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  2. gosh RS2 Avant. The one with the Porsche 2.2 turbo motor and running gear. Holy Grail for the Audi brand. Think it was the very first RS model. Rare, appreciating, and awesome. Wouldn't swap my BMW for a lot of cars - but maybe one of these.
  3. Not a BMW but the OG fast wagon so thought someone might appreciate it
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  5. Gone Pending pick up, but will advise if not picked up
  6. Gearboxes are pretty rare, so it wouldnt be cheap. Not many cars (130s and Z4s) have the GS6-37 Clean/Manual/Nof**kery/low km/well serviced/nice (rare) wheels/prefacelift purity.... 15k is reasonable for the right buyer (and would be considered dirt cheap internationally)
  7. Interested if still available.
  8. Agreed, it looks smart... but $15k? I'm not so sure. How much would a manual conversion cost for one of these? Surely not anywhere near $7k? Considering you can pick up a very nice auto for $8k, a manual priced at much more than $12k makes no sense to me.
  9. Very nice. Wheels are mint.
  10. Nice. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/130i/listing/3378674969
  11. Large Original BMW Motorsport calendar in original cardboard folder from BMW. Pick up Mangere Bridge -GONE pending pickup
  12. Large 2015 BMW Original Calendar Free, Still in cardboard folder from BMW, Pick up Mangere Bridge, Auckland -GONE PENDING PICKUP
  13. Looking forward to putting some life back into my 325i, just need to finish the 320i first. Have learnt heaps on that, but have kept it stock. Hoping to get a bit more out of the B25!
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  15. Has a nice cam, and a set of headers! Really liven's it up!
  16. Yeah, love the colour - the benefits of silver but with a little more depth / interest to it. Seats could benefit from a little more foam TBH, also a bit 'wobbly'. I don't think the wheel is original to the car - per the build sheet came with: 708 - M Technic Leather Sport Steering Wheel II So will probably refurb the leather on this one (have already ordered a fresh BMW badge and coloured trim piece) in the meantime and put that towards a refurbished 370mm MT2.
  17. Cool. I will wait for my mechanical insurance to lapse them do it. Thanks for the info
  18. Very nice! Some potential there for sure. These BMWs were really peak BMW. The glory days!
  19. Very nice! Great that you found what you wanted, and great that another E30 is going to be given some love. Imho Lachs is one of the very best E30 colours but then I’m biased! The seats look well worn, but pretty solid, so can be sorted - not sure if that cloth can still be found, I know some of the classic BMW stuff is still around. Is your Tech I steering wheel original, I thought all the FL M-Sports had the Tech II wheel? If you do change it out you should get a good amount of $$$ back selling the Tech I. Looking forward to your updates, and seeing in the flesh at a future meet.
  20. @m325i Ahhh yes - per your username! Will be semi-daily-ing - i.e. driving 2-3 times in week then otherwise for fun whenever I want - I work from home 70% of time now-days and rarely sit in traffic. Could go clear markers - cheap to see how it looks anyway. 370mm Mtech wheels seem to be in the $800 plus range, yeah, although once you add a boss kit not much difference to a Momo or Nardi. Without airbags, I'm thinking an Mtech 2 wheel looks like a nicer place to smash my face into than a exposed metal wheel haha
  21. Sick. This is the one to have! As an ex 300km e30 daily driver, I'd suggest replace every rubber hose. Clear front and side markers? I've heard the Mtech steering wheels are very expensive. Why not a period Momo/Sparco ? Will you be daily-ing? Look forward to the updates
  22. It's back up... and possibly even more of a bargain - someone could be in for a fun summer: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m135i/listing/3373138200
  23. To further support my nomination I just bought an E30 with almost 400km
  24. Clocked this on the shore last week, lovely looking and sounding!
  25. qube

    Lachssilber E30 M325i

    Im sure you will sort it out in due time
  26. I was thinking about creating a Bimmersport award for Masochist of the year.
  27. If you get the parts but the install is not your thing, then give me a call. I have installed several cruise controls stalks in Z3's (E36/7) and a Z4 (E85) stalk into a E46. Being Timaru based, I not too far away from Dunedin.
  28. duluth

    Style 386 rims

    Bump price drop - $350 $320 Bimmersport Members
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