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  1. Time to wire up the EKPS. And in wire all this rats nest left behind the glove box. Looks to be tv tuner They have damn well spliced into the CAS loom in a poor way which has me mildly annoyed
  2. I'm currently chasing what I'm hoping to be the last of my issues on this car lol ... So I have water leaking into the battery compartment. It seems to be coming from rear right / rear rear corner. - at first I thought must just be taillight gasket but nope that's water tight - I saw a YouTube thing where the false floor under the car can fill, I pulled drain bungs out and no water there. It seems to be seeping through the bottom of the thin panel joins there (blue line). As if there's drainage issues behind on the other side. Anything to check ?
  3. @exextatic yeah, interior is coming out anyway as i'm swapping my leather in looks like it's loom time! I found that some 320i do have it, but they aren't n46, they are n43 https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partxref?id=VS12-EUR-11-2005-E91-BMW-325i&mg=16&sg=15&diagId=16_0598&q=16147229173&series=E91 Thanks for confirming this!
  4. So i'm chasing down some rough start issues, and the last remaining error on ISTA is to do with EKPS from my motor swap of a 325i into a 320i I popped off the back right panel to find it, and nothing doesn't even look like any associated wiring should look like this can i safely assume the 320i DOES NOT have one and the 323i, 325i, 330i onwards do
  5. Bit of a stupid one, but never know if anyone has these lying round from an interior swap, and usually people seem to just bin door cards anyway I'm trying to avoid fabricating the speaker bracket on the inside of the e91 rear door cards as I used them on another door card. Any one got any lying round still?
  6. The 320 is now something worth driving. A 325i Filled transmission at temperature Calibrated DSC pump no more DSC and abs lights Cleared check engine Replaced bank 1 post cat o2 sensor Nearly everything bolted back up, ran it to operation temperature no leaks... yet. just got to the odd braces front end, near enough camber/tow on rear end She's quiet and revs cleanly
  7. Fixed it .... So 90% of the issues was that a windows update, had changed my latency from 1 to 16 on cable port settings, making it near impossible for me to talk to modules in INPA giving me all sorts of issues once that was working INPA actually let me into the DSC module, where i could activate / calibrate pump values, yaw sensor and finally clear the error. Bizzare!
  8. it's got to be the SLZ then, which was what i was thinking in saying that, after running the car for a little bit bleeding the coolant and power steering i don't have the vin mis-match one, i've got other ones going on, but i think thats to do with running ISTA not with the car running by memory I've seen these pop up on my other wagon from time to time "no communication" type errors
  9. Can someone please point me in the right direction, hopefully having dealt with this before So i've basically swapped everything over from my donor 325i e90 car into the white e91 320i i'm having issues getting the DSC codes resolved The e91 has a matching - CAS - DME - KEY - DSC - CLUSTER all from the donor car, the error i'm struggling to resolve is 005E1F DSC: Control unit: incorrect vehicle identification number; calibration required 0x005E50: DSC: Steering-angle sensor: serial number; calibration required From what I can see online all i can see is people having to initialize the steering angle sensor to clear those codes, but i'm not having any luck, am I missing anything? ISTA saying something about the DSC having to be encoded after replacement or something Unsure what to do from here, any e90 coding wizzes out there, happy to pay
  10. Got the rear sub frame bolted up, and while i was at it, took all control arms off the donor hubs I got with the 325 axels in them. Came across this haha ... video-1622884653.mp4 Oddly enough none of the suspension components from it looked bent, but i guess a wheel alignment is going to tell when I get this wrapped up I've got plenty of spares for that side, hoping i'm not going to have to replace anything, I really did not enjoy bolting up that hub, got alot quicker at it second time round though i guess.
  11. Didn't really want to go down a pipe join route unless all wrecker options were exhausted, just a preference I guess. One wrecker locally told me they were not going to sell me the line as it was company policy due to safety concerns, some "Facebook marketing manager" I was talking with stone walled me there as she heard the word "brake" and thought I was asking to buy a rubber hose, and I kept trying to explain I was after a metal pipe, haven't been spoken to that obnoxiously in a while. Had a very nice experience with the next wrecker who had some e90s, So big shout out to direct auto dismantlers down in ngongataha who have a surprising amount of cars there. Spotted plenty of e90, e91, E36, even e39 and e46. Definitely worth keeping in mind A Steelie was pushing into the gas tank stopping me from pulling the brake pipe past the gap, so one of the forklift boys made my day even easier haha as the Rhs of the car was already basher up he just flipped the car for me to make it easy as. Was a bit of a laugh. Got everything I need now, time to re assemble
  12. Cant even get them moving using vice grips and pipe spanner. Rust welded together. Here's hoping a pipe join is cheap or I can find another e90 not to far to get it
  13. Dropped the hubs, axels and diff off. Was about to swap in the 325i donor ones, but decided to do the inner brake hoses while I had heaps or room. Its all fun and games until ... That photo is after wire brushing, several rounds of penetration fluid, WD-40. The things are turning yeah, but the lines are well seized to the fitting. So in loosening them I have compromised the line. That photo doesn't do it justice the level they are rusted on. Sure I could of probably just let this fly and re assembled, but a job not done right usually bites me in the ass. So a few more bolts, dropped the entire sub frame off to give me heaps of room. Good excuse for it too since I had a spare rear sub frame with fresh kms and alot better bushings. But yeah, looks like I'm going for a drive tomorrow to rotorua to look at hopefully ripping some of these out of another e90 They relatively cheap through fcp but they only have 1 of the sides. A parts place over here ... quoted me $200 list price plus $100 shipping for the pipe! 2 weeks lead time. Bmw quoted not too bad but... 6-8 weeks lead time! Home stretch anyway. Get this done and Put her back together.
  14. She is alive Totally should straight pipe it or resonator delete. She sounds agressive as hell just with headers only haha e657e58b803d3fa089810f238e9d1bad.0.mp4
  15. She's now a 325. Moving that drive train along gravel takes skills to pay the bills It was all fun and games until I realized the headers had a snapped flange bolt, 2 hours of mc hammer time. 1am on Saturday, signed off on that, most of the time being that stupid Exhaust stud. Monday was bolting the sub frame up and realized engine was an inch infront of the engine mounts, realized that while the transmission support bracket on the 320i and 325i look the same, they are not, bolt holes allow the box to sit back further and engine clear the front of the sub frame. What a mission re aligning that. Had to use a combo of engine support and engine crane to nudge it back. And on gravel, just imagine. Bolting sub frame up took some tounge twisting and cunning tactics. Basically loosely slotted in the control arms and then jacked up the middle to close enough. And then used another jack to push up one of the sides to the hole as the angles are impossible to balance it flat. Fun times tho! Hell of an experience on gravel.
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