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  1. necsis

    Shed fit outs

    Everything you ever wanted to know about Swisstrax.... Obsessed Garage Youtube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/MattMoreman
  2. I got one from FCP Euro for my E39, not terrible job to swap but not great either. Buy new and do it once.
  3. necsis

    Project E39

    Ahh, I've made this very same mistake when I had a 530i
  4. Somehow I had missed this thread all together, just read through the whole thing. Awesome work man!
  5. I've got the second option, works well enough. Handy to keep in the glove box when driving my e39 on long trips. But as said above, ISTA/INPA is the best way to go.
  6. necsis

    540itch Scratching

    Looking great! Sorting out the parcel shelf is next on my list
  7. necsis

    540itch Scratching

    Here's a great video on pixel repair - skip to 9:31 using a different method - no need to remove the needles, but you need to drill out a few rivets/screws I think.... Saw your thread about heater valve, mine has also just started to leak, where did your source the rebuild kit from?
  8. I believe non TU covers are the same
  9. I've watched all his videos. Great channel
  10. necsis

    540itch Scratching

    Bloody awesome work
  11. Yeah I ordered mine back in June, it was like the second release. It was DOA and I had to send it back for repair. Then make changes with command line to allow the Japanese radio module/display module to allow it to run properly. It's bloody great. Definitely worth it.
  12. Hi guys, Bought this for my E39 but never got around to using it as I went with a bluebus instead. Still new in packaging and never been fitted. Currently $129 from original seller https://www.crazysystems.co.nz/index.php?route=product/product&path=125_179&product_id=185 My price: $100 shipped anywhere in NZ. Cheers
  13. I used an AudioVox media bridge for around 3 years, it worked ok. Sound quality was good enough. However the functions were very minimal as it just disguised itself as a CD stacker. Only the volume buttons on the steering wheel worked, the next/previous track buttons did not. It would stay on until the car had gone into sleep state (nothing in the car being touched or operated for 16 minutes) - this meant my phone would keep playing a song until my phone was out of range, it wouldn't always start playing again when I returned to the car. Bluetooth connection was sometimes slow to connect and the bluetooth calling was pretty rubbish. It died earlier this year. Wasn't terrible for the price but wasn't great either. Sounds like the DICE would have been a better unit. A lot has been said on overseas BMW forms about the BT audio being much better, especially when using digital DSP, if your car is equipped. I noticed a small bump in my audio performance with my NonDSP HiFi system. But like you mentioned, my system is all factory so it's never going to be amazing. The BB can connect directly to your cars telephone circuit using the right patch cable, performing better rather than BT calling over the stereo system. It will make use of the factory microphone/addition of a factory microphone as the car should be factory loom plug tucked away. It also talks with cars systems allowing a menu to be used to adjusts settings, adjust input volume, display song info, display coolant temp. Enable settings like automatic door locking and comfort indicators etc Super quick bluetooth connecting, the BB starts and stops music properly when starting and stopping the car. And of course the ability to easily update the firmware, Ted has updated/fixed many things since it came out. You could even make your own changes as the source code is all available on Ted's Github. I really didn't want to go down the 'Android Avin' road as it ruins the look of these classic interiors. Spending $200USD to keep things factory as possible and provide a bunch of features made it well worth it to me and Ted's support has been outstanding. Yes, the media bridge units are becoming hard to find, I think you can still find GROM units on Amazon and such.
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