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  1. and you probably would have found if you waited the battery would have recovered enough to start itself just, spent many frosty mornings turning over cars till just a clunk, wait 15mins and go back and theres enough to fire it if your quick and lucky there seems to be enough chemical reaction in a newish battery to kind of float the levels perhaps, not sure of the physics of the thing but it happens. unless you left the lights on and really killed it, no way back from that on batteries can't say how totaly impressive these are https://www.repco.co.nz/en/globes-batteries-electrical/battery-chargers-power-accessories/car-battery-chargers/ctek-battery-charger-12v-5amp-mxs5-0/p/A1247337?kwSearch=intelligent charger wifes f40 2021 model got a software update that downloaded from her phone to the idrive but never got to a postion to autoinstall. google said its always a battery charge thing , you needed to go on a long drive first etc etc so after spending the night on a plain 12v charger there was no difference. about to give up but everyone raves about these ctek so bought one on a good sale. 24hr later to do the full cycle and bang update went straight through. more than impressed, going to do a few other older cars on a restoration cycle now to see what happens but obviously battery tech has moved on from the old cheap chargers of old.
  2. its higher than petrol in Brisbane,considerably but I don't think they have RUC
  3. all the cheap ones I found on ebay were not NZ compatible frequency wise for our garage the trick is to buy the mirror with the buttons, and then dismantle your old garage remote down to its circuit board only , which can then be hidden somewhere inside the roof lining and run a hidden pr of wires from the button on the remote to the button on the mirror. basically you are just using the mirror button to temporarily short a circuit and its very easy to do. its easy to see the points on the circuit board that the existing switch is actually working on and solder wires to them. you can buy really tiny replacement remotes for alot of merlin doors and you could possibly hide the whole circuit inside the mirror and bypass/cutout their incompatible circuit inside to make room for your hidden remote.
  4. I fitted one to an e39 years ago but it went in the headlining as opposed to being part of the mirror, you need to carefully check your frequencies though as garage remotes aren't the same world wide. the wiring was there already and there was no coding involved it was just a straight swop and worked like factory intended with our old 80s model merlin garage
  5. no apparently that's only related to the radio or the car going to sleep, lots of confused discussions on that on internet, its designed to stay on until all passengers have left as it detects everyone in the car, so they can listen to radio and have aircon while your filling up for example. that can get confused with child seats etc when you get home to your garage though and actually want it ti turn off. 3rd world problems I know
  6. Wife has a new toy, a 2020 F40 118i couple of annoying issues I can't figure out. Firstly the autostop/start is horrible, the car shudders when stopping and even worse when starting, guess that's an issue with 3 cyl as it sounds very tractor like when idling anyway. Goes extremely well when actually running so its not a tuning issue or anything.There is a manual button to disable autostop but it reverts at each journey to back on. I have ordered an enet cable but does anyone know if this is codeable for permanent disable. We don't live in a high traffic area and I would say the auto stop would save basically less than 1ltr of petrol per year. 2nd we back out the drive, stop and put car into park to shut the gates and the minute you open the door the engine turns off. same on the way home again and you actually have to push the start button to continue. Surely this can be overiden? have never seen any automatic car do this before and its crazy annoying.
  7. i did mine a few months ago, like you was sick of the cobwebs dust and leaves that accumulated all the time. I just lined in jib because of the cost. skyine garage the studs were 600 so that worked perfect with the sheets hung vertically so the joints were on studs and 2.4 just made the top plate i came up about 12 mm off the floor incase of puddles from a wet car but I also ran a pine skirting around floor because that 12mm gap was just a trap for leaves and crap that blow in and made sweeping so much easier. If it gets accidentally punctured its a 10 min job to replace a sheet. I also ran moulding around the window frames that finished them off because the jibs weak point is its edges. used a couple of pieces of 75 x 18 pine as mounting strips to hang all the gardening crap off at head height lined area above workbench in ply for a tool board it would have been better in ply or possibly mdf but I did it for $17 a sheet as opposed to $43 I think from memory but money was tight has made a world of difference and even unpainted its 300 % lighter in there, should have done it 10 yrs ago
  8. kwhelan

    RIP Sabine

    she was obviously driving something pretty damn special though, she could out brake anybody anywhere and just blew past race cars like they wern't even trying, passed people around the outside of a corner, that was some special car in a totally different league, it was a video game style mismatch but made pretty good video for sure.
  9. kwhelan

    RIP Sabine

    for everybody else its a race, for her its just traffic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnJOC_dDXzM
  10. I guess you have to have a point of difference tho I guess you have to have a point of difference, when joe bloggs kia has carplay you would expect something better from a premium brand wouldn't you. The costs must be horrific to do it and the threat of being hacked would be a smaller footprint than say generic android but wow your name would be mud if it came out that somebody could get into your cars software with some simple hack, they must live in constant dread of that happening
  11. if you place your hand over the screen to block out from windscreen forward it is a 2008 skyline
  12. I still think you need to earth. you say there is no current from radiator but there possibly is, although the radiator is in rubber there is still possibly a measurable slight connection to earth from oils or contaminants on the mounts or bolts. apparently its possible even through the hoses if they are old and dirty inside it can't hurt to test after earthing the radiator anyway. earths are measured in ohms, not every earth will have the same reading due to differing connections, its a bit like jumper leads not all being equal in there ability to transfer current I don't think you can fully remove the current from the liquid so think your wasting time with all the flushes, having many different metals that the liquid is contacting is going to cause currents, liquid carrys a charge that needs to get back to the battery terminal, there is possibly a slight path through the radiator to earth that your tester isn't picking up, you need to be measuring the ohms from all your earths and radiator and you probably need a megger tester that applies a voltage as its testing not a simple probe tester. earthing the radiator makes it 0 ohms or dead in the circuit earths are a real science even in electrical gear especially audio gear but it shows as noise, BMW usually run earth circuits but there were earth points scattered around my e39 from taillights etc and wires that go brittle inside the boot lid flexi rubber hose can cause all sorts of weird faults in e36 some people in custom cars earth the radiator, the cap and even fit an anode inside that is designed to rust away saving the radiator and is an easily replaceable part, a bit like they do on aluminum boat propellers , you replace the anode not the prop. does seem an odd fault but it doesn't happen that bad to all so it seems a bit more specific to your car, good luck
  13. you need to check and clean all your earth connections throughout the car, a decent earth and the current will pass through the metal and not find its way into the fluid in the first place, they recommend to test with engine off, again wit it running and by switching on accessories one by one looking for voltage spikes. Something like a big stereo amp in the boot not having a good grounding could be letting they stray currents out to find an easier path to the battery which in your case is the liquid which is conductive anything over .3v will destroy a radiator, and some ali radiators come with a ground wire so you could try that
  14. kwhelan

    Quick rant thread.

    hose clamp was a 5 min job with a piece of broken hacksaw blade, done 3 now annoying but understandable from a factory perspective, was more annoyed at having to cut and solder/heatshrink the new flying leads off the old pump so the connector was correct on the new ebay a pump
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