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  1. Keen on the left and right hand mirror covers if the car is Oxford green metallic. Thanks
  2. also interested in both rear window regs if they are available
  3. Keen on the left hand mirror cover and black plastic mirror surround. And possibly the steering wheel excluding airbag if it's in really tidy condition. How much for those items. Thanks
  4. Top row of lights on the dash led display went out even though the bulbs were fine meaning you couldn't see the odometer, temp, etc without the sun being directly on it or with a torch. Stepper motor in speedo wouldn't display more than 40km per hour and would only return to 20km rather than sitting on zero. He said he had only repaired about 4 resistor in the time he has been doing it and stepper motors weren't that common either.Kerry said that someone had already been in the dash at some point and that may have contributed to the stepper failure as the armature on them is damaged easily
  5. Hey Guys, Just thought I would let you know about the great service I got from this guy. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=1969570 His name is Kerry and he has repaired my instrument cluster and mid for my E38.My mid was doing the usual pixels are gone and it was a get around to it thing. The cluster lights on the second row stopped functioning and then the stepper motor on the speedo failed showing a maximum speed of 40km so I had to have something done. Auto sparky told me it would be 4 weeks and around $800.00 - $1000.00 for the repairs. I found him on Trademe and after a quick chat I boxed it all up and sent it to be repaired. The service has been excellent, he has sent me pictures showing the issues within the units, progress images as they have been repaired, and the completed repair images. The turn around has been 4 DAYS! Including overnight couriers in both directions! The repairs completed were New mid led and bulbs, New resistors in instrument cluster lighting circuit, All stepper motors replaced in the instrument cluster, 3 new bulbs in instrument cluster. Total cost including shipping was $360.00 with a 12 month warranty If you need some work done on this part of your car I thoroughly recommend talking to him. He is based in Christchurch. Pm me if you want his contact details. Cheers
  6. Could you not bring it in under special vehicle dispensation due to volume of vehicles produced?
  7. Would think it is a non- self levelling as they run on chs11, easiest way would be to look under the rear and see if it has the regulator valve to control the height. http://i110.photobucket.com/albums/n89/mojocoggo/my_e38/diagrams/DSC_5095.jpg I would concur with the above and say it is a broken spring or similar.
  8. Would be keen on a few parts, rear suspension spheres if they are in good nick (How many km's has the car done?), rear window regs, taillights, and steering wheel (excluding air bag)if its super tidy. let me know prices. Thanks
  9. what type of obc does it have? any pixels missing? can you post a pic? Thanks
  10. 1997 non vanos, thanks for your input.
  11. Dont have the skills or time to rebuild myself so I think the cost would be higher than that, dont think Rislone would work due to it being blown in between the 2 cylinders and not comming into contact with any coolant. Cheers
  12. My E38 735il that I have owned for a few years (200k km) started playing up the other day, I thought (was hoping) it was the pcv valve, it however is not. The headgasket in between no1 and no 2 cylinder on the drivers side bank has given up. At this stage there is no cross contamination between oil and coolant. Obviously the car is not worth a massive amount of money but I have just had all the paint sorted and fixed most other gremlins. Options at this stage seem to be A: Do the head gasket (has new radiator and water pump currently) but gearbox hasnt been touched what is an acceptable quote for a mechanic to complete this? B: Repower with second hand 4.0-4.4? what are the major differences between these two v8's and the 3.5? different ecu? injectors? mounts? C: Cut my loses and move on.. any advice or reccomendations would be appreciated Cheers
  13. Have had a similar thing happen to my e38 yesterday,(1997 735il with 200k on the clock) went somewhere and car was running fine, left and went to go home and was followed by a huge amount of smoke, got home and stopped car, restarted and no smoke. Got up this morning started the car, no smoke drove to work (15 min)with a bit of stop start and there was a tiny bit of smoke when I got to work. I took it to my mechanic who seems to think that it is valve stem guides. Would valve stems not be continious smoke / under load and develop over time? I will try the cap / dipstick test and see what result I get. Cheers
  14. Cool, thanks for the response guys, Have arranged to have an OEM screen fitted. Had to be approved by the insurance company because of the price difference, but they said no problems. Have used Smith and Smith here (Dunedin) in the past and they were ok. Going to try Novus as I have heard good things about them here. Will let you know the result...
  15. Hi Guys, I have had a stone cause a crack in my windscreen. I have insurance so that is no concern. The car in question is a 1997 e38 735iL. Can I request that it is replaced with an Oem screen rather than an aftermarket? or do you just get what you get? Cheers Josh
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