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  1. Hello! Wanting to book my first service, just bought a E90 & wanted it to get looked after. Heard Apex Auto was good but can’t seem to get them on the phone to book in, anywhere else on the shore?
  2. Aux câble under centre console is broken too.
  3. Hello! as stated in my introduction I am not a complete noob but no where near enough educated, unfortunately the family member that viewed my car out of city didn’t look at the head unit, it’s only the display failing meaning I can’t see anything but the stereo system is working fine. anyone know anywhere in Auckland where I can get it replaced? If I buy an aftermarket one I need to get a fitting kit etc which I don’t really want to do.0 thanks!
  4. Hello All! I have just purchased my first car, the BMW 3series, 323i. Growing up in the Middle East, I adore German cars. However a lot of people that have knowledge regarding our beloved BMW know that there are common issues such as Coolant Leaks, Oil Leaks, Water Pump's, etc.. Now the car I have purchased has 120*** on it, any advice on what to do asides from feeding it 98? I usually would be very confident in taking care of it, however I need advice from the veterans as I really don't have the money to pay for it in case anything happens to it, on top of that I did purchase a 1 year warranty too as well as not being naive I will service it every 5,000 - 8,000 KM's, thanks!
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