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  1. Unfortunately this is not a cheap/easy to solve. Also - i am assuming when you're at the track , you've reflashed and changed the MHD cooling option to race I would start backing off once i saw oil temp hit 140 at the track Oil and coolant temps go hand in hand , just upgrading the oil cooler to a bigger version might give you one or 2 more laps ER Oil Cooler BMW PPK kit retrofitted ( bigger fan / additional radiator etc) CSF Radiator BMS thermostat ( would recommended the Mosselman N54 Oil Thermostat instead) With the above mods and E50 map - was able to do a 15min track sessions without buttoning off. Was looking at doing a transmission cooler and upgraded turbos (stock ones are just full on heaters at this stage ^^ ) but with all the cooling upgrades on car...daily driving was kinda meh as it would take ages to get to temp before you could go WOT. I could leave the office near nelson street, jump onto the motorway...get off at manukau and its just got to temp / normal city driving would take a little bit longer to get to temp In retrospect now - I think WMI system would of helped alot ^^ how could you tell? j/king That was the big difference daily driving M135i , no freaking gauge like the 335i so i knew when it was warm enough to go WOT / had to use the MHD app before Having pure turbos stage 2 ....daily driving temp is 95-100 Did a track session the other week at hampton...think i saw the M135i oil temp got to 118 lol >.< 09_Cooling Systems.pdf
  2. Finally decided to upgrade the turbos ^^
  3. You can transfer XHP/MHD licenses from the previous owner if you contact their support Sweet so its setup to run ethanol maps , you'll realize how "slow"the 98 maps feel
  4. Would totally agree with Steve on the OTS 98 map vs custom tune , no point with stock turbo's ....and if you're running E85 you definitely want a custom tune over the OTS maps Remember if you decide to install inlets/outlets with stock turbos , you will have issues with OTS maps and should get a custom tune I looked into remote tuning on a dyno but the costs were going to be silly.....done all my tunes via logging etc....not sure how you lose functionality??
  5. Don't get the CEL lights with the appropriate stage2+ map on MHD , its deactivates the check on the map from memory
  6. Have had aftermarket downpipes on mine for over 4 years -no issues getting a WOF.... I'd look at the VRSF ones as its reasonably priced
  7. Hey John I have the wavetrack installed on mine and another friends e90 335i-, works really well on road and track and is a must option when running some serious power Another friend of mine had the M factory diff installed on his 135 and it unfortunately screwed his whole diff as the pins in the unit popped out and munched things Was one of the units apparently under recall due to a factory issue with the unit bolts not being secure - I will give M factory its dues that it stepped up and sent a new diff and paid for all the work required to fix / sort the issue btw - if you get a LSD i would suggest a few of the re-codes as below http://www.onelapx1.com/blog/how-to-make-your-bmw-actually-fun
  8. Interesting take about the E46 vs the E9X models John I came from a E46 325 before I got the 335i , tho my E46 was pretty much just standard so for me the experience was a big upgrade going to the 335i The stock suspension / runflat tires on the 335i is pretty weak imo , scared myself a few times when I was running a tune/upgraded power and a trackday at hampton showed me the glaring weakness of the setup , its probably a fine setup at stock power levels WIth the M3 suspension parts fitted (all apart from the rear M3 sway bar) with KW coilovers, LSD and sticky PSS , I think it handles well now for the power level its at It sucks with the model/year of your 335i john that your auto transmission doesn't support the transmission flash (XHP or Alpina) , to me that was a another big upgrade Also when you run a ethanol map on the car, you'll notice how different the car is , that TQ life These engines are surprisingly strong , quite a few people in the USA have been running 600RWHP+ (with single or upgraded twins) on the stock engine The take from the community is that above 650+RWHP on stock block is when it will go at some stage I've nearly put on 100,000km from my 4 years ownership of the car in my rear mirror ?
  9. I have heard of Prestigio - from memory you had to be in the "prestige group" when running with playday group and you could get insurance for the day at the track
  10. Yes you can go from Alpina > XHP there is a bug if the alpina flash wasn't done correctly on the TCU (https://bmw.spoolstreet.com/threads/xhp-flashtool-official-beta-results-thread-for-6hp21.1483/page-8#post-11373) With the tune on your car , I would suggest flashing back to stock map via the cobb and then doing MHD (my 2cents)
  11. The MHD OTS maps imo are conservative - you'll be fine with the stage1 98 map , but as always when you change stuff up , just log for awhile and confirm everything is looking right Ya that sucks about the earlier 06/07 models not being able to use the Alpina flash - if you can get this TCU flash , it will be such a huge difference as the stock one is soo laggy imo XHP is the new option for the auto guys , not sure what the deal is with the earlier years (06/07) - you can download the app on the device you're using for MHD app - connect up to the car , run the app and connect - will show what maps/options are available
  12. Fair enough I switched over from the Alpina flash to the XHP stage3 map over the weekend - D&S mode are a big improvement over the Alpina version and M mode is faster with upshifts and downshifts but I don't think I have done the 100km driving range for the transmission to fully adapt yet Loving how M mode won't upshift at redline now , makes things easier
  13. Would also recommend you just run the Stage1 map with your current mods initially - What trans have you got John in your 335i? Same with N54 , stage2 are recommend with downpipes I wouldn't be keen putting anything less then 98 on a modded n54/n55
  14. Did the night drag wars the other month for the first time in the 335i Only did like 4 passes as it got really busy down there, 4th attempt took 1/2hr to que
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