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  2. I think anyone buying an 8er expecting them to rise significantly in value is an optimist. They're unquestionably a cool car, though complexity is high/niche and popularity is a short side on that triangle. If I had a garage space and some idle money, I'd keep the space empty and invest in the NASDAQ.
  3. elias

    Elias' 135i project

    Took the car to the Springfield road hillclimb up in Whangarei on Sunday, was great fun but far from ideal conditions for a rwd twin turbo car on semi slicks, absolutely no grip, was pouring down for most of the day. Made it home safely in one piece which ill call a win. Have now began the next project one ive been wanting to for a long time, a manual conversion. Diff, driveshaft, exhaust, intake manifold, starter motor and gearbox are out after a few hours of wrenching on the weekend, really not bad at all to do on jackstands. Have also removed drivers seat, brake pedal, accelerator pedal, various trims, center console, etc. Am now waiting for more parts (clutch,flywheel,diff and various shifter linkage bushings, dssr etc). Have made a start on the wiring in the meantime, removed the auto box wiring, plugged in the manual gearbox loom which is mostly plug and play, just need to disassemble DME connectors, with the exception of two plugs which are missing on the manual loom (most likely all the communication to the TCU). Only issue I can forsee is potentially some ground wires going through those plugs that other modules rely on and the CAN wiring now being open, so will have to loop/terminate that. Next up will be figuring out the clutch switch wiring to FRM/CAS/DME. Will also need to get a clutch line made as I dont really want to try have to run the factory hardline behind the dash.
  4. Garage queens be dammed - I can’t think of anything worse,. You’re basically depriving someone of using the car for its intended purpose purely for financial gain…. Selfish. if you’re looking for investments, buy some gold, leave the cars for people who truly appreciate them 😆 I think it was Jay Leno who famously said: ”Not driving your car in order to keep the mileage low is like not banging your girlfriend to make sure she’s nice and tight for her next boyfriend” Wisdom beyond comprehension
  5. Yeah it may well technically be worth its price but economic and market conditions as you say. Covid era pricing was artificially inflated and quite a few older BMW's now seem to be priced around their pre-covid values. Its certainly a speculator vehicle\garage queen at this point and that who would probably bit on it.
  6. To be fair though it sold within a week or two last time around. Rare old BMW prices have increased from a few years ago- even in NZ. Saying that though, the car market has cooled off on a global level. Things are not moving. Still think it represents great value - and I don’t own mine anymore.
  7. Sounds like its reasonably priced then. No coincidence the only people who own one think its cheap . It was actually cheap it probably would of sold already.
  8. Shame all the rigmarole you gotta jump through with track days now but least you put it all to use.
  9. BBS RG-R 18x8.5 ET38 on 245/40's Been on the look out for a decent set of wheels for awhile. E36\E46 wheel selection is pretty rubbish in terms of availability you if want something different in reasonable offset\tyre size. Saw these on locally on facebook along with set of similar LM's. Looking at photos i decided the RG's would suit a newer car like the E46 better. They are forged wheels at just over 8kg compared to 10-11kg style 72's, very light even with the tyres. Originally they had silver centers which i would of preferred, but beggers cant do choosers and they have been freshly power coated. Tyres fill the front wells great but do touch the fender lining under full lock as expected. Will be swapping out for current ones then moving over to a 235/40 square at some point. Gold center caps to replace to red ones if i can find some at reasonable price, otherwise ill swap BMW ones onto them. Part 2 of the DMSO clean. Didnt get everything as hot as id like and things were cooling down to fast to do a real throughout job but it works (completely black before). Used a vacuum bleeder to suck the fluid out which worked great, engine fired up instantly after cleaning Will do a another round in warmer weather to finish it off. Compression test after cleaning was 175-180 psi on all 6. Engine certainly feels stronger after doing these cleans, but be prepared for the exhaust to stink\smoke for ages if you do this part.
  10. Pretty good. Screen reflection was always one of my biggest gripes with those android units compared to OE.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Tesla's efficiency is really good, motors, software, and weight all play a part. That's why we went for a Model Y (about 1,900 kg, 200-300kg lighter than an i4). Price gap was big, and the BMW had less standard features - like heated steering wheel and rear seats had to be optioned on the i4. But the i4's has: Can tweak regen Adjustable suspension Fake sound (actually helps with driving feedback) Cameras you can view (Tesla's got no 360 view, just rendering what it sees) But the i4 beats most legacy carmakers on efficiency, especially when coasting (thanks to those induction motors) Funny thing is, the Model Y's interior turned out better than we thought. At first, compared to my wife's Cayenne or BMW's Merino seats, it seemed cheap. But after using it, it's just as comfy, maybe even better. The i4's Vernasca or Sensatec doesn't feel any nicer, just looks fancier. Got used to no instrument panel and sometimes prefer it. No distractions just steering wheel and the road, feels more pure. A HUD would make it perfect though. Two years in, couple things bug me about the Model Y: Steering's too sharp (2 turns lock-to-lock). Our daily driver feels twitchier than an M car Stiff suspension - great on twisty roads but harsh on speed bumps for everyday driving. The i4 feels more like what you'd expect for a daily driver compared to an M5. The Model Y's great value, but guess I'm still a BMW at heart - always browsing BMWs on TradeMe, new and old! 🤣
  13. ROFL, like the SMG reservoir plug that I just had replaced. $150 for this :
  14. I suppose this is a silly point, since if you are spending this much on car I suppose that efficiency is not that important to you but, since you brought up the comparison to a Model 3... the model 3 is 25% more efficient than an i4. (that is, it uses 25% less energy (electricity) to go the same distance). BMW's luxury EVs have some of the worst efficiencies on the market, but I guess it's good they don't burn petrol? I will easily concede that I, as a BMW driver, would undoubtably be more 'at home' in the BMW. Also, I would never own a model 3 because the interior and gauges are ridiculous... made for techies, not drivers.
  15. I still have a soft spot for BMWs and I4, first EV I have driven. If you haven't bought an EV and looking for one, this maybe a good option because of low price $75k (relative from new price $110-120k). That said if you just add 10k more already fetches a Model 3 performance, which arguably better in a lot of aspects. But if you want a softer ride, conventional looks, feels like a BMW, etc. this might be a good choice. Roughly 40+k depreciation. 2023 BMW i4 I4 Edrive40 | Trade Me Motors
  16. Be prepared to pay mandatory M-tax every time something breaks 😝
  17. I think the hot V creates a few issues and the oil consumption is probably least of the issues. I am biased on the S85 as that is what we have, but here is a controversial take on S63. Maybe the later versions S63 on F90s maybe better. Either way budget more than expected any M car.
  18. This is my 5 cents worth. It is hard to get original, straight examples these days. This car despite being a Singaporean import has extensive NZ history. It’s been owned by BMW enthusiasts throughout its life. The mileage isn’t inter-galactic- not that you see too many 8’s with high travel. What appeals to me is the colour. I remember seeing it in Parnell in 2000 and I remember being blown away with how cool it looked- despite the naff 16” wheels it sat on. The E31 is arguably one of BMW’s prettiest designs and belies its age- it was designed in the 80’s but still looks majestic today Dakar is so flamboyant but suits the car perfectly!
  19. For Sale: 1995 E34 540i/6 six speed manual (1 of 16 imported) $12,000 ONO (Also listed elsewhere) Location: Wellington, NZ Note: This is being sold as a restoration project on an as-is-where-is basis and is priced accordingly. Will not be answering questions like 'what does it need'. Keen for the car to go to an enthusiast. Due to level of interest, there will be limited viewing dates: Wellington 3-4 August 9am-5pm by advance appointment only. by advance appointment only. Offers considered following this. The sale included numerous parts including a number of spare panels. If you are genuinely interested PM me for a list. No response will be made to requests for individual parts. Any parts not taken at sale will be sold separately. Will be sold with min. 6 Months reg & current WOF New Zealand New Vin number: BKxxxxx M60/2 engine Diamantschwartz Metallic (303) 1 of 2 540i/6 of this colour imported Black Bison Leather sports interior ASC+T Alarm Blackout trim Sunroof Dimming rear-view mirror Walnut trim Auto A/C M Sport suspension HiFi Loudspeaker system BMW Business head unit & CD changer Trip computer EXTRAS INSTALLED IN CAR: Genuine BMW EW34 rare electric rear blind, including original loom and switch in original seat centre console. Fine working condition. Genuine BMW E34 cruise control, including stalk, control unit, cable & actuator all in fine working condition. Genuine BMW boot floor lipped tray Genuine full original boot lid toolkit Genuine Engine bay lighting Genuine rechargeable glovebox torch Genuine original Business Sound System including head unit, CD changer with code (supplied separately- installed head unit NFS). Bilstein Sport suspension This is a very reluctant sale, I have owned the car for 18 years (130,000km~320,000km), and has had oil & filter changes every 10,000km with Fuchs oil. 95% of the mileage is open-road running 700km round trips and the engine is still as swift and powerful as the day I bought it. Anyone who knows or has driven this model knows these are not a standard E34. The combination of the quad cam V8, 6 speed manual transmission and sports suspension make it a go-cart in comparison. Selling as a project on an as-is basis. Needs a new owner with the energy and time to restore her. Unfortunately, I find myself 18 years on, no closer to having either. The car comes with heaps of new and used spare parts I have been collecting for 18 years with the intent or restoration. Not interested in selling individually, as parts have been collected specifically for this purpose with the car is really where they need to go. While the interior including the Recaros is in good condition with the original carpet unworn (matted all the time I’ve owned it), the exterior has needed work since I bought it. The driver’s door lower edge has some rust, and there are a few spots around the car that could be easily addressed during a full review. The spots on the roof and A-pillars are professionally neutralised stone chips in anticipation of future restoration. The clear coat has gone on the genuine BMW/BBS deep dish wheels. The A/C pump has failed and been disconnected. This is not guaranteed as a complete list of items that need attention. PM me for a parts list. Contact for viewing
  20. Recently I picked up a matte screen protector for the headunit. I wanted to give it a go and see if it would be an improvement over the glare that you get from the glossy head-unit screen. I wasn't able to find one exactly the right size so had to cut to size (which I got wrong slightly as you'll see in the photos). But it's good enough to try it out. If I decide I want to do this permanently I'll pull the head unit out and disassemble it so that I can get the screen protector across the entire surface of the screen so it sits perfectly behind the bezel. It's quite a big improvement. In the photos below I intentionally didn't clean the surface protector once it was on, so it has my fingerprints all over it. With direct lighting from behind onto the screen this was the most reflection I could get: And here's a couple of other photos (again with the same lighting conditions but photo taken slightly off-axis. I'm very happy with this so will try it out in driving conditions over the next few weeks and if I decide I want this permanently I'll pull the unit out and do it properly 🙂
  21. Main issue they have is oil consumption
  22. Last week
  23. Two! Wow! If I owned two I’d be saying this one is too cheap too 😂 such a cool colour!
  24. Was stupid low then and crazy cheap now haha 🤣. Tempting at this price and it would be an awesome addition to the collection... but nah, I'm good with two 😉
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