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  1. westy

    E36/46 BBS RK

    Sold Jon. You can relax.
  2. westy

    E36/46 BBS RK

    17x8 et35. Nice light wheel no longer made. Almost perfect under a coat of shitty black paint. Might clean of with thinners? Tyres are rubbish. Anyway, don’t really what they’re worth so let’s say $400? and you can lowball me from there. In Kaukapakapa. You have to pick them up.
  3. 17x8 e39 fitment. Centres are in good condition but rims need refurb. Corrosion under clear. 1 tyre good 1 good but with puncture other 2 are shagged. $500 ono?
  4. Yeah I'm hoping he might trade a courier service for a pair of resonators .
  5. Yeah I got a pair. You don't happen to live anywhere near zero (Nathan ) do you?
  6. westy

    E30 coupe seats

    Helensville hard (or something like that). Also, they are very black, not the dark gray of the photos.
  7. westy

    E30 coupe seats

    Anyone want these? Box of beers gets them out of the garage. They'll need rails from other seats as these were pilfered to use on a pair of sports seats. Black macrosuede type stuff.
  8. Gone to the scrappys yet? I'm looking for a bare rear subframe.
  9. Man that sh*t is orsum. Is it leather or vinyl?
  10. Entire body wiring loom preferably uncut?
  11. westy

    e36 racecar

    800mm above the ground seems quite low?
  12. Oh yeah they're different sizing too for different framing spacings.
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