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    Shoot. Caught up on this thread. I was pre-occupied reading through the 130i thread wishing I could join that club. The fact of the matter is, you probably will find out, there really is no secret. I just chose to reach out to the OP. The value of my personal car is absolutely none of your business.
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    Hello, With our first child on the way, I needed more doors and seats than the van offered, and so this is my E46 330i. 2001 model, imported from Japan in 2009. 99,000 kilometres on the clock, full service history. Cleanish daily for the Whānau 👌🏼 I moved to New Zealand from the UK six years ago, and I'm North Shore based. I'm keen to get involved in the BMW community, particularly the Race Series (http://www.bmwraceseries.co.nz/). Cheers, Josh
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    Some incredible cars this morning at Caffeine and Classics but this is the only one I took a picture of 😍
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    Cleaned and sealed (using up my Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic sealant) both cars as we head into the shitty part of the year - annoyingly the Audi, being fresh off a two stage correction now has a better finish than the E46 😢
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    Facelift. almost 1000km since the engine went in. Had a coolant light on last week. Not sure if it did a big burp or if it's leaking but either way i topped it up and am keeping an eye on it. Xenons sourced from Weitz and coded in by @promo. Black corner lights also installed with chrome bulbs. Black grilles are also in and a few stone chips fixed up. I've just noticed looking at these photos that there is a little bulb on in the passenger side light. This is consistent with a bulb out light on the dash on the drivers side. Anyone know what this is? I haven't wired up for bi-xenon functionality yet or self leveling...they will come down the line. Suspension has also settled. Dropped the car into auto38 this week for a gearbox flush. ZF filter and 12L of ZF oil. 212K trans oil was very black apparently.
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    Egg yolk is where the nutrients are, I just went extra free range yolk
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    Saw this on Reddit. This guy's description was dead on. First off, fantastic color choice. Thank you for the pictures. Enough has been said about the face. That said this makes the rear door problem really apparent. It's just so lazy that they didn't more smoothly blend the rear wheel arch with the rear door. And I didn't know the "prolapsed anus" rear bumper came on the M3 too, thought it was just the M4...I'll bet it drives really nice though! At least you can't see the outside when you're sitting in it!
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    Hi guys. I'm new to this forum but thought I'd add a pic of my 540is. 1996 e34 6 speed manual. I purchased it end of 2019. It's full M kit with black Bison leather. Love this car it's been my bucket list car forever.
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    Because you will likely end up selling for tens of thousands less. More so in a hot market. Your backyard amateur auction will not attract the same buyer pool and willingness to pay as a big brand marketed property. Private sellers kid themselves they saved. You see it time and time again, no private sales are 'high' in hindsight. People ask about CVs as they do provide some relativity, especially in areas where the properties are similar. Although they are meaningless, they can have an effect I reckon. If 3 identical houses all sold in your street, but your CV is lower for some reason, it will give people pause to pay more for yours, even if it is better. It will not effect a registered valuation, and it can be reviewed if you want. (Source: I made CVs)
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    Market sets the property selling price... RV is just for the Council to set rates. Enjoy your lower rates while they last Cheers...
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    What happened to the post from Autoport themselves? It seemed genuine and helpful.
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    Bertone. Has a BMW motor. Is based off the Daihatsu Rocky like I have. Great vehicle.
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    It's like mine. But with more KMs. A year older. No wheels. And in worse condition. For double the price... Good buy.
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    Second startup of the year. I had some time on Saturday so thought I'd dust this one off and go for a drive; ended up in Hamilton for the night. Everything went well, oil level normal, no weird noises or vibrations and it's making good power. Kayne Barrie's rebuild has done wonders..! Still haven't installed the seat mounts - maybe over winter.
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    Oh ok cool. thanks! ...turns out there wasn’t a bulb in there. All sorted and no more lights out on the dash.
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    ^^ My thoughts exactly, it's a 325i Coupe that has had some goodies put on it, not a "genuine" M325i / 325i Sport. Still worth some good money, but I would think that price would even be a stretch for a Genuine M325i Tech II. If it has sold, with the deposit taken, so quickly then that is a real bench mark for the market. I also saw a FL Coupe on TradeMe for $2,250 asking, I nearly hit the buy now, then saw that it was rusty as hell. Wasn't fussed about the 318i Auto part, that's easy fixed, but the tin worm is a lot harder to sort out.
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    Best BMW tow car I had was my E60 530D. With a heavy Hirepool trailer and a full weight E30, the E60 barely noticed it. 10.5L/100km from Wellington to Auckland. The best tow car I had was my fathers Merc E55 AMG. It actually didn't care there was something attached to it. I did stupid things like destroying an SS Holden racing onto the motorway with my E30 series car being towed along. But 27L/100kms haha.
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    Really disconcerting to see this fatally flawed system being used to (Mis) 'inform' people of the safety of their car the venerable 4 star EuroNCAP safety rated E46 lauded as best in class when it came out gets a paltry 2 stars why? Because the stupid USCR simply looks at the stats of crashed cars : doesn't remove car condition (sh*t tyres, shocks etc.) , event conditions or competence of the driver more crashes = bad car= mind numbingly ordinary analysis. NCAP and EURO NCAP actually test the car and deliberately exclude the biggest contributor to crashes being the nut behind the wheel Trade me now include UCSR in car listing - Jon perhaps BMW NZ and other motor industry players should put some effort into protecting their reputations from this flawed system - Suzuki NZ have the shits with it publicly stated - so should BMW
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    I have an Android Headunit in the E46 (running wireless carplay ironically) but installed one of the Carplay / Android Auto devices that plug into the AMI port in our Audi A5 - I imagine they are very similar for BMW - just a box that plugs into the input and Canbus and uses the factory screen / controls etc. Its brilliant and a lot less work than changing out the whole screen (unless you want a bigger sharper touchscreen maybe)
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    Laughing as just found this thread again. Another fav band from the 80s
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    PFL abused 540i for $800
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    In my experience yes, I also think the website makes it a lot easier to find what you want for the right price.
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    Cheers, trying to get anything I have to deal with tidied up and refreshed on the way through ... turns out thats basically everything 🤣 Funny you mention the fuel pump as just today I got the new AEM filter installed and worked out where I will run the new fuel lines (Gates Barricade). This included mounting the fuel pressure regulator in the engine bay as I am converting the VQ to run a return system as per the BMW and not returnless like the Nissan. Got some colour matched paint on the inside of the boot where I've patched up the access holes for the top side reinforcing. Slowly moving towards getting the interior back in !!
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    The latest tow hook design has a detachable ball head with flat plinth below to suit bike rack and can swap from 1'7/8" to 50mm as needed. This clips into the Westfalia detachable-type attachment. I assume it would be compatible with E series as well, the old swan neck type worked on both an E61 and my F31. I would give Fabian at Coombes Johnston Hamilton a call and see if this will work with your current towbar setup.
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    Just picking up on this thread as I am now sorting out a towbar for my E70X5. I have the Westphalia type detachable setup but I would prefer the removable tongue system for my bike carrier. That said I am also looking at roof racks. I do have option 233 increased towing and self leveling suspension so that seems good. Just a few questions. Any recomendations for where to buy a towbar setup? Where do I get one of those clamp on things to get a flat surface under BMW tow ball? What does option 233 actually give me?
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    Tested and hesitation sorted!!🤗🤗🤗 Fuel filter added, shifted fpr, alls cooler. No flat spot or cutting off. She runs smoother and idles normal after heating up. Will tidy up. BCs looking like a strong possibility 😎😎
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    Sorry no, ended up buying a whole motor setup insted
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    To be fair, with the state of the roads, unsealed road works etc. And the retarded NZ tail gating driver who take more interest on their phone than what is in front of them. I'd be hesitant on driving something like that regularly. Maybe on the more quieter back roads. Defiantly not in the cities or on state highways.
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    I lined my Total span garage from new, 12mm ply , I also insulated it with sound deadening insulation, building paper between the framing and cladding (easy when doing from new) and painted it. Mine is 3M hip height but I only lined up to 2.4 to use less ply, the main issue you might have is the spacing of the framing probably doesn't work nicely with 1.2 x 2.4 sheets so you may have to install extra framing or waste some ply cutting it to size. I wouldn't go thinner than 12mm, it will bow and warp, also 12mm is great for hanging things off, and if there is any chance that water will get into the garage then leave a gap at the bottom of the sheets 15-20 mm to stop the water wicking up the walls. It might be a good idea to think about power points at this stage, if you want more ( you do!) then now is the time to run the wiring. I painted my floor with a water based 2 pack floor paint with grit in it, makes it nice and easy to clean up spills etc, but it is a mission to do.
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    Need to sell my 650i. Got it as a trade, needed a couple of things to tidy it up, done that and now it needs a new owner. Runs and drives great, no signs of the usual N62 smoking. Trans is lovely and smooth. Need it gone to make it rain on my other project. $15k ONO Number plate: JCC90 Year: 2007 Kilometres: 123,500km Exterior colour: Mineral Silver Doors: 2 door Body style: Sedan Seats: 4 Fuel type: Petrol Cylinders: 8 cylinder Engine size: 4790cc Transmission: Automatic Import history: Imported Registration expires: Aug 2021 WoF expires: Feb 2022 Fuel economy stars: 2.5 out of 6 https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3021254939
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    Mines a race car. So lots has been changed around. But I think the badges are correct. I don't think it ever had 535i badges on the back. Just the M badge.
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    The tape deck and CD player in our E87 still work fine, no problems there. And the multi-media interface in the E30 is as works as good now as it did when it came out over 30+ years ago.
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    for sale from my old e28 m535i genuine mtec front bumper in silver (missing one lower tow hook cover) like M5 M535i etc no lights and some blue mtec skirts $1200 021 433 600 very rare and expensive from bmw etc
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    hi anyone have these? Happy to buy or trade parts. Thanks
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    ok il get em out and get back to u, cheers
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    Glad you're lovin' it. And nice plate.
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    It claims 17L/100km consumption right now on the dash, but I've seen it higher. This is almost completely low speeds + brisk acceleration around Wellington, so it couldnt get worse as a fuel economy torture test. Driving out of the city, its much lower, maybe like 11L/100KM or something combined. Fun Fact, as an M Car it doesnt even have a Fuel Economy Guage, it has the race like Oil Temp Guage. Its also got a "Track Driving" section in the user manual complete with semi-secret Chequered Flag on dash for actual built in Launch Control! Ive actually never used it, maybe I should test before I sell. Its a super fun car.
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    Even with other brands of trailer controller, it should be possible to tell the car to disable the pdc (may still do it automatically) - my F31 has an Erich Jaeger CANBUS controller and it disables automatically. I don't think any other specific coding was required.
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    The tool is for manually winding up the electric windows should they fail. Unsure about the phone, just kept it for the business man on the move look. It still powers up.
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    Same reason as new break pads I guess. I am guilty of typing brought instead of bought.
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    I follow this guy on Instagram - carlos_e46_ Oxford Green with the MTexture and CSL styling - absolute beauty and great photos.
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    I reckon the Kenwood works pretty well with the ‘battle stations’ amber lighting of the e30 dashboard.
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    Quick update on the M5... All put back together Has been on a ~100KM run - all good The tints have been removed and *thankfully* the rear demister is still working - always a risk when tints are removed. I had a look at the standard glass on another E60 M5 and thought 'that will do' - so I haven't bothered getting new tints added back on. new LH wing mirror glass is in - much better it has a shiny new bonnet badge - the old one was, well a bit old and sad looking I asked Jon to replace the LHS fuel sender to try and deal to the occasional stalls I had - so that's going in next, along with... a replacement fuel tank! Jon noted the significant suction when taking the gas cap off to refuel - and knew straight away that there's a problem with the tank. He found a crack and it is deformed around the LHS sender. Fortunately, he was able to source a 2nd hand tank. So had hoped to get it back this week but looks to be early next week instead. Oh well
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