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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, I am looking at replacing my 525i high mileage N52b25 engine which suffers from the dredded lifter clatter and excessive oil consumption to a N52b30. From what I can see both the 525 and 530 share the same ZF6HP transmission, radiator + other ancillarys and are practically 1/1 identical apart from displacement. My question is apart from swapping over and possibly coding the b30 DME and CAS module - is there anything else members would think is a stumbling block? Thanks in advance Cheers!
  2. While I'm patiently waiting on parts to arrive from Pelican Parts I thought I'd tidy up my M52B28 some more before putting it in my E30. I would like to delete as much extra componentry as possible. I have already removed PS pump and AC pump etc. What'd you guys do to the things like purge valve & CCV? Also, any handy tips for stripping down an auto loom to manual? I'm basically left with 4 wires right now that go from trans dme to eng dme that I need to figure out what they're for (tomorrow's job). Thanks in advance for any help! This forum has prevented many headaches!
  3. This might not so much be a question of legality, but if one had a m52b28 engine in a m52b25 body how likely is this to fail or get picked up on a general WoF check? My understanding is that, the two engines are almost identical besides the internals and the exhaust. The only give away I can think of would be the engine number, which I'm thinking they might not go to such lengths to check. Cheers.
  4. I'm currently after a M20B25 speedo Drive for my swap. I'm located on the shore. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  5. Rohil

    E30 M52 Swap

    Hi guys, Just wondering how many of you guys have done a M52 swap on your E30's. Im seriously looking into it, ill put up the E46 hopefully this summer and get it sold so i have a bit more to play with when it comes to this. I have been reading around and i doubt i can do this with the resources available to me, but it would be ideal and make a great project. Problem is, it cant be off the road for long! I have decided first step is to get the M20 currently in there manual converted with a Getrag 260 which can later bolt onto the M52. I have also asked about a ljet to motronic swap, but is it best to just leave this till the engine swap time comes around? I couldve bought a manual E30 and skipped one step and saved a bit of money, but im in too deep now. I like this car way too much to even consider getting another just to make this whole process easier. I just need to look around for a M52B28, the plan is to get that and slowly work on it, then when the time comes hand it over to someone to do the swap. Although what would be ideal is, have someone that has done the swap show me and i would love to work alongside to see what is actually needed and how it all goes together. I feel confident in doing everything BUT the wiring which seems like the worst part. The car will be a DD and it would be nice to have a bit more power and reliability than the ghost kms M20 currently floating around in the front of the ol' 323. Thought about a stroker for it, but the M20 is getting a tad old and tired now, i have been babying it since i got it, but thats been about 3 months out of close to 30 years of unknown history. And reliability is key, the M54 in the E46 even though its just the baby B22, has an awesome feel and sound. And has been pretty reliable so far, touch wood. And no, no boosting please. Sorry that this has been less of a question and more wanting opinions/guidance/experiences from people who have done the swap. I just want to know what its like to live with and what in entails. As much forum surfing as i do, its all overseas and it would be nice to have some Kiwi input on the matter. Rough costs/time, any information you or anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi there, So i have a '85 323i that has a tired M20B23 in it and i was looking to swap in an M20B25. I am confident doing everything EXCEPT the wiring, any tips/pointers/help on this? Also because the 323 is L-jet, what will i need to change besides the engine itself and the ECU to make it a motronic? I will be keeping the auto 4 speed for now as i know its possible but once the engine is done id put in a Getrag 260. I am not doing the swap right now, just need a bit of info on what ill need to do etc. I understand things like engine mounts etc can be used, but i will be upgrading them anyways. Reasons for staying M20 and not going M50/52 is that i have been working on the engine for a while and know my way around it reasonably okay. Parts are plentiful and information is everywhere. Its a cheap simple little engine that i can handle so hence the choice if you were wondering As always, ANY help would be much appreciated as this swap isnt covered a lot on the interweb. Thanks, Rohil
  7. Hey guys, I've recently bought a set of 13" x 6 - 2 piece wheels from Japan and am looking to sell them or swap for a different set. They also came with a set of 4x114.3 to 4x100 15mm adapters. The wheels came from Japan looking pretty worn and run down, I've since taken them apart, cleaned them and are looking a lot better! If anyone is interested in buying them or swapping for a set you have I could be keen! Ideally I'm after a set of 15" - any style.. Maybe bbs or alpina reps. Give me a call or text if you're interested: 021 1000 552 - If you're interested, you're more than welcome to come and have a look. Cheers lads. Looking for: $550 ONO
  8. Hey team, I've had my M3 about a month, and the plan is to gradually restore it to factory spec and condition (yeah, I know I know... ). The only obvious aftermarket parts are the exhaust and the suspension, and I'm looking to swap out the exhaust for an OEM one. I don't really know anything about it, but it's louder than standard and I'm not a fan. I understand the M3 exhaust system essentially has two sections (headers to cat, and cat to tip), and I'm not sure if my car has upgraded both or not. I'd be happy to provide details of the system I've got but am not too sure what to look for. Where do I look for stamps/indications of brand/part no. etc? Is it just the bore diameter that matters? Basically I'm looking for a direct swap with another E36 M3 owner who wants something louder with a bit more flow (potentially?). If anyone's interested, I'd be keen to park up side by side somewhere over the summer and do a transplant. James
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