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  1. Ok, so the white module is not passenger or driver specific? (Meaning, pressing the heated button on the driver won’t kick on both seats) Simply getting another of the same part number on the driver side, wiring, and coding out occupancy sensor + activ head restraints should get it to 100%? thanks for the helpful information btw!
  2. Both sides were heated, with the large module on the F80 seats. On the oem e90 seats, also heated however like i mentioned, driver side was direct swap, passenger had small black module, so not all f80 plugs could plug into it, only 3
  3. Hi, Thanks for the thread and write up. helped quite a bit whilst doing this on my e90. The Driver seat worked marvelously after the connector and module swap, the one issue I have is the passenger seat. It seems to be dead and the occupancy/air bag light came up. I swapped the module from my e90 seat, however it was different from the driver module, it was a small black module with only 3 connectors. I do have OEM heated and electric seats so not sure why the module is different. Did you end up purchasing one extra driver seat module, if so what was the changes you made to make the car understand that is a pass and not Driver module? Could you help me out with the pin out for the pass side, perhaps an image of the underside of your pass seat connector? Thanks in advance, appreciate the help
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