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Found 4 results

  1. Have recently changed my e46 m3 for an F80 so are inspired to do another audio build. My previous system evolved over a 5 year period was raspberry pi based and was controlled by the bmw Nav head unit. Had dsp and 2 x components speakers front and back and a ski pass vented subwoofer. Audio was digital to dsp and music was mainly from lossless Flac cd rips. Amps were 110 rms x 4 class AB and 600 rms class D on bass. System was tuned to run up to 80% of amplifier power to avoid clipping. For a car audio system it sounded quite good. Move forward 14 years in tech the F80 is far better in terms of taking most forms of usb / Bluetooth/ DVD audio sources. This one has NTB id4 which is the last of the text based menu system and the build is 6 months too early to get the newer gui interface and CarPlay/ Android auto software. The F80 I have has been imported so spec is interesting. Has connected bmw modules, can self park , lane control etc but has only the base audio system for some reason. But from my point of view it’s ideal for an audio upgrade as not too many speakers to replace. This thread will be about uplifting the audio system to above HK level. Pic courtesy of Pete
  2. Hello guys. I somewhat recently purchases a 2005 BMW E46 320CI. Since it's been in my ownership, I've only had one singular speaker function, and I am getting over it. The only speaker that works currently is my passenger door speaker, the tweeter in the passenger door does not. I've tried moving the functioning speaker around to other places to try and figure out if it's my wiring that's gone, or something else. By putting my only functioning speaker into the two rear shelf positions it did not play any sounds at all. I've done some googling and I am really struggling to figure out what sort of HiFi package I have in my car, as it seems to have the base range speakers, but with a SatNav head unit. I found a VIN decoder, and this is the codes that come up for my car; 550 - On-board Computer 602 - On-board Monitor with TV 644 - Prep for Mob. Ph. Bluet. Interf. 650 - CD Player 692 - CD Changer IBUS Preparation The battery and all the computers for the audio is in the boot of the car, and after looking around I found I have a BM53 module in there. Radio functions as it should, head unit (while it has burned out spots) functions as it should, and I am quickly running out of ways to troubleshoot. I found a HK amp in my local wreckers and picked that up dirt cheap, but my car doesn't appear to have any wiring for an amplifier ready in the boot. Anyone have any ideas, or will I have to replace the whole system completely? I'm happy to supply photos or videos if that helps anything. Thanks
  3. Hi there, I have an E46 and the sound system has an issue. It will play the radio just fine for about 30 minutes, but then the front and rear woofers cut out all at once, and then not long after, the rest of the speakers all cut out too. I got home and left the car off for about half an hour, and the sound all came back. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it likely to be the amplifier chips overheating or something? If so, where is the best place to get a replacement? Thanks.
  4. Took my car into valet on my way overseas and asked for a deluxe car wash. They did an incredibly thorough job, including washing the insides of my stock amp which is now dead. sh*t. I've been wanting to upgrade anyway, so figure now's a handy time. Here's my design, keen on feedback: First MiniDSP 2x4 taking balanced inputs from Dynavin FL/RL and doing a 2 way active crossover for fronts, full range for rear (passive crossovers) and one left for the sub. Second MiniDSP 2x4 doing the same but for the Right channels. Both sub L/R get summed together at the amp. Then I've got a Soundstream TN4.900D doing my fronts and a PN4.520D doing the rears. Both nice and small amps. Currently have a PN1.650D monoblock doing my sub and love it. At this stage I've still got the stock speakers, but am buying 4 Stereo Integrity TM65 6.5" drivers. If one either side up front sounds good enough I'll see if the other two fit in the roofspace at the back. Don't think I've seen any wiring diagram mention these speaker locations (most of what I've found is for the Sedan). Parts I don't have figured out yet are the passive crossovers at this stage... so may ditch the rear set all together. Would like some suggestions on some tweeters for the front too, and possible some mids, although I don't want to go too crazy. No big fibreglassing projects for me though please. Once was enough!
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