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  1. Just wanna say thanks to everyone for the help on this, this is an awesome group to be a part of.
  2. I have downloaded both apps and neither of them work when I use the VIN number it states it needs to be transferred and when I click continue it fails. The update is on BMW for the Chassis number, I am just worried it will update it back to Japanese or does it look at the current configuration and then update accordingly Look forward to the responses
  3. Hi Everyone As you all know sending in my picture for all the enthusiasts out there. Nothing special just a nice Active Tourer M
  4. The Shop where I purchased the car have given me New Zealand maps and fixed the Radio, Yet I am unable to use the BMW Apps because the car is registered in Japan. Also since they did the software I have to hold down the Lock button to fold my mirrors where before as I locked the car the mirrors woudl fold, cant find any option in menu under settings to resolve this. Any ideas would be awesome. And thanks for offer to resolve my issue, I was wondering If I would be able to do updates from BMW or not really. Thanks
  5. I was wondering about software updates on a F45 imported car from Japan. On the BMW website it shows there is an update available - would that update be a Japanese version? Also when the car shops fix the maps in your car for NEW Zealand do they replace any hardware as they also mentioned something about the Radio extender. Complete noob here with a New BMW
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