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  1. I’m my list of events to visit. There was amazing video “Close to the edge “ which followed Guy Martins race at IOM TT. Worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already.
  2. Seems E46 M3s not selling easily at the moment. Been a few good examples of late just sitting.
  3. Great example of how to market a car. But equally would be satisfying for next owner to bring it back. Question is would be is it cosmetic bits or some serious work and costs. but ffs … at least give it a clean.
  4. So for people with e46s that want them a bit harder to take. 1, enable the factory alarm even if it’s just set to flash lights. Add Bonnet switch at least. Needs enabling at your fav BMW agent. 2, consider disabling internal obd port or get the product that adds a siren that activates on the dummy port. The siren can fit where the original hands free speaker used to be located. 3, mongoose or similar tracker which has a disable circuit. Mobile app will tell you if car is moved. Choose something like fuelpump or dme power to disable. 4 , payback circuit 😀, add an old spark plug coil to your fake internal OBDI port on the bus transmit. , will blow the …. out of any of the devices that tries and circumvents the EWS.
  5. It’s a true one old lady owner from new. Had just over 100,000 kms during this photo last year. Always garaged and Mazda serviced . 😀
  6. There was a black e46 m3 in Wellington with one years ago. Never saw it towing though or a bike rack. Mind you. Have a two bar on the wife’s suv. The back bumper is almost the only panel that doesn’t have parking dings from other peoples inability to park. However, for the sake of a picture mums 1987 mazda 323i had a tow bar and did tow a trailer on the dump run every now and then. Also saved the back many times going off the marks on the towbar from the parking warriors.
  7. https://www.dummyobd.com/shop/bmw-dummy-obd-port-with-powered-siren/ Something else to consider on top of tracker / alternative immobiliser. Still leaves the one under the bonnet. But that is easy to cover.
  8. for our household it’s looking like an additional $3.5 k per year , but might be able to offset 1,500 with working from home a couple days a week. kind of glad the car doing 20,000 plus kms a year is a turbo diesel running 6.5 L / 100 km verse the other option was looking at which would have be closer to 12 L / 100km. looks like we will be up for $20k per year to run / park / service the two vehicles.
  9. Bmw NZ still using castrol when my M3 is serviced. Are they using shell for newer models here now ?
  10. Perhaps go with the s007a again. These replaced the re11 of which have been the best tries for grip and longevity on my e46 M3. Got 50,000 kms and that included 3 track driver training days. Replaced those with PSS where I did two sets of rears and one set of fronts in the next 50,000 km. That was with no driver days. Now running PS4S which is a great all round tyre, but expecting wear to be similar to PSS. however , would have gone to re71rs if they were in country. Listed on Bridgestone site.
  11. Castrol is the BMW Oem oil for NZ.That brand sounds like some kind of oil sold to small garages. If DIY super cheap has Castrol and frequently runs specials. Double check, but I think your after 5-30 oil. https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/castrol-castrol-edge-engine-oil---5w-30-a3-b4-5-litre/299206.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA9OiPBhCOARIsAI0y71CVzFOgamY6BCi5zEA8EjJEFxJegCpkeqyz7XRo1kQWZMJIdzGQzT4aAoC0EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  12. https://nam3forum.com/forums/forum/main-forum/e46-2001-2006/2844-smg-to-6mt-conversion sorry….. old post
  13. Btw, that fakar aerial connector in your hand would normally plug into Bluetooth aerial that is installed under the console rear ashtray . You might not have one. however if you car has a shark fin aerial on the roof that one will work for Bluetooth.
  14. Here’s the install instructions. http://www.carnationsoftware.com/carnation/images/OwnersManualBluetooth.pdf It been 10 years since I last did a ulf / Bluetooth install , but on module startup the pairing pin needs to go to ground and you will see pairing come up on top of screen. At that point you pair your phone and put in the pin written on the sticker on the module. I’d be careful on the pin 17 bit as you’ll find with bmw the context changes between the pins on the module verse PIN number on connectors . Pin 17 on ULF is main power feed so if that is shorted expect a blown fuse. I have a old spreadsheet somewhere so I’ll have a look tomorrow from the original install I did . Mine was removing a Japan telephone module and replaced it with a euro ulf so a number of pins needed to change positions.
  15. I think this did a stint in Whitby Porirua early 2000s. Was a few doors down. Owner was meticulous with his cars and this was replaced by a 911 4s a few years later. always liked this colour
  16. What do those journalist at driven know about us BMW drivers, I stalk them all if they keep republishing bulldust like this 🙂 Did I mention my fav song that mentions BM drivers. "Killer's Lullaby" Faithless I'm sittin' at a coffee table, unable to see straight Watchin' parallel lines unwind and undulate Behind the rain-streaked windowpane, the scene's bleak Another train leavin' home, conceding defeat with a low moan Hangin' in A sky, made of stone Everybody's leavin' home, I called my man Jerome To come meet me in the twilight zone Leave your mobile phone at home and come alone I bought him coffee and a snack, settled back, started speakin' He was tweakin' with the peak of his cap While I'm seekin' to discover what it takes to stay sober Not cover my mistakes, try to maybe make sense of the evidence It's over, she's gone for good Why should I lie, singin' a killer's lullaby Identified by the dying ring of her goodbye The last thing you hear before your life disappear Now it just gets worse, like my stomach 'll burst, feel like I've been cursed. With seven centuries of bitter memories And inadequacies, previous he's and she's I'm movin' round this old house for the last time Scene of my past crimes, been here for lifetimes Hearin' the chimes of the old clock that used to mock You got eternity for takin' stock, this place is like a padlock You look shocked. Trust me, nothing ever moves but the dust, There's just us and I'm here to torment and tease And that's how it was for centuries Me and my memories, till you brought the keys Took the couple of Saturdays I moved in runnin' from tragedies and boozing Seven hundred years since I came here You appear, same hair, same quizzical stare I couldn't get near, And the sheer frustration was more than I could bear I was really cursed, thought I'd been through the worst part That was just the first part, just the start Every night I'd be sitting with dread, breaking my heart In case the man she'd been chasin' gets to first base And I just can't escape, I'm in bad shape You making love to someone else is more than I can take And so I make all the movement I can to no avail Scream and yell, sinkin' deeper into my personal hell I'm getting heated, I'm sorry, have another coffee I needed to release my sparrow chest from just a piece of this pressure Unless an escape route is found, I'm going down underground Into lifetimes of pain, it's absurd The heaviest chain is contained is the sound of one word So I'm referred back to hell, huh Just as well, I hate needles an' get twinges at the thought of syringes J (as in Jerome), I'm going insane with shame I dream and watch her makin' love over and over again With what I call a farmer's swain Unintelligent, pea-brained retard who's dick is always hard Oh God, of course I'm jealous, fellows, oversexed flexing his pec's Jesus, what's he going make her do next? I'm mad vex, the way she gently scratches his chest You used to do that to me back in 1253 Pity me, while you lie with your lover I stare and suffer in despair while you ruffle his hair Unaware of who else is there I move quick, I want to try my trick one last time You know it's possible to vaguely define my outline When dust move in the sunshine So I'm tryin' to change, vibrate myself to near-human pitch Which reminds me how I used to come unstitched And switch 'round the house in a blind rage It took years and an ocean of tears to find the key to this cage And write another stage into a new age, it's difficult to gauge But I know that I'll see you again, on that you may depend I just don't know how or when Sleep on, my lost love on gone Jerome took me home under steel skies Knowing I'm prone to dramatize but unknown for telling lies And what I verbalize he can see behind my eyes The why oh why's that identify killer lullabies And he surmised No surprise couldn't hear that Closed my eyes as he steered that old black BM home again Not knowing how and not knowing when.
  17. I think last time I looked there was just under 200 road registered E46 M3s in the country. Not sure break down of Coupe verse Convertible but no doubt imports ( like mine ) brought the numbers up. Next 12 months average price ? perhaps $60s
  18. So what are peoples thoughts on the e46 M3s with 200,000kms or more ? Sellable or keep at that point ? Mine will get there in the next year to 18 months. No major jobs done as yet. But driven 60kms per day and BMW serviced. Putting money aside for bearing refresh and thinking either about subframe goop or the usual welded reinforcements
  19. I wouldn’t expect and major jobs to be done at those kms other than a rotor / pads replacement and probably mirror. I didn’t know the manual and smg gearboxes were different until now. up there in price. Back to around 2009 prices. Think I’ll hold out selling mine. At this rate next year would be a swap keys exercise for an older F80 M3 😀 Did anyone see the 997 turbo owner that will do a part way swap on a e46 M3 ?
  20. Those seats look great . Love how they are trimmed.
  21. Yes, Dave Tunlley. They did the most accurate 4 wheel alignment before and after that I’ve seen. Bernard and the boys do a great job. I think between BMW Car Club and bimmpersport we’ve cornered the silver e46 M3 in Welly. Mine on 18s another on 19s and a CSL 😀
  22. imported some 18” versions of these. Now have a Wof
  23. If it helps I’ve just imported a set of tyres via tirerack / FedEx. Process was 12 days door to door with. 8 days was the nz part of its journey. 4 days was getting hold of nz FedEx to pay duty.
  24. I think the are one of the most “go to” track day rims for bmw owners in the USA . The forums are full of group buys. eg https://e46m3.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1720298 I wouldn’t say no to a set.
  25. We brought it new with 3 years free services and 5 year warranty. The car is at 60,000 kms now and other than a factory remap on an advisory it’s just been service / oil change every 10,000 km. We’ve had one service that we paid for which was under $400 so out of lockdown that would be roughly $600 a year for 17,000 kms. Tyres seem to last to around the 500km mark. One issue that we weren’t expecting was speeding tickets . TD are so quiet and revs so low that it’s hard to determine speed .But the Nav system will remind you for fixed cameras.
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