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    bbs wheels,carbon fibre wrap on wood grain,cat back straight pipes
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    E34 535is manual lsd
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  1. E34er

    E34 M60 harmonic balancer

    Anyone have one of these laying around please
  2. E34er

    2002 316ti 1800cc

    In Timaru
  3. E34er

    2002 316ti 1800cc

    107ks n42 oil and coolant just changed good auto z3 wheels .$3000
  4. E34er

    welcome z car to family

    New daily driver for the missus the 316ti is for sale ,low KS sweet running n42
  5. E34er

    towbar e34

    anyone got a towbar for sale
  6. E34er

    2nd battery in boot of '92 535i

    theres one under the back seat [normaly] has it been relocated ?
  7. E34er

    BMW Drift car

    look at the gentleman hooligan thread and click on the link in the 4th post
  8. E34er

    leather seats

    no its a uk import
  9. E34er

    leather seats

    my seats are starting to crack.what is a good product that would restore and soften them anyone had success with anything? was told auto glym is good ,has anyone tried it or anything else
  10. E34er

    Towing HEAPS with 325ia (1987)

    ok i got it cheers for clearing that up
  11. E34er

    Towing HEAPS with 325ia (1987)

    i thought the m30 was the 3.5 litre engine,if not then what motor is in my car,535i 89
  12. E34er

    Best Fuel grade??

    its a uk import ,makes me wonder if im missing out on some hp running low octane
  13. E34er

    Best Fuel grade??

    the guy i got my 535 off told my to run it on 91,seems to go ok no pinking etc.maybe i should be running a higher octane
  14. E34er

    ideal alarm / tints

    looking for an alarm myself,heaps on trademe but which one ? was talking to insurance company and if i get one with duel imobiliser function they will give a discount on premium
  15. E34er


    yes it has lsd