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  1. i've been looking for a heads up display for my E89 to display speedo. the Hudway cast and drive look good. don't know if they will fit the dash. anyone have one or any suggestions?
  2. Hi, my Japanese import E89 Z4 has the TV tuner. is there any way to convert it to picking up NZ stations? I realise that it requires a nstc to pal conversion box but these are easily sourced and run off of usb. i would think the hardest part would be converting it to take a digital signal. any ideas? has anyone done this? cheers
  3. Hi, I've ordered three sets of diamond pattern grilles for my E89 (i like the look) but none of them fit properly (clips too short on sides and bottom along with not allowing for the stock nubs that hold the grilles on the bottom). I don't want to modify my bumper to get them to fit. Does anyone know of any high quality ones that install like the ease of the stock grilles? after all the trial fitments I've become somewhat of an expert on how to replace the grilles without any damage, lol. Also I've noticed that all the adverts for the diamond grilles don't actually show them installed on the E89. any and all help appreciated.
  4. can you use 95 RON? if i use anything less than 98 RON the engine light comes on. I bought the car from the importer as his daily driver. I thought maybe he never had it remapped and that was why I can only run on 98. I did have the CIC head unit software upgraded along with NZ maps.
  5. i don' t have any codes. this is only my 2nd BMW in 40 years. the first was a 2002tti. (never should have sold it!, lol) all i know is if i put fuel under 98 RON then the engine light comes on. supposedly it only has about 200 hp but it does 0-100 in 6.1 it only has the N52K inline 6. if it's overtuned i'd like to put it back to factory specs so i have the reliability.
  6. Wow! i had never heard about them! thanks very much! i appreciate they also do tuning!
  7. I'd like to play this game: anyone know of where in Dunedin i can get my car dynoed?
  8. I've read on a few posts that japanese imports are remapped to run on NZ fuel and emission standards; is this true?
  9. i did get a follow up call the day after this post saying that Ryan was looking at possible fixes. I told them that i traveled up to christchurch and soundworks sorted it out via eurosport in auckland.. like i said; i asked them to do something that is way out of the norm. i'll schedule my Z4 with them for maintenance due in May. hopefully they will give me a discount of my 14 hours travel and $200 in fuel.
  10. like i said, in all fairness they did their best and didn't charge me for the whole time it took. i was asking for something they don't normally do. that said; they told me they'd sort it out a fix and get back to me and i still haven't heard from them.
  11. Many members telling me i can put 95 RON in my Jap import E89 but if i do it then the engine light turns on. car runs fine. once i fill in 98 RON the error goes away. according to the local BMW they say there are no faults and I should be able to use 95 RON. any advice?
  12. Eurosurgen cleared all the old codes including shadow memory codes. According to my ANSEL BM700 there are no fault codes and everything checks out ok. I did a 0-100k from standing start and my phone said it took 5.7 seconds. The car has 126K on it now. I'm wondering if someone did something to the engine to modify it. the 2.5 is not "pokey" but that seems rather quick. Ironically, i bought the car because its a N52 and i was looking at reliability instead of performance. I'll try the 95 ron next time i need fuel and see if the light comes on again. If the engine light comes on again then i think i'll go for a dyno to see if the stock 2.5 has been modded. PS: i went to a "BMW specialist" here in Dunedin and the end result was having to drive up to Christchurch so it could be hooked up to Eurosergeon's system in Auckland to fix it.
  13. AA will inspect for roughly $200 ( less if you are a member) its about a two hour check. I did that on several cars before i decided on which one to buy, and then i had a dealership check the car for $300. Cars aren't cheap; inspections only add a small cost.
  14. i do like how it automatically answers the phone call and mutes the radio. when i was driving up to Christchurch a plumber called me about setting up a meeting and i was immediately connected and we could convo even with the top down at highway speed.
  15. i don't know the fault codes. When i run the all systems check everything checks out ok. I took it down to cooke howlison bmw and they said there wasn't any meaningful fault codes and they cleared them. I read on a Canadian post that the engine light can come on if the engine is not meeting emission standards based on the fuel. maybe Japan has higher emission standards? all i know is the first time i added half a tank of BP 95 fuel the engine light came on. when i got down to 3/4 tank i added NPD 100 RON and engine light went off. I tried this once again with filling tank with BP 95 RON and the engine light comes back on but the car drives fine. If i use 98 or 100 RON then no engine light warnings. according to the chassis the engine is a N52B25A imported from Japan.
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