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  1. Pretty steep considering: https://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/65380-alloys-e46-m3-19s/
  2. Clearly it is though. It definitely ain't no suny Sunday driver. Parts reversible? Most of them yes. But what about the abuse its received and damage/wear and year?
  3. I am that tool haha. No one called any names though so why go there ?‍♂️. I use tools all the time and theyr very useful so I'll take it as a compliment. Asking price for that e36 with that many Kms surely isn't serious so I made a similar offer. Which is much closer to what it's worth really. I'm sure it will become a very comfortable TradeMe resident for years to come at that price. As for my old E46 it doesn't take an expert to see even in a few pictures and that description that it's been absolutely mistreated. That car was mint. Why take a great example to turn into a track whore? With cheap garbage parts. Shows the mentality of the owner and then you can imagine. Its not even the right car to start from any way, it's a fully loaded model with sunroof etc so it's heavy...
  4. Hmmm.... maybe... I like how he says the rod bearings have no signs of failure. If he opened it up to check then why not put new bearings in? (they are cheap). Otherwise if a rod bearing is showing signs of failure... its failed already. That or hes magic and can see through things
  5. Why so butt hurt? 15k is too cheap for these cars and everyone knows it. They are factory manuals. I say let the guy have it that offered more. Probably closer to the more realistic value, and a fairer price for the seller. Dont be sour because you missed out on an opportunity to rip off the seller.
  6. Well sh*t. I need to check this more often.
  7. People say sharp price, I say market value. So many trademe residents sitting there at 30k+ and never selling. Markets taken a dip even overseas.
  8. 330itis

    M3 E36 sedan

    Dang. Last one I saw was 16k
  9. 330itis

    M3 E36 sedan

    I know they're around. There was a nice black one for sale a long time ago I should have bought. Haven't really looked since then. There's a guy on trade me looks like he's selling parts off possibly that very car. I would like an e36 m3 but I think the e36 looks far better as a 4 door.
  10. 330itis

    M3 E36 sedan

    Anyone have a spare M3 sedan they want to get rid of?
  11. Who purchased this car? Does anyone know?
  12. Does anyone want to swap my manual e46 m3 steering wheel for their smg one? I bought a manual wheel by accident
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