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  2. In the Z3 community, it is normal to fit standard Z3 shocks to the Z3 sport suspension. The difference in ride height is only 15mm.
  3. I can’t think of anything in a software update that would affect your fuel consumption dramatically, so unlikely to be that. Does sound a bit on the high side, so would be worth getting it checked out so it doesn’t lead to bigger issues later on. Do you know if the car has been re-mapped, tuned or programmed? Some of the Interweb specials can do funny things.
  4. Doesn't sound right at all, my 2008 135i modded with 419wkw (double factory power) averages 12-13L/100km in city traffic. You might want to get it checked at the dealer or euro specialist.
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  6. Thanks Brent, funny this is exactly where I ended up last night. Taking the part numbers out of Real OEM.
  7. part numbers for 6cyl z3 msport type https://www.google.com/search?q=31316753262&rlz=1C1GIWA_enNZ599NZ599&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 https://www.google.com/search?q=31316753261&rlz=1C1GIWA_enNZ599NZ599&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 and older part numbers 31311094191 & 31311094192
  8. Thanks Brent, I am struggling to find struts. I have found some Sachs Z3 OEM shocks but they dont state they are for M Sport suspension, any thoughts?
  9. z3 has much shorter struts and little lower springs so yes will fit but will lift the front up quite a bit
  10. I have been looking to replace the front struts on my Budget Z3. I found some struts for an E36, but the website says they are not compatible with a Z3. I have sport suspension so that may well be part of the issue, but I am wondering can anyone confirm if there are any differences between an E36 sport strut, and a Z3 Sport strut. I am assuming there may be some valving differences. Has anyone been down this path before? BTW, I am actually enjoying a Sunday drive in the Z3, it's not fast, being a 2l M52, but with the top down its a pleasant experience.
  11. Bought my first E46 325i touring a few weeks ago. Previous owner had been chasing what he suspected was a "vacuum leak", causing a slight miss at cold start but otherwise drove well. I got under yesterday to do the fuel filter and trans mounts. Took the cover off the fuel filter and sre enough the vacuum line is perished at the regulator. Take the filter off, replace the fuel lines and vacuum line while I'm there and finish up. Had the old fuel filter on my bench with black fuel and sediment coming out of it and that's when I realized the date on it was the build date of the e46. 22 years / 160000kms later.. yikes!
  12. Next video from Collecting Cars on the E61 M5 Chris Harris M5 Touring Project Part 2 | 15+ Years Of Life Uncovered (youtube.com)
  13. BUMP.... need the space, someone? Price reduced, there are Brand new, never fitted wheel sets. Contact details in the post
  14. Id love the S54 engine and manual for my E28, but Im hopeful I wont need to pay for a whole car to get them.
  15. Some "fence" to do that much damage?? Still, Im surprised this passed the checkmark as bad enough to be an insurance write off.
  16. It was 110 pounds for the pipe and similar price for the filter iirc. Shipping was expensive too and plus vat. Price was reasonable pre shipping/vat 😂
  17. I kinda want to see pictures of it, hes really cagey about it. Im dubious, and if its 320 pounds for some 2" alloy pipe segments welded together would be less than impressed.
  18. MY father passed away the week before last. Still feeling rather sad. I know he would have wanted me to celebrate his ascension to the heavens but I just feel so ... worn. and fed up? I wish i could take a gap year...

    1. gjm


      I've found that after the initial sadness at such a situation, I too feel 'tired'. Try to eat well, sleep well, and get some exercise and fresh air.

  19. I also washed mine last weekend, needed it! Have you enquired with BDS about their filter/intake pipe combo? Quoted me 320 pounds, for about a 15hp gain over a K&N filter with stock pipe which is pretty decent for a bolt on.
  20. It mounts under the seat. One each side. Remove the seat, separate the carpet at the split and find it mounted to the floor. They usually die due to water leaks, so if the foam under the carpet is wet, then you can expect the new one to die over time.
  21. 130i out playing with the big boys
  22. Swapped pink top m52/s52 injectors in as I was having intermittent fueling issues, everything related to fueling has been replaced so this or the ECU was the last thing to do. Put in a new Fuel pressure regulator etc but nothing solved it. These injectors solved it. The car is smoother then ever and the power delivery is a lot better. I will be tuning this engine and running standalone engine management once my 2.8 bottom end goes in. I also redid the tail pieces on the exhaust and welded in these ones temporarily. I am off the UK on Saturday so I will be buying another Scorpion full stainless system to chuck on here and bring it back with me. I am going to miss my e30 so much. Took it down for a blast to Tauranga and back today to go pick up my DLSR camera from my mate. She went so smooth and I managed 464ks with over a quarter tank left so safe to say the fuel consumption has decreased.
  23. I went and bought a new unit. It uses Linux instead of android. It still allows you to use android Auto or Apple Carplay. It allows a connection to the original BMW software so you can use this set the temp, playe the radio, check the oil etc. It hasn't arrived yet but I will do a review when it does.
  24. Hi Team long time no post. Sorry been busy with business move, other side projects and abit lazy in the posting. So plans have changed a bit, The v10 will be saved for a nice oldschool bimmer, not sure which one yet. E46 M3 will be getting a N73 v12 motor from this beast. I will be on selling the m73 stuff to fund this swap. Also in the pipe line have this e46 330ci coupe. Looking at dropping my last 4.6 motor into it. Have an Elate supercharger adapter plate, water to air cooled. Modified AMG supercharger and 420g 6 speed box with my spare M3 rear end. Rear subframe plates and driveshaft hoops welded in. Stainless headers, engine mounts and gearbox x member. Just sorting out the oiling by modifying the x5 one. Cant wait to get this thing running. Thanks
  25. Hello guys, I recently purchased a BMW G20 330i 2019 M Sport, and I've noticed that my fuel consumption in city traffic ranges from 15-20l/100km, with no hard acceleration(regular driving) and in comfort mode. I've seen reports of others achieving 8-10l/100km in similar conditions, so I'm a bit concerned. I've checked for updates, and the last software update was in 2021. Could this potentially be a software issue, or should I be looking into other factors? I want to ensure that everything is running optimally with my vehicle, so any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  26. As pictured, and now surplus to requirements $100, pickup in Mission Bay.
  27. Yeah same exact colour, Portimao Blue. All very good points, thanks!
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