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Found 21 results

  1. hunter

    Project E39

    As requested by some of you a stand alone projectthread for my E39 530i - this will stop me spamming the WDYDTYC thread lol Backstory - April 2019 I decided to look fo an E39, 530i to replace my mint E46 320i, the E46 had served me very well for 9 years, i had modded it to the end of my wishlist and after a BME Club trip to Tokaanu with a 3 year and 5week old, my theory about needing a bigger sedan with the arrival of Bodhi, was proven correct. upon my return home - the search began. After looking at a few as "do ups" i decided as mint as i could get for 7k ish was the way to go. I wont go too deep into the unicorn i let go the previous year, as it still burns me - and was recently sold again - a mint individual grey 530i, nz New, with color matched interior stitiching. After some further searching and a well timed post on the BMW Car Club NZ Facebook page a local example was coming up for sale, a couple of views, a test drive and it was mine. it was mint enough for the 6k price tag including a full service history, with a few things needed doing to fit my desire for a "Project " Since picking the car up in April i have done (all in the WDYDTYC thread) some optional other maintenance / replacement of worn parts - brakes rotors and pads -recon ABS pump & booster - GROM Bluetooth adapter - refurbished parcel shelf and installed child seat anchors -new rear suspension links, top hats, spring pads etc to even the rise height out -panel beating to the drivers side frot shock tower (under bonnet) to straighten it out -new "Pork chops" to replace smashed ones incl dnew hardwas for the centre undertray also ( this cobined with other wrok makes me think the car was nose dived at some stage or repeately abused leaving an angled driveway - new arm rest inserts and handle - Bavsound speaker upgrade (awesome) - tinted windows -Replaced front and rear windows gaskets - made hard in the front by a misalinged windscreen and lots of glue used by whomeeer did that job - spark plug change -gear box flush - oil change and all filters, cabin etc... - new camshaft intake angle sensor - 2nd hand mint drivers side auto dimm mirror - paint correction at Auto Niche, Hamilton - claybar and degrease wheels - replaced center caps in wheels Future works - 2003 sterring wheel with multifunction and paddle shift ( in the garage just need ot sort install) - refurb the style 42s - new passenager mirror or great 2nd hand one - fix rip in drivers seat side bolster ( on the look out for material from good condition m psort rear seat) - new windscreen cowel - newA pillar trims (middle clipswere borken whe nwindscreen replaced, i beleive) Any further updates will be sposted here in due corse Cheers the old E46 The new to me E39
  2. Picked up a project for cheap that i’ll be building in to a hopefully reliable and presentable daily driver. 2001 Jap Import 530i Touring with 279,000kms What was really appealing is that it’s been fitted with a gen M5 front bumper but the factory xenons have been replaced with halogen headlights. That’s going to be sorted soon. It’s in pretty average condition but the paint and body panels are good which makes this an ideal project for me. The engine is a beaut too. The list of to do’s go something like... -Front Suspension o’haul including msport shocks and 25mm lowering springs -18 Staggered wheels -a slight drop in the rear (factory self leveling suspension) -Fit a business rds radio to get nz stations and fit a bluetooth adapter that integrates with the factory setup -Replace the povo interior with Leather seats and door cards, fit the technical graphite/cubic finisher strips -Fit the correct Msport parts behind and under the front bumper -Cooling system overhaul, fuel filter, mictofilters. Give the paint a polish and wax and a heap of misc bits n pieces to bring it back to its glory.
  3. Any suggestion to why my e39 started having very rough idle when turning the ignition on? Clearly can tell that the engine shakes very hardly. I'm thinking either spark plugs or coils as I haven't changed it. The car is done 250,000km. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi guys. I was driving my e39 530i on the other day and noticed the smell of the engine oil burning and shortly after 5 mins or so the smoke slowing started appearing from the engine and the air vent. Had to get my car towed and checked the engine and found that the typical creamy brown coloured engine oil appeared on the oil cap and valve cover (not a lot just on the top where the oil cap is) and suspected that the head gasket is blown... OMG. So I have decided to replace a new one. But apart from the head gasket is there any other parts I should be replacing since I'm going to take out a lot of parts. Any suggestion would be much appreciated. By the way, before this smoking, I had replaced the valve cover gasket as there were some oil leak from the coil/spark plug which is the closest to the windscreen side. I had some little smoke came out for less than 30 seconds then it was gone and did not appear. However I only turned the engine on and was not actually test driving after the valve cover gasket replacement. The car has done over 249,000km already. Thank you very much in advance team!!!
  5. After weeks of postponement caused by work and uni exams, it's finally time to give Jane some well-deserved TLC. After taking inspiration from @Olaf 's excellent documentation of his journey in his E60 - - I have decided to do a similar thing with my E39. Exactly four months ago to the day, I drove out of @str8_6's driveway with my first Bimmer, 136,423kms on the clock, and no regrets since. Over those four months, I have: - Replaced the leaking radiator, expansion tank (which had previously been glued together at some point ?), and the upper coolant hose from the thermostat to the radiator - Fitted a Euro-style license plate surround (couldn't quite justify the $300 for the real deal, maybe one day) - Received two speeding tickets from the same camera (both within the first week of ownership ? ) - cruise control is now used religiously on the motorway - Installed a GROM Bluetooth unit into the stock BMW head unit (with the generous help of @str8_6) - Replaced the wiper blades with a genuine pair from FCP Euro, applied an overdue coat of Rain-X, topped up the washer fluid with genuine BMW concentrate My family has a habit of forming bonds with their cars and keeping them for several decades; a habit which has well and truly passed on to me, hence why Jane has reached 'girlfriend' status. As with all long-term relationships, if you want to keep them, they soon get expensive. Hence, I have a list of future plans for my girl: - In the 6,500kms or so I have done in Jane, I have managed to buckle both drivers side rims . Replacements are needed relatively soon, but I'm unsure of which way I want to go. I love the style 81s that I currently have, so getting a new set of rims isn't really an option. Alternatively, I could either repair the two buckled rims (noting that they aren't severely buckled), or purchase two new style 81s. I'm leaning towards buying two new rims (or maybe just one and using the full-sized spare?), since I'm not totally convinced of the efficacy of rim repairs?? Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated. - Following the rim issue, it is time for new tyres. I plan to buy a set of four Pilot Sport 4 tyres to get fitted when I eventually sort out what I'm doing with the rims - The GROM Bluetooth unit has highlighted how pitiful the E39 base audio system is. This certainly isn't a pressing upgrade, but a decent audio system is a must for me in the long-term. Has anyone on here upgraded the speakers in their E39 with success? - Tints. I like the stock look without tints, but we're heading into summer and I'd like to keep the interior looking as sharp as possible. - Suspension. I am at a crossroads when it comes to what to do with my suspension. I have noticed that the driver's side of the car sits noticeably lower than the passenger's. I did some reading online and was met with conflicting theories; some said they were made like that from the factory to balance out the slope of our roads, and others claimed that because of our sloped roads one side will wear quicker than the other. One thing was for certain, I didn't know the answer. After talking to Jon at Auto 38, the driver's side rear spring is quite tired, causing it to sit 30mm lower than the passenger rear. Okay, so that solves one problem: my 17-year-old car with over 140,000kms has tired suspension, I probably could have guessed that. Now, I have a few options, with the cheapest probably being to just replace all four springs with OEM parts. But if I'm going to be keeping Jane for many years, I am considering being slightly more extravagant with my solution. While the ride is superb, the body roll is laughable on a twisty road. Moreover, I could fit another E39 inside the wheel arch gap with the stock set up. I'm thinking a bit of a suspension rehaul. Maybe some H&R springs? But I don't want the ride height to fall dramatically. Looking online, some suggest also fitting new shocks to pair with the springs, such as Bilstein B8s. Again, unsure of the impact this would have on ride comfort? I'm far from making a decision on this issue, and have plenty more research to do, but does anyone have experience with either of these? Ultimately, I'm after something that will improve the handling and reduce the wheel arch gap (but still respectable - no StanceNation here), but also not ruining the supple ride of the E39. Here are a couple of snaps from the BMW Car Club's recent drive to Cape Palliser:
  6. Hi guys. I'm just wondering if anyone had done the automatic transmission filter/gasket change before on e39 and what would you recommend to get? I've ordered one (wrong one...) but had to return as my transmission is ZF not GM. And the supplier did not check properly. Any suggestion or advice much appreciated!
  7. Hi team! Thank you very much for letting me join this wonderful group. Cars I've got are: 320i E46 M54B22 Sedan/Saloon 2000 No issues with this one except engine light comes on and off but no known mechanical issues. In the process of fitting new CCV hoses and also changing to a new engine oil level sensor. 530i E39 M54B30 Sedan/Saloon 2001 This one had a lot of issues but getting things done. One big thing I'm currently doing is the conversion of the remote key. changing from the infrared remote control to the radio frequent remote control. I had a post to the other page following someone's DIY on e46 one which I'm trying to do on my e39. Nice to meet you all BMW lovers!
  8. How many RHD e34 530i V8's were manufactured?
  9. I've swapped coils. My plugs are new. No change so far. I plausibly have vacuum leaks, I'm planning to see a man about a smoke machine tomorrow. I've read this could be camshaft position sensors. Any odds on intake, or exhaust side? What else should I be looking at? Google gives too many options, and I am unsure I want to replace all those parts on this car. EDIT: I got way ahead of myself. This code kicks in first thing in the morning on cold mornings. Clear and it goes away every time.
  10. WTB; Anyone has or knows where I can get wheels/mags like the ones below for an E60 2005 (preferably Auckland based)
  11. Irony of ironies... got into the e39 this morning to go buy a Nissan Leaf and intending on trading in the Toyota, much to my wife's dismay... No start, no good. I have a battery pack starter, unsure if it's not provided enough juice though. Cables not long enough to connect to both leads in the engine bay. I tried connecting directly to the battery in the boot, that just set off the alarm and caused the error in the thread title. Now the car has zero juice of its own. The battery might be dead, I suppose, but then it should have started when I tried jumping with proper leads from the damn Toyota... Anyway, this is what it looks/sounds like when I turn the key. crank crank, no start. https://photos.app.goo.gl/YnLNwpj4kwxvRCAJ3 EDIT1: Summary: Key turns, engine cranks (cranked, before I killed the battery...) but doesn't start. EDIT2: I haven't driven the car in a few weeks now, if that matters.
  12. My car has this listed in options in the VIN decoder, which is what I am basing this all on: S705 M sports suspension II I don't need shocks and struts right now, but I do want springs to bring the car back to stock height after the previous owner lowered it and the thought occurred to me to look into what new shocks+struts would entail... From speaking with FCP Euro, they tell me Msport 2 shocks/struts don't have aftermarket/OEM equivalents. I'd have to order the original BMW parts, which are... a bit expensive. I was hoping to get the "M Sports suspension (S704A)" shocks and struts from Sachs. Would they fit and perform as Msport 1 would, or do I truly have to get the Msport 2 parts due to fit and such? Does this question even make sense? Thanks!
  13. Hey all you groovy e60 owners! I have an excellent condition Owners Handbook for First Gen e60 525i 530i 545i for sale. Buying one new from the dealer will sting you $128 ouch! Why not buy mine instead. You can put your savings toward some fine car care products from @Barryn A mere snip at $50 including GST and post to anywhere in NZ. I should mention, it's in English too! "You know it makes sense".
  14. spotted this tidy monochromatic 530i on TradeMe 121kms leather blaaaaaack $13k8 asking price. Seller says the benefit's 150kg lighter than 550i, and they get 11.4l/100km urban commute. What else do you need? Buy it, join the e60 monochrome set! From the advert: Mechanical: Seems pretty much perfect, drives well, suspension and steering are smooth, tight and noise free. Starts instantly, sounds good, pulls strongly. All electronics work flawlessly. No issues noted by WOF or Mechanics. Only issues we've had was a worn relay replacement, and a transmission sump gasket (replaced by Winger BMW). Also, has recent new battery and tyres Interior: Mostly perfect, interior leather is flawless, no scuffs, nice fresh black! Interior wood, plastic & carpet all look like new. The only flaw is around one of the dash compartments where the rubber coating is a bit scuffed. Exterior: Mostly good. Looks shiny and black, as it should, but has few scratches underneath the one of the sills, not visible unless you're looking under the car. Would be a cheap fix. Few minor scuff marks around the place, but nothing particularly noticeable. Accessories: Comes with a 1600kg Towbar and Roof Racks
  15. Working on my alternator to get to the oil filter housing gasket. Bottom bolt removed no problem, but top bolt is now spinning in place, having been extracted probably 2 inches now. Is this a case of WD40 and prayer? Seems so simple, but it won't budge either in or out, while at the same time being loose enough I can spin it with my fingers. Ideas? Suggestions?
  16. just in 2005 e60 530i 115k's 17" alloys good engine trans etc black leather idrive jap spec radio etc cd stacker IMG_0877.MOV
  17. Sup all, So basically I've joined because I went against all advice given to me and brought myself a 2004 530i. Being a complete retard (won't say stereotypical girl.. but yeah pretty much) when it comes to cars naturally after owning it for about 4 months its begun to sound like a tractor and leak oil. I'll make you all cringe by confessing that no, I've had no service since I've had it and it's JUST about 145,000km including no-one of any mechanical/bmw knowledge even look at it. To top it off, I'm heavy footed for 5"1' girl and drive it like I stole it. So I'm here pleading to be pointed in the direction of TRUSTED bmw mechanic in Auckland, who won't take advantage of the fact I'm a young ignorant female and rip me off. Thank you in advance!! Kylie
  18. Hey everyone. Chris here, been a member for quite some time now, however haven't really been active. Have recently purchased a 2005 530i. Interested to find out what can really be done using I drive. And how to get Bluetooth and/or a bigger screen.
  19. Greetings forum folks! I'm looking for some shopping advice here. We need a second car and I am keen to get back into a BMW. I've been looking at some nice e39s on trademe and could use some help measuring cars against one another. I am looking at three e39 cars: 2003 525i with 147k km for $4750 2002 525i touring with 130k km for $5800 (is the touring really worth this much more? I do fancy the additional space, which is why it's on the list at all given the price difference.) 2002 530i with 125k km for $4200 (has a healthy dent on the side, which I'd need to price out) I'm partial to the 530i or the wagon myself, but it's quite a healthy price spread. None seem to have very good service records, although the 530i claims to have been serviced exclusively by Bella Motors. I plan on test driving these on Saturday and hopefully having them inspected by BM Workshop or Botany Motor Worxx, whichever I can get an appointment at. (The cars seem to all be in East Auckland equidistant from these two shops) Given the little information above, is there a reason to exclude any of these outright? Any reason to focus on one versus another? Thank you all for your time, I appreciate it.
  20. Asking on behalf. The cover on their LHS mirror has been broken and they need a new one. It's a 2007 530i. Not sure on the exact silver, but can find out. Thanks
  21. Hello guys, I just had a look this great looking car yesterday and need your help. I had a look 2005 BMW 530I and when engine started, as attached photo, red circle part rattle/shaking like cocktail maker!! What is that part name and is it normal for car that only done 70k? Also when you look at the second photo, it has weird white hoses on both side in engine bay. I asked dealer and he was not sure what it was for and commented must aftermarket. Does anybody knows what these are for? Hopefully it is not related to future maintenance problem.
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