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  1. integrale


    Thanks for the explanation. Dealer presumably emboldened by shifting the first car quickly at good money ($89,990 asking price). But, out of curiosity, where does an asking price of $92,790 get plucked from. Very precise number (and very optimistic).
  2. integrale


    Sorry. I was referring to the two similar black 1Ms offered by the same dealer in quick succession. The first was registered HNQ984 (now on a private plate). I now realise this thread concerns the second car (KIWI1M) being flipped. Must have been quick - I keep my eyes open for them (1Ms) but didn't ever spot it on here.
  3. integrale


    Believe those two sapphire black 1Ms are different examples - albeit offered by the same dealer, Manawatu BMW. The previous example (then HNQ984) had covered 35,000 kms, while the current offering 'KIWI 1M' has done a low 22,000kms. Strange coincidence.
  4. Previously, if an auction finished without the vehicle meeting reserve, the reserve price was shown. (as long as a bid had been placed). Not now from what I can see.
  5. "Now, what to do for the next project?"
  6. It seems likely that fewer than 1000 RHD 1Ms still exist. https://www.1addicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1741852 Draw your own conclusion regarding their long-term desirability/ values, but as NZ and Australia got 350 of them new (c30% of RHD production), it's probable that the better examples will be exported to the UK if/when prices drop to the levels some are predicting.
  7. Price was close to that for the black 1M with similar kms. May be my cautious nature, but the vendor "discovering" a faulty headlight minutes before the auction closed wouldn't encourage late bidding. (Not the cost of replacement as much as the creation of doubt in potential bidders' minds). IMHO.
  8. Wonder where that lurked for 2 years before being registered?
  9. Interesting info. How do you keep up-to-date on their sales history?
  10. The lowest priced 1M I’ve seen advertised anywhere. Provided it’s been well cared for I'd think v low $50ks would be fair value - now E46 M3 money. Truly exceptional 1M’s (low kms/ owners) have retained their value – viz Coombes Johnson’s 12,000km/ $85k example that sold quickly earlier this year and my 7,800km VO car mid last year. Ultimately export-potential underpins the value of these ‘garage-queens’. NZ’s relatively high number of 1M’s means more well-used examples are regularly available and consequently less sought-after (A rather tired black 1M eventually sold in the $40ks last year). Definitely don’t share your disappointment re 1M performance ?.
  11. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2702353248?bof=z4iqX4SR
  12. integrale

    Mint 525ee

    Sorry. Long gone.
  13. Does the #5550006 chassis/engine number (Carjam) mean this is only the sixth RHD 635CSi built?
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