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e46 330ci Clubsport SSG

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Knocking turned out to be Meyle HD mounts. I had all the boot trim off, lying in boot whilst someone drove the car and you couldn't pin point where the noise was coming from,  sounded like a mount noise though so i disconnected the shocks and it was gone. Not exactly sure why they failed as nothing visibly wrong with them. Car was on jack stands for a couple of week which may have contributed to it, but my Ti had a similar noise with the same mounts and replacing those solved it also. Turns out im just one of many people to have problems with them knocking after a short period, ive never had an issue with Meyle HD stuff until now. Will avoid in the future and go with more cushioned Sachs\Lemforder mounts.

Tried another DME to see if that would fix my cruise control situation but no change so likely a faulty clutch module. Replacement for the lost one is supposedly on its way from UK.    

Faded L\H reverse light was annoying me so that's been replaced to match the other side


Likely the only non OE features ill be adding to the car. Bit of insurance and security never hurts.    

Viofo A139 dash cams and my old Uniden R1  



Mfactory Helical LSD. 


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Hot damn! What did that LSD cost you? Looks a decent bit of kit.

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1.6k + $300 for taxes etc. May need to be shimmed but shouldn't cost too much.  Yeah they seem to be recommended by everyone for a road car and last forever being gear driven.  

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Ended up buying a spare 2.93 diff to remove the bearings and swap the center into. Should be able to sell my old unit once this one is in. Needed a decent puller to get the bearings off and no lip for the puller to grab on one end (i carefully die grinded one). All went back together fine but unfortunately the backlash increased from 0.11 to 0.22 after re-assembly. Good news is its going up to KBM to get re-shimmed so shouldn't have any issues once its back in.




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