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Japanese NBT Evo and Connected Drive

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Hi, have recently purchased a japanese import 2016 F30 with NBT Evo ID4.

Have managed to get a connected drive account and registering car by signing up to the co.jp site.   From the MyBMW app on my phone I am able to send addresses to the car, which appear in the incoming messages on the HU.  Can't navigate to these at this point as have not yet converted maps to NZ.  Also looking to use AAIDrive via apps for spotify etc (https://github.com/BimmerGestalt/AAIdrive), which requires 6NR which I'll sort as well.

To use apps however I need an active connectedrive subscription.  It appears I can purchase one of those through the japanese store but interested if anyone has done the same before on an import, and if so what was the experience and what features worked/didn't work?  e.g. Remote lock, light flash etc,  Vehicle status, Map updates, RTTI (esp interested in this), vehicle finder.

Not overly interested in paying an annual subscription, but if I can get a good spotify experience and traffic on the idrive maps that'll be a great start. 


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