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  2. I actually considered buying this to use as a round about to match my M3.
  3. It's a 10 year old thread. PM the seller. However they have posted once in 9 years, 2 years ago.
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  5. Bump. Still looking for an E91 / E46 motorsport wagon (6 cylinder).
  6. necsis

    540itch Scratching

    Bloody awesome work
  7. There is that grey 123d E87 in Wellington for $8K. I was looking at it but don't need it just yet.
  8. Thats crazy talk 🤣
  9. He hasn't shown the full life cycle on each car (buy -fix - sell), like Wheeler Dealer. But he is still quite new to this - and editing videos is very time consuming and would feel like another day job.
  10. How dare you betray the mighty colour of Estoril blue!?
  11. Welcome along, you'll find a few of us on here sharing the joys of owning an e39 540... lots of reading...
  12. OMG, that's beautiful. Even with the handicap of the grey dash that's one of the best examples I've seen in NZ. I'd paint my M3 in that colour.
  13. Is there something wrong with this Car, why has it been for sale for so long ? Is it because RHD conversion ? Interested to get others thoughts ?
  14. This guy is highly skilled (for a ‘part timer’), informative and entertaining. I’m a fan and can’t wait till he starts the manual E60 M5 project!
  15. Ehhh, at least 18s, sorry bro(
  16. I get the colour thing, but a 325 converted to a 328 with a getrag 220? Maybe I'm still living in years gone past
  17. Great looking car for a very reasonable price. Not surprised it sold so quick
  18. A super tidy manual 325/8i in an interesting colour has always been worth about that. Stunning car
  19. And here i was thinking it was over priced... looks like the e36 market is catching up to e30s..
  20. Stunning car, not surprised it went so quickly. Should have pulled finger instead of watching the cricket.
  21. Anyone else disappointed that Misha didn't take project Dubai around the Ring when Streton visited Apex?
  22. Looks like it! Mora 325i Coupe with Ivory interior, manual M52B28 swap, coilovers etc - looked stunning - asking $10k
  23. Yeah, damn - that was quick!
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