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  2. Crazy low volts! Mines at 1.28v for 4.8, 1.32 for 4.9... starts to get warm though even with a 360mm AIO and not delidded. Its been running at 1.28v since new, happily. I amazed 4790ks can still hang with the big dogs (kind of!), on things like FS2020 at 4k its very much GPU bound still with a 2070 super.
  3. Those last three motorsport pics are epic.
  4. I *believe* so, and I would suggest you assume so unless somebody with a pre-LCI can confirm otherwise.
  5. Thanks. Yeah i would say its a good clean car. Had it for a few years now, straight, clean, and used!
  6. Nice s4, is it a good example?
  7. Yep, thats all on the to do list! Im sure the core engine health is good, starts easy idles smoothly. Almost feels like its holding some timing back for some reason, but it has been sitting around for a bit. I will go through all that you have listed and im sure it will get better with a kick in the butt. I'll have to look up afm track adjustment though, thats new to me.
  8. Hi. Just putting feelers out for a 130i manual. Looking for something similar to what Scott Harvey had (or still has) for sale recently. Tried contacting him, no reply so assume sold. Dont mind the higher mileage if the maintenance has been done, been reading here about solenoids, water pump, coils and some gaskets. I'm not in the $10K plus price range. Thanks, John
  9. Depends what state of the engine is in. I usually end up going over the whole ignition and fuel system which usually helps - New plugs, filters, distrubutor, rotor, valve and afm track adjustment, clean injectors, sometimes a set a leads followed some high rpm runs. My old NZ 535is with 330,000 on the clock dyno'd 127kw atw on Torque performance dyno in Auckland. While they don't have that low down pull compared to M\N5X stuff with variable manifold and valve timing tech, i still think they still perform well given how old the engine design is. Sounds like someone has spent some $ on the suspension which is always a good sign.
  10. don't temp me! I did almost buy a 190e Cosworth in about 2003, but I thought it was a bit scruffy for the 4k asking price.. I have other photos of my other cars (past and present) on Instagram if anyone is really bored, @XSDUP
  11. Fantastic collection! Edit: When does the 190e or W124 arrive on the drive?
  12. Thanks!... I may have a sickness 😏
  13. I might have a browse during digital Monday or Black Friday. But prob in the US rather than here. I need another monitor though. And that I will sadly have to buy here due to size. Currently have a Asus ROG PG278QR which has been awesome.
  14. Yusss.... those are the ones. Never picked them up as they are listed in a kind of strange place. I already bought some other wheels and have them on the car, but I still have some interest in the Style 216 so I will contact the seller and see if I can work a deal. Thanks for the heads up Cheers...
  15. Thats a fantastic first BMW!
  16. aja540i

    E39 oil burner

    Bumper and under trays back on, number plate on temporarily, test drive around the block, airbag light on, bugger ! Will have to check code and clear so I can sort that, hopefully just from having so many airbag parts disconnected over the last few weeks. Certainly goes better now than when I collected it, trans is much happier, a LOT less smoke! New front suspension arms ordered, that should sort the shudder under brakes. Will take it for a WOF on Friday / Saturday and get a new to do list! Photo in the dark shows the bumper at its best...
  17. by modern standards, they arent fast cars,they are only 155 kw and they are quite heavy..The 155kW is what BMW said.It was the end of the road for the M30
  18. thanks for the info Eagle, the previous owner mentioned it may be an 'is' but i wasn't sure. It's been towing race cars around the country for a number of years. 340kms on the clock, seems to run like a clock! Has new shocks and i can see some urethane bushes in the front end, im surprised how tight it feels. I have spent the last 2 weeks just cleaning it.. in and out door jams etc (basically was filthy) gave it a buff and polish. I have the fog lights, but the front bumper is going to need some surgery first! Have had mates with these in the past, and not sure if my other cars have clouded my memory but feels a little light on power but I haven't looked much into that yet. Working on getting it a WOF, have some rear pitman? arms on order, the rest seems fine.
  19. Amd is definitely the ecosystem to go for at the moment, and ussually are more future proof. But cpu and gpu choices greatly depends on what you are using the pc for?
  20. RipJaws

    E60 M5 Parts

    Does anyone have some front rotors for e60 M5 Also left hand side e60 head light - Need a price hold off on that as I've just seen theres about 5 different types of headlight & front bumper carrier part # 51117895740
  21. That’s a survivor, even on the original plate! Looks like a fun project.
  22. So if I buy a pre LCI I’ll need the bulb holders as well?
  23. Should look quite tidy once that front bumper is repaired and painted. E34's hold up quite well. Its a legit NZ 535iS spec so has all the usual options
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