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  1. pommy

    E30 dash board

    Mint condition E30 Dashboard. Only x1 tiny crack! $350 ono 02108359214
  2. pommy

    E30 coupe

    I also have the M20 325i ecu & loom. not sure If I require this for the M50?
  3. pommy

    E30 coupe

    If I sold separately is anyone interested in the rolling body? If I sell that first then I have to sell the other items lol. not sure what specs you require to know? has everything in engine bay apart from the engine.... also have factory m20 325 exhaust & crack free dash/ front & rear chrome bumpers, all glass etc. unfortunately it does have some rust issues, the battery tray is shot! however do have factory rear battery conversion, so could cut the tray out? x2 50cent size holes in floor pan so not bad considering from the uk (now I know) let me know if you require any other information shame I cant carry on with this project, but such as life! cheers.
  4. pommy

    E30 coupe

    Hey really appreciate the feedback, yes I did ask for your feedback.... as I could be absolutely dreaming! Or winning.? I thought it was from Australia due to the "south MelBourne bmw sticker" Have a few people coming to view on weekend the concensus is that it maybe be worth more, with selling everything separately! I presumed selling as a package would be more worthwhile. Or worst case If I can find storage....do all the work & see again in a year or so. Cheers again guys
  5. pommy

    E30 coupe

    Oh & comes with front chrome bumper aswell!
  6. pommy

    E30 coupe

    There seems to be very different "assumptions" in regards to what this is worth. At the end of the day it's worth what...that someone is willing to pay! Car yards go through the same thing every day. As informed rolling body so No Engine!!! Std suspension It will come with x4 wheels/steering rack/booster/all glass/brakes/steering wheel/ electric sunroof. It was a Australian import. Not UK. So...not sure where your information is from. Yes 32oi auto. However if you read the article. Comes with manual conversion. X2 sets of wheels. Rear disc conversion. Diff.(3.73 std) rear battery conversion kit. & reg on hold so no revinning! Have sourced a m50 325 with 103klms for 500 with lume etc. (Not sure if you would pay 1500 as mentioned) Interior I have sourced (but not purchase) for $600. Again 1200 for interior? Comes with m20325 exhaust? Comes with Crack free dash (maybe 1 crack) Anything else?
  7. pommy

    E30 coupe

    what kind of value, do you see Jon? as mentioned rolling body standard as an e30 comes. No point in showing pics of engine bay with no engine?
  8. pommy

    E30 coupe

    Yes no problem. It wouldn't let me this morning Cheers
  9. pommy

    E30 coupe

    Rolling body. No engine!
  10. pommy

    E30 coupe

    85 e30 coupe with sunroof Rolling body Comes with X1 set of b/weaves & x1 set of botttle caps (both 14") Manual conversion kit Rear 325i trailing arms to convert to rear disc Reg on hold $4k Ono Let me know your thoughts, no silly comments we left school along time ago Cheers 02108359214
  11. Yes would help $500.00 Cheers
  12. M20 b25 engine & loom I purchased this to go into my new e30 project. But without being able to comp test it or hear it running....I don't want to take the risk. Going to put an M50b25 in instead! As. Is. Where is. Unknown condition but are becoming rare? Someone buy it...as have a m50 lined up!
  13. pommy

    E36 M3

    Yeah, I miss it! For sale already!
  14. pommy

    Project 85 E30

    The Donor parts car turned up yesterday. Spent most of today stripping it down ie: all the manual conversion stuff! And any interior parts I might need along the way.... I am also going to to try & convert the rear drums to disc.
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