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    I think all cars that aren't considered practical are suffering at the moment. We are still seeing some good movement on new cars where I work but its a different market compared to a 435i. That one you have linked is a pretty poor ad so not surprised it hasn't shifted
  3. Tried to PM you Geoff but mailbox might be full?
  4. Toyota's are overpriced in my opinion. Yes they are very good, but the price is now out of step with the product. Dad checked second hand prices for his 2017 70 series the other day and it's more than he paid for it as a low miles demo from the dealer at 1 year old. The other thing with the x5 is I went for the 7-seater version. We only have 2 kids but when they have friends over or my parents are in town, we can all go in 1 car. Have used them 2 or 3 times so far but expect more over the summer hols.
  5. Honestly, its great to see you out using it, love the van also, I was always against them and preferred tenting but now we have a baby I can see the appeal! Like you, the family (wife) has an SUV as we have a big dog and a small human, Kayaks, awnings and like camping and adventuring. We had a Land Cruiser but it was too big for urban stuff and TBH it was uneconomical to run, so we down sized to a Jeep Trail Hawk, but in three years we have only off road a few times, one safari and a bit of overland and beach stuff. The Land Cruiser was awesome at the offroad stuff though and I miss its dependability vs the Jeep, would love the upcoming new Prado but have been told they will be over 100k. I have a few interesting cars for specials occasions, Sunday drives, track days, Targa, but these days I mostly walk, well 28 days of the month. I am a motoring enthusiast in the same way people own a horse for recreation.
  6. Tulle


    Ok so its got a few ks (143k) , a blacked out luxury line but with some high specs Not my taste but seen it done before If this is the market think I'll keep mine despite lack of use Is fuel consumption becoming an issue re price of cars? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/435i/listing/4411224110
  7. Thanks Graham. I think the car suits our lifestyle and my taste in vehicles so you are probably right. There are other cars that do the things this car does better but there is a very short list that can do all of them to a decent standard What are you driving these days. I'm trying to remember what you had when I was last frequently here. I definitely remember the Megane. What did you have after that?
  8. Stoked there are three Graham's with correct spelling around here, I feel we are some times out numbered by all the Graeme's and people relay don't know the struggle of having every other email received starting with "Hi Graeme" even if our actual email address has Graham@ in it. I know there is a lot going on in the world at the moment so I can see why these real issues are overlooked. Well done on the X5 I think, I would love to hate on it but it seems you are actually using it as "sports utility vehicle" so kudos to ya, keep being you boo.
  9. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Covid. My first time. Most sick I have been since meningitis as a kid. Avoid sitting next to clearly sick tourist families on the interislander.
  10. I have a 420G and also a bell,housing from the auto that fits the M62. I also have an adapter plate for the 420G to fit the V8
  11. Finally found something to replace the horrid style 33's replica Style 65's Pretty pleased with the look, they are in need of a refurb and new rubber however. Also some pretty big arch gap, might have to lower just a bit.
  12. I dont see anyone buying it for 40k either but at least there is some merit to the pricing, not your typical buy\hold\sell or heavily aesthetics bias owners like most of these overpriced listings. Unless he's failed to mention it im surprised he didnt do the subframe\trailing arm bushings and adjusters, go to be the most under rated E30 mod ever.
  13. Washed it to enjoy the two weeks between CMA and pine pollen getting all over the car...
  14. Probably - I'm missing a couple of those clips
  15. To all Bimmersport members, Please note our Xmas Hours this year!
  16. Saw that - looks like a great build, imagine it owes him plenty but yeah, I would think in this market its much closer to $25k than $40k. A shame it must be certed on 14x6.5 wheels with an M52.
  17. Wow! At least that FB coupe has a manual gearbox... Unsure where these people are finding their price tags.
  18. Comprehension skills were clearly lacking for me earlier.
  19. https://www.facebook.com/groups/eurocarclassifiedsnz/permalink/2242824222575135/?sale_post_id=2242824222575135 Maybe at $25K??
  20. Chasing an m62 gearbox of any description, list in order of preference - Manual 420g (I have an m60 version if you were open to swapping) - Auto bellhousing only - Complete dead auto - Complete auto box - only would want to borrow Happy just to borrow for a fee if you're not willing to sell, need to make a template for crank sensor location in the bellhousing
  21. Yes, hence the hyperlink I posted 😉 I've got a funny feeling that $13K would actually own it, sounds like absolutely no one has taken the time to go and look. There was bronzit manual 325i vert that sold down here for $15K over winter that had the same story. I can't stand chrome bumper E30's but it sure is tempting.
  22. Agreed. 10-15k service maybe cheap insurance for the cist of a service, or just do it yourself. Had a Ford diesel with that service interval period, serviced at Ford from brand new, blew up on us a few months out of warranty at just under 100,000km, Ford charged near 15k to fix it because there were no second hand motors available at the time, they refused to accept that it was a manufacturers problem... then the next year they extended the warranty from 3 to 5 years. FML Guess who never purchased a new Ford ever again.
  23. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/320i/listing/4431213109 it’s for sale.
  24. Its only for stuff he has done recently though. So Free Air at the gas station, a jump start and about 6$ at the self wash from the looks.... adds to watchlist.
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