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  1. akapjay

    ID on ZF box

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but am looking to ID a manual ZF box. Identifiable numbers on the box: 1053401107 02222612218999 12219369012225 Based on the old Google I think it's originally from an E36 325tds, ie: a S5D 260Z but hoping someone has more knowledge here that can confirm. --- Next Q, if it is indeed a 260Z, how could I go about confirming which variation based on the physical box, or would I need the original VIN for clarification? IE: S5D 260Z - THML S5D 260Z - THMY --- Furthermore, if anyone has gear ratio knowledge - this is what I've managed to dig up online, just looking for confirmation these ratios are correct? Gear 325tds ZF S5D260Z M3 ZF S5D310Z S5D320Z G220 1st 5.09 4.20 4.23 2nd 2.80 2.49 2.52 3rd 1.76 1.66 1.66 4th 1.25 1.24 1.22 5th 1.00 1.00 1.00 R 4.71 3.89 4.04 BMW TIS Transmission designations.pdf
  2. After hook wrench for hard top, not soft. Would prefer the correct tool from the get go. Approx 50usd ex overseas, just fishing for one locally first. Exhaust is twin.
  3. Anyone have a hard top hook wrench for adjustment? P/n: 54211972684 Or known working solution without damaging any of the components, ie - I'm wary to slam vice grips in there etc.
  4. Hi team, I'm after a few bits and pieces if anyone has these floating about: Hook wrench for E36 hard top adjustment. P/n: 54211972684 E36 coupe roof racks or any bike transport solution. E36 glovebox torch(es), white coloured. P/n: 82119413147 Any subwoofer solutions. Under seat preferred but will consider trunk option also. 6cyl rear exhaust section inc free flowing back box. Eg: Supersprint, Remus, Borla, Magnaflow etc. LSD, any options considered. PFA - sitting pretty @ cert height 👀
  5. Hi Oli, fancy bumping into you here
  6. Oh nice, you're going proper period correct E30 fabric. Love it!
  7. Hey Sam! Colour is Montreal-blau (297). I re-trimmed the headliner with some fabric I scored from a Turkish outfit, but wish I'd gone with ASC Fabrics from the get go as they have really good reproduction fabrics. The dream initially was to go full M-Rain interior, but I've grown pretty fond of the Dove Grey especially after leaving her topless in the sun for a couple hours - no burnies. Prices for Vader skin options below: Vader Factory: 400€ front skins only (synthetic) 700€ front and rear seat skins (synthetic) Full retrim: fronts + rear seats + door cards 2000€ sensatec leather (synthetic) 3000€ genuine leather Shipping around 150€ for above Vader Factory also offer a conversion kit (convert any front sports seats to vaders): 1200€ sensatec leather 1600€ genuine leather Shipping around 450€ due to size of foam bolsters etc m3vader.com 600€ Vader sponge kit (just foam replacements) 1100€ Fronts only genuine leather Shipping 69€ flat rate lseat.com $698 USD fronts and rears genuine leather Shipping around $110 USD Autoberry $450 USD Fronts only (leatherette) $900 USD Front and rear (leatherette) $750 USD Fronts only (gen leather) $1500 USD Front and rear (get leather) Shipping TBC
  8. Hi everyone, I can't for the life of me remember my old login details so I've created a new account to start fresh! Long story short - had a stint living over in Europe/UK, came back to NZ and have gotten my mitts on another E36. I won't ruin this one with flouro wheels, sticker bombs and rusty bonnets though, went for more of an OEM(ish) build over the last 6 months. She's in for cert with Paul next week, so will be 100% more legal than the last one. Meet, Delilah: OEM+ updates: ✅ M Sport exterior. IE: bumpers and twisty sideskirts, side trim, and clears ✅ Style 66 wheels (E39 offset) ✅ 5 speed ZF manual conversion ✅ M3 3.2 clutch + flywheel ✅ ZHP shift knob ✅ E46 purple tag steering rack ✅ Headliner retrimmed in M Rain ✅ Woodgrain trim updated to black/grey to match dash ✅ Antenna and airbox baffle delete Non OEM updates: ✅ CUPHOLDERS (3D printed so technically not OEM) ✅ Fancywide rear diffuser ✅ Height + camber adjustable coilovers ✅ LED flasher bulbs Few things I'm after, I'll make a WTB post also but if you have any of these spare pls give me a buzz! M50 intake/aux thermostat. P/N: 13541730682 6cyl rear exhaust section inc free flowing back box. Eg: Supersprint, Remus, Borla, Magnaflow etc. E36 coupe roof racks or any bike transport solution. Any cheap subwoofer solutions floating about? Under seat preferred but will consider trunk option also. E36 glovebox torch(es), white coloured. P/n 82119413147 Vader restoration - have priced up skins from a few outfits overseas, but keen to hear from anyone that's restored Vaders locally in NZ. LSD, any options considered
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