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  2. I just about bought this car in 2002 when it was being sold by an owner in Forest Hill, North Sore, Auckland. It was mint back then - about 120,000 kms. The owner wanted $17,500 - which I thought was too high at the time. Despite that, it was a mint car. Boris Radich who was a Bimmersporter here bought it off the subsequent owner, 4-5 years later. Boris is a E34 enthusiast - and he went bonkers 'bringing back' an already mint example. One of the freaky cars that has had so much love bestowed upon it from previous custodians that it's appearance and condition belies it's relatively hefty mileage.
  3. This is quite a nice example. Would also take one of these over an E30 any day of the week. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3147659244?tm=email&et=45&mt=79F4475F-6C8D-4859-8EC2-79132A4FA124&bof=YSbSTjo4
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  5. At least the 5.1 stuff I would suggest, I can’t remember what the Motul 600 is rated as but it’s a full on “race” fluid -not cheap, but good.
  6. Quaife, but the bearings are stock.
  7. You could use a normal oil and a limited slip additive. https://www.repco.co.nz/en/oils-fluids/engine-oils-fluids/gear-oils/penrite-limslip-additive-150ml-lsadd000150/p/A1199297
  8. Is that 140 for a stock or limited slip diff? Factory spec for the stock slippery diff is 75w90 GL-5 (BMW branded of course 🙄). I don't know what to put in mine, I don't know what type of LSD it has.
  9. https://bmworkshop.co.nz/parts-department/ I got ATE rotors from these guys for my 540. Reasonably priced and overnight shipping that actually arrived overnight.
  10. Good advice. Where does one get ATE in NZ?
  11. Iv asked my local bmw dealer techs some pritty straight forward questions and they've ether said that there not sure,or that it wont work. Example, m54b30 i have 2 engins 98,04 had issues with o2 sensor, they have 2 different o2 sensors,different plug input,different diameter. 04 different 90mm diameter, asked would smaller one run the engine, the dude laught down the phone, said silly idea and no wont happen. So installed smaller o2 sensor, runs mint.
  12. Depends on the dealer, some are ok others may not
  13. Don't screw around with cheap rotors and pads, trust me, its not worth it. Biggest ball ache Ive ever had was constantly warped "brembo" rotors. Its worth paying for decent stuff. If its a stock car getting driven as per stock - ATE rotors and pads.
  14. Im running 75W140 (Royal Purple) as per KB recommendations, all works well and purple. Had run 75w90 for 250,000km previously before bearing damage.
  15. Not bad for 1600cc and 3 cylinders !!! WRC cars keep getting smaller and more agile. I think that is one place where race technology does indeed filter down (eventually) to the road cars sold to the general public. High performance will always command a price premium, but mass production keeps the premium down to a level where Joe Average can aspire to own a GR once used examples start hitting the market. The BMW market seems to be much the same. Except that the starting point is higher and the smaller number of new BM's sold in NZ (compared to Germany or the USA for example) keeps the price of used examples higher. Here it is not unusual to see a car with 90,000km on the clock advertised as "low mileage" as if that was a good thing. When in reality it means that it is approaching the point where maintenance costs are likely to rise steeply. That is often the point at which fleet cars are replaced and private owners trade up, so the less affluent buyer gets a chance to try his/her hand at used car roulette in the hope of getting a good one. That's my buy in point by the way The orange car is not in this category as it genuinely does not have a lot of kilometres on the clock and is still under factory warranty. The number of potential buyers for that car is limited, and there are a lot of other nice cars on offer in the asking price range. But you only need one BMW fanatic to be looking to trade up (from an M3 for example) to a later model, and WANT your car. Then it is just down to negotiating a deal that is acceptable to both parties. All you have to do is wait for that one buyer Cheers...
  16. I need to do this soon too. I'm guessing it will be the standard 75w90 Castrol?
  17. aw man definitely sounds like a big job for the dealer! BMW dealers would never use this right? Their mandate is to fix it with OEM parts?
  18. Managed to speak to my service dealer and they reckon it would be covered but just want to verify that's the problem. Hopefully it's all good. I was thinking about that, but did notice that my coolant tank was rather low when the message did show up.
  19. Oh and since you mentioned a GR... there was a Yaris GR on Sat lapping within one second of me. Those things are so much faster than you'd expect 😮 On a previous trackday I had one managing to stay right on my tail for an entire session.
  20. How do I delete this account?
  21. qube

    E46 330i Touring

    saw ya driving thru the mt vic tunnel the other day. looked great!
  22. Simca

    WTB e34 wagon

    Bump. Anyone got any 540i wagons around? cbk to swap my e34 535is manual.
  23. adro

    E46 330i Touring

    dramatic morning light
  24. What are the odds - I just messaged you RE them. Talk about timing!
  25. I've still got my used ones put aside for you (no obligation) if you want them.
  26. For the stock diff synthetic 75w90 GL-5.
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