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  2. Weird - earlier this year I got half way through an online form and didn't complete it. They called me on the Monday and got me booked in - service was exceptional IMO.
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  4. Yes I'm a mad man. Posting a general discussion thread about a BMW recall, in a general discussion board, on a BMW orientated forum 🤨 Dealer isn't open at 8pm...
  5. Olaf

    E39 oil burner

    Will that net you difficulties at WoF time, with a 110k increase in odo? And what about your RUC? Is our local transport beauracracy equipped to deal with this kind of seismic change?
  6. BMW owner starts forum thread rather than telephoning local service department. 😎
  7. I gave this away nearly 12 years ago, it was interesting but now I have time for my family, photography, and even cars and DIY. You can laugh; I went mac. No more worrying about numbers - be they benchmarks, temperatures, incremental improvements, bios revisions, settings, driver versions, or how much that next upgrade part is going to cost. 😀
  8. Had similar issues and ended up in email discussions with BMW NZ who were really interested in trying to get the website issue sorted. Yeah right! They put me in touch with my local dealer who told me they didn’t have parts available just then and that they would be in touch as soon as they did. This was for the airbag recall. 18 months later I get another letter from BMW about another different recall. This time I phoned the dealer. They didn’t have parts for the airbag recall at that point but could do the other. I lost the plot a little. I got booked in within 2 weeks and it’s now sorted. I would say phone the local dealer and don’t be fobbed off.
  9. the words are in English but this is a foreign language.
  10. Not had a problem with the service! I always give them a call, and things proceed the way you describe.
  11. FYI @martyyyn on the Kapiti coast has a 535is ... awesome car! @XSDUP hope you can make it along to some local events. https://bimmersport.co.nz/forum/26-wellington/
  12. Thanks for the positive feed back chaps. I did think the DPF code was a bit strange, but figured it was to do with the cat delete. I didn't mention but the car also came with a factory boot spoiler that has been removed and left taped up holes on the boot lid. I think i will re fit it since it looks like it was factory fitted.. One other thing was the code 320 'model designation deletion'. Now it came with 535i badges, but they may be from another car. Does the 320 code mean the car would not have had the badge from factory or am i totally wrong with that assumption?!
  13. Wow that's not the response I was expecting. I assumed BMW service would be top notch. The Ranger had a recall on an undertray not long after I got it and Team Hutchison Ford contacted me within days of receiving the letter to let me know that parts were still being manufactured and they would call me once available. A while after they rang me to book it in and offered me a range of dates which varied from a few days to a few weeks out depending on whether I needed a courtesy car or not. In the end I chose a date that coincided with the service window and killed two birds. Couldn't of been easier.
  14. Is the PFL rear apron still available?
  15. I went round in circles for ages. There was some quirk with their website i eventually figured out, but I forget what it was. Never heard from them.
  16. Booked mine maybe 2 years ago. Never heard back from them ( other than an automated email saying someone will get in contact with me). Just got another letter last week.. javent bothered trying to sort it.
  17. Code may well be the same but its not translating it properly to the specific vehicle. It shows correctly correctly on other vin decoders.
  18. Call them. The personal touch is almost always a good thing.
  19. I'm trying to book in for the airbag recall. I believe it's been sorted by previous owner however I got a letter. Anyway I can't get past the service selection page on the website. It just sits there loading in a frozen like state. I've tried multiple browsers. Anyone else had this issue? Guess I'll have to call them...
  20. Nice example and congrats Kevin! Drove a 535is last year and thoroughly enjoyed it!
  21. the option codes remain the same, the meaning changes.
  22. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Dusted off the ancient laptop with carsoft 6.5 on it and scanned the car, also re-coded it to show mileage in Km, and reset the service lights, every module except the EWS has a fault code!!
  23. my money is on thrust arm bushes, if its doing it at 80kmh while cruising and not related to braking (in which case it would be warped rotors or similar)
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