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    No posts for a little while as have just been chipping away in the background and making plans for things needed to mount the engine for the (hopefully) final time ... heater lines, wire routing, sealing the cabin blower air intake etc. I did pull the engine again and have fitted the shifter relocation kit finally so I can make car noises and change gears At the same time I shortened the dust cap so the Spicer 1350 slip yoke can fit without fouling. Onto the VERY exciting developments this week ... received the dry sump housing and rebuild kit needed to change mounting from right to left. On the same day the Sikky Manufacturing slim steering linkage arrived. Dry sump is fully stripped and now ready to reassemble with the new housing. By far the most exciting thing to happen was the arrival of the dry sump oil pan which I designed and had made via https://hubs.com ... looks FANTASTIC, so stoked. Lets hope it fits up alright Will need to finalise the design of the oil scraper plate before it can be mounted up permanently.
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    I went to replace the broken fog light and found my replacement fog lights mounting tab was broken off, super annoying! Rather than get another second hand replacement fog light, I decided to cut the mounting tab off the broken light housing and then sand it down to get the right fitment on the replacement light. Glued it on with a cyanoacrylate glue along with some baking soda and more cyanoacrylate to build parts of the join, the baking soda helps to cure the glue and adds to the strength, should hold up perfectly, the contact surface area was pretty big which helped. I also replaced the perished rubber seal around the edge of the glass. A small fix but one of many for this car
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    You're all going to regret not buying Mt2 steering wheels when they were $8,500 😂
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    http://www.ts-export.com/jpa-b.php?id=mRGrQl6tNM9E4ok&t=st little bit of digging and found it on the auction website. sold for just shy of 24k nzd
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    so you factor in some welding, or a door skin, or a door if you can find one for a coupe. You can pick holes in it from your armchair, or you can get an inspection done (by a BMW specialist!) or go see it for yourself. They're thirty year old classics, a perfect one will cost you over $30k now, and if it's rare it'll cost you $60k. They all need work, it's a question of being sure what needs doing, and is it worth it to you.
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    Parked outside Dressmart.
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    No, that's entirely new territory. Many are watching the project threads for those going N52 now, to focus on the well-engineered N52 conversion. If you want N52 e30 conversion TODAY be prepared to write a blank cheque to a fabrication shop to do your conversion and get it certed for NZ. It could be quite some time. By all means go N52 today if you want to be a pioneer and understand what that means in terms of of $$$ or your own time with the requisite skills and access to machinery.
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    https://bmworkshop.co.nz/parts-department/ I got ATE rotors from these guys for my 540. Reasonably priced and overnight shipping that actually arrived overnight.
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    Gave her a compulsory wash after a bit of work done over the last week 🙂 Sump leak that's been gradually getting worse - fixed! Brake fluid flush (there was moisture apparently) - done! Con-rod bearings were showing a fair bit of wear. Replace all 12 bearings? - done! Other than that a regular service/do-over and WOF passed with flying colors. Car is still running very nicely, and after having a 116i as my loan car for a week boy am I glad to have this thing back.
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    Also... if its raining when you weld up my muffler, I'll be able to stay dry while I watch you do all the work! 🤣
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    I can recommend Pears soap (the orange translucent bar) for leather, you can get it at New World.
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    Why do I feel like the owner is you? 😂
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    Great car well bought Rowan. Cars in this condition are only original once 🙂 Never mind throwing money into restoring a shabby car, they are not quite the same as the original when finished.
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    Or a 1989 318i? 🤣
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    *cough* supercharger *cough*
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    There’s not the same level of demand for the cabrio versus the coupes, especially the M-Tech versions, unfortunately so that normally sees a comparable vert priced lower than a coupe. That said Andy’s is very tidy, and I would say around $30k value, so insure for $35k.
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    I have represented this remark.
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    I have worked with bikers that kept their bikes inside, throughout the house, even doing a rebuild in the lounge and engine overhaul on the kitchen table! So I wouldn’t put taking a bike into the shower past some of the two wheeled fraternity.
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    Went for a spin down the road and it ticked over this, which i thought was pretty cool 😎
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    Bump. Anyone got any 540i wagons around? cbk to swap my e34 535is manual.
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    So much want. Alpine white, no sunroof, m tex interior. I assume this is being imported as I was under the impression there was only one AW coupe in NZ and it was a sunroof car. Not to mention the interior, which in addition to mine will be the only other factory specced car left on the road. 40k asking seems very... low https://www.trademe.co.nz/3131580110
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    mr nobody drinking too much mt difficulty wines it seems..
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    For ya'll lacking cool points, you can make friends with this new errr member.
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    They may not have as I remember mine being replaced in London at my cost!
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    Thanks Michael. Looking great.
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    The ratio is not part of the calculation, it’s sole intention is to deter buyers away from the high emitters of CO2, so the figures are set up front - hence why they are quoting figures for HiLux, etc in the article. Final figures for the ratio won’t be known until after the event, but charges have to be stated up front to buyers. Even the worst V8 charge won’t be as high as the full EV rebate though. In the first few years there will probably be a surfeit of money overall, but that will soon switch the other way.
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    @KwSthe temptation is very much there. I don't need two M3's, I don't need two M3's...
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    Bit of a stupid one, but never know if anyone has these lying round from an interior swap, and usually people seem to just bin door cards anyway I'm trying to avoid fabricating the speaker bracket on the inside of the e91 rear door cards as I used them on another door card. Any one got any lying round still?
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    OK... agreed, technology marches on. My question was more aimed at the need for a 1000hp road car. At that level of power there appears to be a great deal of anecdotal evidence that drivers with less ability and training than that of a Formula 1 pilot will have difficulty in maintaining control of the vehicle. Or to put it another way, how does the ability to accelerate to 60mphph in 3 seconds and top 200mph benefit the motor industry and the typical driver in general ? If there is a benefit to be had, it can only be if the technology demonstrated in these " Schwarzenegger " cars can be downsized for use in less extreme vehicles for the general public. Given that there are already many manufacturers of pure electric vehicles (and more emerging all the time) it would seem that there is really little need for further hybrid development. Perhaps of more concern (depending on your point of view), is the growing trend for the technology and manufacturing giants to relentlessly force new products onto the motoring public. The vehicle industry is flat out making faster and more powerful vehicles at a time when speed limits are being forced down. Politicians and legislators are being lobbied by pressure groups praising the benefits of autonomous vehicles, yet there is no detectable ground swell of public demand for such vehicles. Yes, businesses operating fleets of linehaul trucks can see an advantage in a truck that can work 24/7 without a break and without a driver. But does that mean that we need the government to set targets for getting a percentage of autonomous electric vehicles on the road ? Hhahahaha... I hear you say... ridiculous !!! But then, if someone had told you 25 years ago that one day the telecom industry would train you to never go anywhere without a Dick Tracy wrist watch, you would have laughed too Cheers...
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    You’re giving the MPs too much credit, it’s the figures in the background that tell them what to say and think. Not sure what they are called in NZ, in the UK they are “civil servants”. There is a lot of research going on in this area, but whether it comes to a workable, scalable solution is not known - unfortunately, the scramble to EVs will probably see it miss out.
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    Yo, I need a replacement windscreen. I already have an aftermarket one, so I am not going to bother fighting to get an OEM one. A mobile install is very appealing. (Smith & Smith do this apparently). But as we all know getting someone to do a good job (with anything) is hard. Any recommendations either mobile, close to CBD or West Auckland? (just a stock image)
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    Looked very well maintained though, so all I’d need really is a powertrain, which I’m picking up this weekend in Tauranga. Actually if anyone has a Ute and not using it this Saturday, would be great if I could borrow it - will compensate of course. Otherwise it’s going in the back of my hatchback 😅 That is quite literally what I did last night 😂. Hoping something right turns up.
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    Check out Mewant on eBay. Awesome fit and under $100 for a custom, real leather one landed in NZ. Or under $50 for great fitting quality synthetic leather.
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    Oh yeah definitely. The seller was going to give out some extra goodies to whoever took the car and one of them was 4 or 5L of the correct paint colour to respray it with.
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    You can guarantee internal radius, and achieve tighter bends than with a mandrel bend. The Japanese tuners in the late nineties / early 00's turned it into an art form with intercooler piping. At this stage with advanced machines like a Femi Band Saw, pie cuts are a purely aesthetic choice.
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    A funny watch for what the problem ends up being.
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    The welding on the rise to the tailpipe is a bit messy. Probably effective, but could be much tidier. I think the pie cuts are there to deal with heat expansion and possibly a change in material (different expansion rates). This one isn't perfect, but it's much better.
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    ^more welds than metal on that exhaust 😅
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    This is now sold, thanks!
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    Congrats! Sounds like an awesome deal, but you know it didn’t happen if there are no pics 😆
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    Anything thats manual and has a mint dash =$15k
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    Hi guys. I'm new to this forum but thought I'd add a pic of my 540is. 1996 e34 6 speed manual. I purchased it end of 2019. It's full M kit with black Bison leather. Love this car it's been my bucket list car forever.
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