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  1. Personally, the manual was what did it for me and obviously the price point too - couldn’t pass it up Coming from DSGs (Golf R32, S3) and DCTs, it was a welcomed changed getting into a manual and the rarity an added bonus. I don’t see myself tracking it either so no need to try and get the fastest gear change. Don’t get me wrong the m2 is certainly better in some respects, brakes, ride, and new tech. All of which makes it a very capable daily - but I’ve got other runners for that and I feel the 1m is more of a weekender.
  2. PFA - before I list on TM, does anyone think the asking is unreasonable?
  3. Thanks Sam. Yeah sure did mate! So gutted I missed out on that, would’ve been a perfect companion for the M2.
  4. Hi all! Excellent example here with an NZ new late production 2017 BMW F87 M2 pre-LCI in Metallic Black with 45k kms on the clock. I’m the second private owner and have used exclusively in the weekend only when weather allows. Mint condition inside and out. Exceptional vehicle but I have moved on to a 1M. Full service history available from Auckland City BMW (purchased here also), next service not due until Jan 2023. Last serviced in Jan 2022 at East Auckland BMW and was a complete service including all fluids and spark plugs. Michelin Super Sport tires with plenty of tread left, 2-year Hydrophobic Coating applied in March by Auto & Marine Detailing. The vehicle is stock with exceptions of Eibach Pro lowering springs and the custom front splitter/lip. For now, these will stay but happy to remove and return to stock for new owner. In my opinion it makes the M2 look much more aggressive. However, when I list on TM it will be returned to stock. Car is always garaged and meticulously cared for with CarPro products only. Never raced, tracked or launched. Viewings in Howick, Auckland. BMW factory warranty valid until 29 September 2022. Looking for $66k but if you're genuinely interested, I'm happy to negotiate. Also got the 130i to let go if anyone is keen. Contact - 021 188 3868
  5. Hey there. Any chance of some interior pics? And where are you located? Cheers!
  6. Seems to the way here! Suppose you can’t really compare to big market like the US. here’s to some sort of flattening/gain being the very first iteration of the M2. Here’s to not much going wrong when my warranty is up! So far trying to enjoy it as much as I can without losing my license..
  7. I’ve had my M2 for a year now and since then I’ve noticed so many come on Trade me. Almost 20 listed now including a mix of imports and nz new ones. And they all seem to be on there for ages with a price difference of up to 20k between them all. I’ve even listed mine for a little bit because it’s too much of a garage queen (dog doesn’t get to go in it) however the traction wasn’t great. But that’s okay, every time I get back into it I can’t believe how great the car is.. and the sound! In comparison the market for M2s overseas in the states or going like hot cakes, even the DCTs. Point is, I’m going to purchase a better daily (currently a golf) - likely a nice 1 series (LCi M135i? M140i? If there’s any..), and will eventually list the M2 when the time/market is right or becomes less saturated. Will demand turn on here?
  8. I was in the same boat! Ended up purchasing a 2017 in DCT from BMW almost a year ago now, great car. Now on the hunt for something more practical (but still BM!) - if you're interested or just keen to have a look let me know.
  9. Darn. I’ve already moved on! See attached
  10. As per title. After a decent hunt of 1M's, I ended up with an M2..
  11. Private, I was thinking around here too. But the seller is asking for a little more. Can’t justify without having seen the car yet though
  12. Hi All, Have a quick one - what would you be willing to pay for a 2012 1M in Alpine White with 50k kms, NZ New and full BMW Service history? Without seeing the condition of the vehicle and assuming the paint is in good nic.. Cheers Johnny
  13. Currently on the hunt for a BMW 1M or potentially an E92 M3 in Alpine White/Frozen grey, though these are hard to come by that's not a Singapore import and has EDC. There's a couple 1M's on TradeMe at the moment, but not a fan of the orange and the White ones a bit overpriced given it isn't even fully optioned. Thanks in advance, John 021 188 3868
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