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    I've had my E34 540i exactly one year. Thought I would put a few photos up showing the before and after on the car and how it's changed over the last 365 days. At some point I might make a proper thread for the car detailing everything I've done, I'm the iPad generation so Forums were a bit of foreign territory for me so I've got a messy collection of discussions instead of one big one. Anyway here is the before and after from the day I picked it up (17/11/20) to today (17/11/21), Before: After: Before: After:
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    A milestone today, one side of the headers completely tacked up and ready for finish welding !! So much work ... can't wait until they are completely done. Onto some pics ... pretty self explanatory, the first is all of the pieces for the last tube on this side.
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    Yup, got the exact number I had plugged into my "E30 Resto Spreadsheet" 🤣 TradeMe advert didn't have anything that isn't here aside from a few 'non glamour' photos:
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    You have an optimistic view of Bitcoin and that's fine. It was likely invented with good intentions, but the reality is somewhat different. What we currently have in an imaginary currency powered entirely by greed that is become a speculative investment for high rollers. Sort of like horse racing but without the horses I fully support a money exchange system that bypasses the middlemen and their fees. However, I am very uncomfortable with a non-regulated tech heavy system that is beyond the comprehension of the vast majority of people who could benefit from such a system. There is a quaint old-fashioned idea that technology should serve the needs of the people and improve the lives of everyone. Unfortunately, in recent times this concept has become perverted and technology has gained the upper hand. Now people serve the needs of technology and the products that we are told that we need are simply the result of the latest tech developments. If a person does not have a roof over their head or food on their table they do not need an EV, no matter what big tech might think. Cheers...
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    Proud (ish) owner of a 2008 335i E91 91k Goes like stink and nice and smooth. Just lately on starting, ABS, tyre pressure and stability warning comes on. Drive a bit. Turn off and on and all OK. Hence the proud (ish) Just wanted to say hi
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    The bad: Has been repainted in titan silver, the paint is in ok condition but it's obviously not the OEM Techno violet 299 it rolled out of production with. Rego is currently on hold as the car is in storage. Car has a AEM pod filter intake but I have the OEM airbox ready to reinstall to go with sale. The good: NZ new, Evo 4 door. 210mm LSD, Getrag 420G, S50B32 - dyno tuned, UUC DSSR shifter, Super Sprint back box, Hella HID headlights, Business CD43 with bluetooth kit, Bilstein shocks front and rear paired with H&R springs. Rego: YR8337, 301K KM Another car has come up and this will only be for sale as long as it's still advertised. This is a spur of the moment listing, I will aim to get current photos in the near future, car will be sold with WOF, Registration and full service. EDIT - Located West Auckland. 33000 ONO Image1 Vin1 Vin2
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    if only this could be subsidised with a kiwisaver withdrawal
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    Finally completed my little benchtop power supply project !! Will be using this to power the spare gauge cluster I'm using for Arduino development. Its based on a spare ATX PC power supply I had ... a pretty useful up-cycling project !!
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    Sick. This is the one to have! As an ex 300km e30 daily driver, I'd suggest replace every rubber hose. Clear front and side markers? I've heard the Mtech steering wheels are very expensive. Why not a period Momo/Sparco ? Will you be daily-ing? Look forward to the updates
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    @Contrails That photo of yours at the wedding looks amazing. I absolutely love the look of these things, just a bit big for me though. Let me know when you're ready to sell the M325i at below market value 🤣
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    I live in Pukekohe now
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    @aja540i When it comes to V8’s I’m all about the smiles per gallon not the miles per gallon. @E30 325i Rag-Top I do only need to tow it once, maybe I can set a fuel inefficiency record.
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    This. You can’t be late to the party and expect to pay what you could’ve when you didn’t.
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    “Has some of an Mtech 2 kit and the most sh*t tail lights you can buy.”
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    I personally think it is a fair offer. A six speed with S70 m powered engine, suspension , etc with Schnitzer cosmetics is a very cool proposition. If the mechanics are in good condition and the vehicle goes as well as it looks I would find this rather compelling. Nigh on 400 Bhp!!!!!! 6 speed manual!! Ferrari Testarossa like power and looks! Just depends on your overall objective. Not sure it would be an easy sell because of its ‘bitzer’ back-ground. In Europe or USA, yes but not in NZ. Wouldn’t be an investment like a nice e36 M3- but a car you would have no fear about tracking and clocking up the mileage ( and would certainly attract lots of attention)!
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    $23,600 - while my estimate looked shaky early on, I'll take it - 97.4% accuracy is within the margin of error
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    Nothing at all (well, 2 door 325i) has come up sadly. Although do expect to be talking to someone about a 2 door in the next few days - maybe once we go to the traffic light system the listings will start falling from the skies 🤞
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    Very nice! Some potential there for sure. These BMWs were really peak BMW. The glory days!
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    Here's a couple from before we picked it up... had been sitting for a couple of years.
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    One picture of the 750i?! - come on, we need more than that! 😆
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    Was it this one? Took a few photos of it at Caffeine and Gasoline in July. Had a distinctive un-painted carbon bootlid and the BBS wheels
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    Surprised at the lack of love for the e9x 325/330/335! I guess it goes to show how compelling the other options are at this price point
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    All cars mentioned in this thread would likely need money spent of them to varying degrees.
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    E46 330i Coupe M-Sport FL still a wonderful looking car even today, with decent performance to boot. I would have ticked the E30 box but I think I’ve got enough of those to work on already!!
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    Congrats mate!!! Can’t wait to see it on a meet!
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    Brilliant, exciting news. Have to tell us all about it when you get time. Looks like a great project and no mucking around, you went straight to MTech2
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    Yep I'm binning the PS4S next time and going with Hankook. Also used Penrite 10w60 in my M5.
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    Looks to be a great example, if I had the cash I would certainly be giving it to you. GLWS, and I hope your health stuff is sorted soon.
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    by all means, look for the car with the perfect spec.... meanwhile you miss out on this one which is a genuine, tight, tidy, excellent car. At anything under $30k for this one, you're stealing it. They don't come much cleaner than this.
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    https://www.driven.co.nz/news/revealed-the-car-owners-most-likely-to-be-psychopaths/?utm_source=nzh&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=topbox 🤣
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    Price drop on this one already... $6,999 ONO which means you could probably walk away with it for $6,500, that's not bad buying if it's sound.
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    Was it the genuine\OE replacement?, don't trust the diaphrams in the aftermarket ones. The few ive done on M52 and M54's reduced the oil consumption after replacement.
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    Thanks qube, Had no idea when signing up it was going to be my username?...thanks for the heads up I will try and change it?
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    Nice, have run a bit of the HPR5 in my M54 last two changes - seems good. Edge 5w40 was on special this time around - got 10 litres for $100.
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    $7,200 for PFL auto seems very sensible to me, looks like some of the interior trim is wrapped in matte carbon. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/130i/listing/3354969997
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    Oh, and she flew through a WoF last week. I fixed the windscreen washers, and replaced two parking bulbs. And popped on a new rear wiper blade. The windscreen washer jets had clogged again, something growing in the washer fluid tank snots up the pre-pump filter. Looks like frog spawn. I use only BMW fluid (have done for about 6 years). I think it's plastic breaking down? Anyway, I decided to replace the reservoir, pre-filter, pump - so they're all fresh and new. I'll get to the washer jets soon. Ewww. Snot, last week. flash new reservoir new park light bulbs - easy! NB - you want the 5W items. new tailgate wiper blade 200670kms nozzles will go in soon.
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    @Ghost Chip some of the better looking Recaros popped up on FB marketplace - pretty clean and in a nice fabric IMO
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    Looks like an e12 M535i in the last pic ?
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    Ahah yes! Took her out on a sunny evening for a walk to mission bay for a burger
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    At face value, I'd much prefer that to the cabbie posted above, but you may have read my comments on that listing.
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    Decodes fine on Bimmer.work. Its no surprise that NZTA data is buggered, the system has always been flawed when relying on human input. wbsbg92090ea88129-bimmer.work.pdf
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    $15k plus premium, don't really get it with the ZF 8 speed being so good and well suited to a boat like the F10... Not even Msport.
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    Refurbed 370mm Tech 2 for $850 is decent. I would be tempted to look at those Alpinas if I had a car to put them on - great looking wheel, the replicas would cost around $2700 to land here so another grand or so for the real thing isn’t bad. wonder what other goodies he has tucked away 🤔
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    Leave a note mate. No harm asking, you never know.
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    Oh my Lord. That MTech1 deserves my a garage... It almost looks too clean to have been an outside car for very long.
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    05 November 2021. 185???kms 1. Service by Jon Begley (of Auto 38 and JK Southern Euro fame) Valve Cover Gaskets (Elring) replaced Exhaust Cam Position Sensors and Seals (VNE) Serpentine Tensioner & Pulley (INA), Belt (Continental) VANOS motor seals PCV Bellows (Vaico) Oil and Filter (Penrite HPR5 & Mann filter) Air Filter (Hengst) Brake Hoses front and rear (Corteco), full brake flush & bleed Vacuumed out cowling drains It's running soooooo nicely. Seventeen years old and not a rattle or a squeak, rides well, handles brilliantly, and is quick, comfortable and just munches miles.
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    Its like the universe is trying to talk me out of an E30 and into an E24: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3328522439?bof=O1LBIznl https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3331187718?bof=WAO790Nu Both oldies though (1979 / E12 based) but that second one is amazingly clean - wonder what the reserve is 🤔 A bit big and old for me, but I really love the look!
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    Love how focused this build is - no faff and bling, just quality bits to make the car better 😎
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    Awesome, nice to see an M5 E60 be save from retardation. They make a lot more sense to me in stock specification. Will look the part with the stock rims back on too... Pilot sport 4S spec tyres are probably the go? Bet you enjoyed the quieter stock exhaust on that drive!
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