  8. boyish


    How about the leak seeping through in the photo & the strong odour of petrol? Should I be driving it around? I don’t want to cause any further issues
  9. boyish


    Also noticed a leak from back here too, unsure of what that is? (Not mechanically minded at all) And this is the video of the leak coming from the front. Could it be something to do with my ac? I notice a type of hissing sound from when it’s on & I turned it off just now & the leak seemed to have stopped. However still very unsure lol. Any help would be appreciated. FullSizeRender.mov
  10. boyish


    Hi, Ive noticed a leak underneath the car. Have no idea what or where it’s coming from. I’ve touched the liquid from the leak & it appears to just be water? will post a video if anyone could help me understand so I can take it in to get it sorted. Also ever since filling up yesterday I’ve noticed a strong smell of petrol when the car is on from outside & inside the cabin….please help. Thank you!
  11. Currently on factory specs 275/40/20 9.5x20 et45 & 315/35/20 10.5x20 et30. Have been thinking of running a squared setup with 315’s/10.5’s all round. Anyone know of issues this may cause? I have read on other forums that it can lead to extra effort in turns, oversteer, accelerated wear on wheel bearings, decreased braking & hydroplaning? Any advice is appreciated.
  12. That Melbourne Red over Silverstone 2 is a crazy spec eh!
  13. Welcome! My opinion would probably be save to spend a little more, get an early facelifted model with relatively low k’s benefiting from modern day usability (i.e CIC iDrive as they’ve aged better than the CCC) also if you’re worried about maintenance costs you could most likely strike a great deal with a dealership (seeing as COVID still lurks) & negotiate a price that includes a mechanical warranty and even a NZ radio/gps conversion if it’s an import. That way you have some piece of mind.
  14. boyish

    X5 4.8is

    Agreed, maybe if he’s willing to let it go for a couple grand? 😂
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