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  1. Yeah I didn’t think it was a thing either. But some reason it says , above side skirt interior (see photo below). Quite confusing when I was trying to read up on the vehicle when I purchased it. Was a stat write off from Aus. A little bit unsure as to what parts to use considering the scarcity of info on this particular model. I’d assume I could use the same as usual e82 parts etc.
  2. Anyone know much about this model? Quite hard to find specific info. 2013 125i BMW Edition Cheers in advance
  3. Hey Team, Quite new to the BMW scene. First Euro car I’ve owned. I have a 2013 E82 125i BMW Edition. Had her for just over a year, looking at putting some money into her this year starting with a tune and dyno. Any information on mods etc would be very much appreciated.
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