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  2. Imported 19 years ago, I think it'll be ok...
  3. Seller is on here although not very often. He had it up for sale a few years ago and not a bite. Maybe cause it's a 4 door?
  4. Good news and bad news today. Went and had a yarn to the guy at BNT about putting some Redline MTL in the Getrag 240, but after some discussion concluded that my money was better spent elsewhere considering its a street car and struggling to push 90hp. Will probably pick up some Penrite stuff thats on sale at the moment at repco and also hit the 40c per litre fuel saving while Im at it. Picked up a BMW windscreen from a wrecker for $150 that pulled it out of another e30, and I asked about purple tags, which he didn't have. But he offered me a Z3 rack for $450 which I thought about for a bit and decided to grab it. Picked up the required jankey M8 washers to space it out 14mm, and will plan on hunting down an early 2000's Holden Barina/Astra steering linkage. Got the windscreen fitted by the absolute gem's at Hamilton Windscreens. When i went to pick it up, they mentioned that they liked the car, which was nice to hear. Unfortunately, not all is well with the mangled Bilstein that I managed to cross thread. Got a call today from the shop i'd dropped it off to and they said that the threads were beyond repair. So the plan will likely be send it up to auckland where there is a team who can rebuild and replace the inner cylinder, but thats going to be $300 down the drain. Costly lesson learnt, but a lesson learnt it certainly is. On a more positive side of things, the guy I've been talking to from Autolign has gone above and beyond to help me out, so I'm thinking I'll go drop off a box of donuts at their shop tomorrow morning as a means of thanks. To Do list - Get headlights focused and aligned, then finally WOF time!! - Burn some CD's or get an aux cord with a USB-C adaptor. Not sure which way I'm leaning at the moment. The PO left a CD in that I've had on repeat since I got the car working. Im enjoying the analogue nature of the CD. - install Z3 rack (after WOF) - figure out why the power steering fluid is disappearing - Transmission fluid --Would like to do trans seals as the output shaft is showing signs of a leak. Mind you, there are a lot of leaks. One thing at a time. -Odometer still doesn't work Dirty Windscreen Clean(er) windscreen
  5. Oh wow. Had one of these as a paddock car many moons ago. Only lasted about an hour. It was actually pretty mint. Got it for free out of the trade and exchange.
  6. I have used Kiwi Rail in past for Auck to Chch, cost at time was reasonable, dont know what they are like now days
  7. Today
  8. Surprised it's not an auction. Had lots of good buys in Christchurch over the years.
  9. do you mind telling me the name of the Transport company. I'm in the process of getting a small Japanese car from PalmNth to Dunedin and have been quoted $1150+gst, so yours sounds like a better deal maybe.
  10. I 2nd that. And in a month it will be slammed to the ground , with 19" wheels and some "bad ass sounds." ☚ī¸đŸ˜Ģ Maybe even some hi-lux fender flares.
  11. Slick video and wicked little car
  12. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Quick update - managed to source an aftermarket clutch kit and flywheel from a business in Tauranga (assured that it will fit). It is going to be a conversion to a single flywheel, so this is going to be interesting (for me anyway). Kit arrived, quickly inspected by a specialist clutch shop (who had the original kit out of the car), who gave it a 'measurements are looking good and it should fit' when compared. So hopefully will be installed shortly 😎 I went with this option mainly as the kit was in country and the need to get it drivable and 'off the lift'. Oh - and the fact I got an eye watering quote from local BMW dealer with 6-8 weeks ex-Germany! I should really do a project thread... however it would go like this: something breaks/needs replacing -> take car to mechanic -> mechanic diagnoses which parts need replacing -> search RealOEM for part numbers -> copy/paste part numbers into FCP ->, buy parts -> check FED-EX tracking daily -> FED-EX deliver parts in 7-10 days -> take parts to mechanic-> parts installed by mechanic-> pay mechanic -> drive car home. Repeat steps one week later - haha
  13. finally got around to using the engine support i made in the last lockdown, dropped the subframe on the E21 to get the sump off and fix the oil leak, only to discover i don't have the correct sump plug crush washer, or any oil to put back in it!!
  14. Sandblasted, powder coated, back together, Next mission is a bent style 66 that is part of a set i bought for the E39 530d touring...
  15. Mine's also 11-12 around town but it can climb rapidly if I'm using sport mode because my trans flash holds to redline if I'm putting the foot in it in that mode. Best I got, working really hard on it, on a trip from Auckland to Pauanui was 6.9 to Kopu but then the trip over the hill, with no traffic, to Hikuai killed that. 😂
  16. Correct (I use Castrol myself in my M3). But what it illustrates is that it's the viscosity that's important, not any minor differences between formulations (e.g. TWS). The differences between Shell and Castrol 10w60's will be vastly greater than between (for example) Castrol 10w60 and Castrol 10w60 TWS. The answer to the OP's question is "any quality** 10w60 oil", there's no need to make it more complicated than that. Edit: **fully synthetic
  17. Because....... BMW are now aligned with Shell. Not because of the quality of the Castrol products.
  18. Instead of making a new topic, Ill just repeat the want to buy - E28 (or compatible E34, E24 etc) sports/leather seats!
  19. That is what I want, is it for sale?
  20. Mines 11-12L/100km but I've not driven the car much so when I do its with a heavy foot on shorter distances and/ or testing after changing something. So it always needs to be driven through the Italian tune up route up and down the hills. If I'm going 100kmh it's around 8.5L/100km Purchase/ownership of a 130i today would suggest you're more of a "spirited" driver.
  21. Aprils gets slightly less than that average of ~10.7 but I have got it down to 7.2L (after doing a reset) a couple of times going from the shore to Hampton Downs. In saying that I end up a nervous wreck by the end. Edit, thinking about this more I am pretty sure I have seen ~6.8 when going full preserve mode, but either way my point is that for a 3L engine it can get quite low when it isn't having to stop and start.
  22. Its interesting the average fuel use is 10.7 to 10.8L/100kms for 130's. Mines higher at about 11.8L/100kms. Near no city driving though. You would think it would be less. But the rural roads are all 0-100-0 starts and stops. https://www.fuelly.com/car/bmw/130i
  23. Replaced the rear tyres on Miss M's 116i, rotating so the new tyres are on the front. Maintained the set of Bridgestone ER300 runflats. Learned how to reset the TPMS, an essential step following tyre replacement. One of those easy-when-you-know-how things, but nigh-on impossible if you've not done it before and don't know where to look!
  24. Nice video! Fantastic colour indeed
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