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  1. kwhelan

    330is vs 325is

    the fecking size of it as it passes in the end, like some 8 series beheamoth, 😨
  2. Ive seen pipe bent after filling it with sand, as long as it cleans out ok afterwards it should help it from crushing on itself
  3. kwhelan

    Quick rant thread.

    I think the whole current trump twitter facebook thing, they will lose their "were not producers argument" and then will be held to the same legalities as print and tv, ie sue able they are so obviously producers, so not before time the only thing I learnt/considered from that doco was that it wasn't so much a conspiracy but more the intentions were good but they opened pandoras box and the AI just overtook them, They never expected a like button to be so powerful at the time. they are constantly scrambling now trying to appease people to keep their business model going
  4. kwhelan

    Quick rant thread.

    yes nothing new any adult with half a brain didn't already know but I do feel concerned for the young ones that don't know a life before S media, its the drug like habit control over your life that they will not have the experience to combat. AI is only going to get better at catching you
  5. exactly, I thought auto coolers were for those people that tow large weights etc not idling in traffic. a large percentage of the manual cars for sale in Auckland have a clutch shudder from excessive overuse and people slipping them to creep forward. to be sitting stopped on the north shore entry to the harbour bridge moving one car length if your lucky in a manual, how unnecessary if your sitting through two green light changes on a hill, say at the top of queen to get into K road, you can muck around with handbrakes probably behind a bus so nill vision, many possible oh sh*t were not moving, oh hang on were off, no wait, hill starts or you could just sit there in an auto completely relaxed, its a no brainer, traffic is stressful enough without torturing yourself unnecessarily. not that any manual lover would change or admit any of that I'd also like to see these owners manuals that don't recommend leaving an auto in drive, altho you underlined it so maybe its true, can't see the fuel difference between your manual in neutral and said auto either, engine is still running in both cases, oh wait autos have start/stop now, do manuals have that too? and if you flicked your manual into neutral as you suggest and coast, thats an immediate fail of your drivers license test. you don't have control of the vehicle, your argument is questionable
  6. IMHO I was young once and thought it had to be manual, but you grow out of it, practicality in a city, stop start traffic it just makes no sense and its no slight on your mad driving skills to actually own and drive an auto. It doesn't suddenly mean you don't know how to drive a manual. especially I don't think manual diesel makes a lot of sense either, aren't the autos like 8 speed so better matched but the whole point of diesel is torque and lower effortless revs for a weekend toy, sure manual is way more fun, just buy a s2000 or something
  7. yeah I know lockdowns over but Prince's estate released this unseen concert New Years Eve, the first from Paisley Park ever where he lived and later died as part of a big box set thing of SOOT. For those that remember 87 fondly its worth a watch
  8. spilt my coffee, way to drop the mic,, BOOM Gold
  9. kwhelan

    Octane boosters

    local stickman has 91 at $1.59 and 95 at $1.73 both then less 6c off that. convenient with school hols I guess
  10. what part of their disclaimer do you not understand By entering this site you agree to the following: newTIS.info is not an official source of information and is not affiliated with BMW in any way. The content provided is for informational purposes only and may be inaccurate or incomplete. The content is for online, non-commercial use only. No automated downloaders permitted. The information is provided without any warranty, express or implied. No liability is assumed for any loss or damage arising from the reliance on the content of this site. Basic common sense is required when working on cars in order to avoid serious injury or death. We do not track you in any way, but online advertisers may track your browser anonymously.
  11. on paper it looks ok here it you kinda squint a little , if its like the new cars though to see it in person, not so much, too much shiny chrome especially on the bonnet face, i suspect those dots will look too obvious 3d(ish) in real life
  12. have to disagree with that one, its just your insecurity that you check the handle, I love keyless entry, key fob only comes out of pocket when pants are changed and wifes is somewhere in the bottomless pit of a handbag, its so nice to never have to fumble for a key, you can here it lock anyway
  13. recommendations please, has the technology changed?
  14. kwhelan

    Octane boosters

    yeah it does have McDonalds and KFC blooming luxury I tell ya
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