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  1. Long time no update! Its in great shape and just gone over 400.000km! -M20B25 Swap -Manual Conversion (G240) -Poly Bushes -Koni Shocks -King Springs -Recaro Seats -Ultra Racing Front Strut, Front Subframe and Rear Strut Braces -LVVTA Certification Next thing is a re-paint. The front panels (bonnet and guards) are peeling clear coat something chronic.
  2. Just got a warrant last week wasn’t due until 18/01/2020. If you do it 2 weeks before it’s due they extend until the original date + 6 months.
  3. Hi All, My partners E30 is up for sale. $4500 ONO WOF: 18/07/2020 Rego: 08/09/2020 Odometer: 277904 kms Odometer did not work for a period of time. I would estimate total kms over 300000 kms. Odometer has been fixed. Reg: ZF2265 VIN: WBAAD220503885101 Australian Import Date of Production: 01/03/1989 Year of First Registration (Australia): 1989 Date of First NZ Registration: 09/06/2000 Positives: -Strong, healthy motor and drivetrain. -Extensive servicing and records up to date going back to 2010. -Inspection I completed 14/02/2019 267256 kms -Oil Service completed 08/10/2019 276932 kms -Smooth suspension (Bilstein Shocks) -Paint in fair condition. -Electric sunroof works as it should. Issues: -Aircon inoperative. Compressor clutch is not engaging. System is still pressurised. -Rust area on sunroof panel and boot lid by spoiler. -Front leather seats cracked through to foam on bases. Seat covers included. -Head unit inoperative. -Original front floor mats missing. Rears included. -Rear window motors are getting weak, still work, just slowly. -Rear swaybar removed, can be included.
  4. Must be asking too much! Price drop and somewhat negotiable.
  5. Thanks Pete! Hopefully it catches someones eye like it did ours
  6. My partner's E46 coupe for sale. As per the listing on TradeMe. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1289407160
  7. Not sure if related to the ignition switch assembly? Our e46 had electrical issues but it was the indicators, radio and sun visor lights playing up. Took out the ignition switch, cleaned it up and haven't had any trouble since.
  8. No pics this time round but some updates. -Wireless central locking all go. -Foglights all go. Had a few issues with relays, switches, bulbs and housings but all sussed now. Yellow halogen bulbs on order. -MTech1 steering wheel. Scored it for $25! Leather was shot though. -SS Brake Lines all installed. What a fun job, not! New brake pads and sensors too and a brake fluid bleed. -LED interior lights and put an extra light in the boot too.
  9. Slow changes unfortunately. Got the lowering springs in a while back. Jamex from the parts car. Worked the poor girl hard too. Just purchased our first home so car has been on the backburner On the positive side she gets to sleep inside now!
  10. Parts car is m20b23. But I think it has something major going on in cylinder #3. Will not fire it's getting spark and fuel alright and I suspect a head gasket. I has abs but it's a rust bucket so the rear hubs are pretty shot. Good news is it has the air con loom I needed and manual gearbox so will be attempting that in the coming weeks. Love that colour, johns coupe was the same colour too? Isabel's is as well maybe we should bring that to the next meet... I can't tell the line between a project and a showroom thread. I think a project is for the major "off the road for a while" jobs but that's only a guess!
  11. Installed remote central locking on the E30. Now I don't have to be paranoid about the replacement lock barrel disintegrating. Olaf, your wagon looks amazing. New wheels suit it very nicely too. Is that paint Orientblau?
  12. Picked up a parts car from Wellington. Manual converted 320i with an m20b23 transplant. Running one cylinder down though could be terminal for the b23. Robbing the good bits off it. Sun visors, door lock mechanism (now all my door locks and central locking work!) fog lights, 14" BBS including a spare and all centre caps!
  13. Repainted the rear valence and towbar. The black strip was starting to wear through to the base coat.
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