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  1. Ah perfect have they been with certification yet? Might actually buy a set and get in touch
  2. Anybody have a set of BC racing adjustable coilovers already welded to the strut housing?
  3. Need to covert my e24 to rack and pinion, don’t mind if it’s a manual rack. i see @Silver Fox has done this conversion to a e28. Are you able to share what rack etc you used? thanks
  4. Wade13

    Getrag 245

    Still got the 265/6 box mate?
  5. Hey I’m after a getrag 260 for a m30, and if anyone has a flywheel clutch etc to suit m30 will me know, doing a manual conversion on my e24. was planning on doing a engine swap, but changed my mind
  6. any update on this? about to do the same sort of thing
  7. after the v8 version, i know it a long shot
  8. Anyone got a 420g box they’ll Be willing to part with? also after a m60/m62 preferably complete
  9. I sold the guy some style 22’s I’m assuming for this car, I dropped them off to his dealership. The guy is sitting on array of cars that are rising in value some of them are not even on the market yet. Its a long game, but no doubt it’ll sell eventually.
  10. Hey could be keen, could you send me pics of the rust etc, would be buying site unseen
  11. Wade13

    E36 M3

    I had it on Facebook market place recently, got sick of all the time wasters. Have just listed on trademe tonight. So hopefully a genuine buyer comes along
  12. Wade13

    E36 M3

    To anyone that was interested, I’ve found a e24 I’d like to purchase. will take 25k for the m3 if it means I can complete the deal. 027 772 3242
  13. Wade13

    E36 M3

    Only putting this price as I’m not 100% sure if I should sell or not, I’ve been on the fence for so long now. But if the right offer comes along that means I can fund another project. $30,000 OBO 1996 nz new m3 258,xxx kms Please PM me for genuine enquires or txt on 0277723242 based Franklin, Auckland
  14. Anybody happen to know what how much this 1995 e36 M3 sold for? 187,000kms Singapore import, a lot tidier than the one that recently sold for $20,000 with 310,000kms. looking to put mine on the market soon and was using these as good price indications.
  15. Hey, anybody have a e24 or e28 they’d potentially look at moving on? Currently have a e36 M3 but have been craving the urge to get back into something older, Happy as if it’s more of a project, although if it’s mint I’d look at selling my M3 to purchase or potentially do some sort of swap to whom ever was interested, as with a baby fresh out I don’t currently have the funds to purchase a mint example.
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