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  2. Just because many other classic cars have been reshelled in the past doesn't make it good or legal. It's illegal, and shouldn't be on the road. There is nothing to say the 318i shell isn't from a stolen car (no history of where that shell came from, just that it was a 318i), and if anyone in authority (wof inspector, certifier, police etc) can prove the tags don't match the shell, it's 100% game over, you would probably have to reshell it again, properly. It's no different to my M328i, which was a full M3 conversion into a 328i shell. I couldn't just plate and tag it (like this e30), it had to remain registered as a 328i and be certified for the modifications.
  3. Because it's not a re-shell of an M325i into a 318i shell with the appropriate LVVTA plate, it's a concerted attempt to hide and obfuscate the cars history Sorry don't see any concerted attempt to hide and obfuscate the cars history at all. Both the seller, and a previous owner posting in the imgur link above are quite upfront and open about this car having been reshelled. There no suggestion at all to alleged "Ringing" Neil whatsoever. There is probably 3 or 400 Falcon Gt's, Holden Monaro's various Lotus Porsches Austin Healey's and dare I suggest several BMW E30 and E36 M3's on the road today in NZ that have been reshelled as this car might have been. And like this 325 they are registered and carry current WOF's The car for sale on the open market, warts and all. As Leon F says above, caveat emptor, buyer beware. Given the reshell may have taken place some considerable time ago, before the sellers ownership, lets let the guy get on with his auction.
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  5. You can… but the ti inner cv doesn’t match the e30 diff output shaft, so will need to swap the diff outputs to suit. Not long put a e30 medium case into my compact and had to swap to e30 axles.
  6. Because it's not a re-shell of an M325i into a 318i shell with the appropriate LVVTA plate, it's a concerted attempt to hide and obfuscate the cars history. OIA request if you want some reading, I suggest starting at the "Ringing" heading https://fyi.org.nz/request/4016/response/13236/attach/5/THOMAS Daniel 16 4483 1 Chapters from the Police Manual Motor vehicle offences.pdf Except the high mileage Mt1 and Mt2 cars were actually put together at the factory, not some cul de sac or back-alley, and in the case of the Mt2 kit alone, there's probably close to 50 holes that are drilled into the car to fit the kit- I'd trust a West German robot from '89 over someone with an auger drill bit, and this is me giving them enough credit to suggest that they reused the dozens of brackets and plastic rivets required to fit the kit rather than a big gun of sikaflex.
  7. There is a heap of MSNZ technical Officers listed on MSNZ website under Contacts. Suggest you give one (or more) of them a call to get the authoritive answer but my 2c is you can drive the car on the road with the Authority card other than to and from events. Pretty sure you need to enter or have competed in 2 events p.a.to retain your card.
  8. Hi Jonoe30, I have just been reading your post regarding the soft top replacement. I purchased my dream 1986 E30 325i convertible about 10 days ago, despite being in immaculate condition, the roof has a few issues in particular the operation of the manual roof. You mentioned that you had a link/copy to the BMW service video for the roof replacement. If you still have that, I would love to see it. Regards Stu stuart.clentworth@hotmail.com
  9. The difference being that most of those older cars were not advertised and sold as an illegally plate and tagged car.
  10. https://www.nzta.govt.nz/vehicles/vehicle-registration/vin/ A person must not remove, erase, alter, deface, obscure, destroy or obliterate a VIN or chassis number. A vehicle inspector must not issue a WoF or CoF to a vehicle with a removed, erased, altered, defaced, obscured, destroyed or obliterated VIN or chassis number. However, if a vehicle can be appropriately identified Waka Kotahi will authorise the affixing or re-affixing of a new VIN. These vehicles should be referred to a VIN issuing Agent (AA, Drivesure, Nelson Vehicle Testing Centre Ltd, VINZ, and VTNZ). They will inspect the vehicle and seek approval from Waka Kotahi to issue or re-issue a VIN plate.
  11. TBH not quite sure what all the fuss is about with this car. All the Lotus Cortina's and Ford Escorts that enjoyed successful race careers and probably 80% of the road cars here in NZ have all been rebodied, yet carry the original tags. Same with other brands too, Alfa Romeo, Austin Healey Jaguar and Porsche. Has it affected the values? Not one jot. Lets face it, none of the high km multi owner 325 MTech 1 or 2's will ever be collector cars, and this car falls into this category too, this is just the car for an enthusiast to acquire, and put his personal stamp on, as Sammo is doing with his. The seller is not trying to hide anything, and is making the sale as transparent as he can do, and kudos to him. $1 reserve, its on the market, put up or shut up 😉
  12. I've renewed 5 authority cards this year on cars that haven't moved since early 2020. It doesn't seem terribly strict at the mo If you do it, use proper cage padding. If you're involved in an incident on the road without a helmet on, the cage will watermelon your head
  13. You need to do at least two proper Motorsport events each year to maintain the authority card, ie prove car IS being used for Motorsport. However, you CAN still drive the car on the road whenever you want. I dailied my E30 race car for many months on a authority card.
  14. This is my understanding so far so would pay to check. I have a similar dilemma where I have a Mk1 Mini RCIS that has a full MANZ complaint cage. I want to use that car for street based Motorsport and the odd Sunday drive. I need to get the car through all the Cert regs and club sport regs to do both. From what I can work out I need to take a gas axe to the current cage, import an fia compliant bolt in cage but weld in the rear set , and feet for the nz regs. But before I do so I’ll check in with MANZ and a certifier to see if this sounds possible.
  15. Saw someone had dropped that on the auction - interesting we can now see unanswered questions on auctions? Wonder if that $20k will be removed.
  16. Yeah, e30 a rear CV joint has let go. Have e36ti rear end, so thought was l could use a rear drive-shaft from that?
  17. right I see, I thought you were able to drive a motorsport car on public roads with an authority card since it allows you to obtain a WOF, provided that all modifications meet he required standards? So a fully caged motorsport car, with an authority card cannot be used for a sunday drive on public roads? This might be the deciding factor as I definitely want to be able to drive the car on public roads on weekends, as I won't be able to take it to a track every time I want to drive it. cheers
  18. this is a good point, I guess what I was saying was useless in the sense of what events you can participate in under msnz regulation, obviously even if not required, it doesn't hurt to have a half cage and the added safety that it provides
  19. Everyone knows that you should drive faster with no reg/wof as it means less time on the road so less time of being caught... There's plenty off the shelf bits for LS conversions so if it's want you want and have the ability to do it, then go for it
  20. Full cage means Motorsport authority card and car can only be used for Motorsport events. But you all the protection needed offered by a full cage such as door bars and frontal protection. Half cage means removing back set and certing car as front passenger only use. But you can use car regularly such as Sunday drives. Down side it less protection. Were it gets unclear is if you have a welded in rear section and bolt in front that attaches to welded in front anchor points. Some suggestion that this is a could be a good compromise between dedicated Motorsport car verse something that can also be used on the road. Bolt in front obviously not as strong as welded in
  21. They are all completely useless UNTIL SOMETHING GOES WRONG. safety shouldn't be about meeting minimum requirements it should be about doing as much as possible to prevent yourself dying.
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  23. I love the sound of this thing when he starts it up, makes me want my own race car 😊
  24. Didn't want to derail the other thread so thought id start this here. Am considering putting a rollbar or roll cage into my 135i over summer. Was originally planning on just putting in a basic half cage to keep things simple but be able to use harnesses and have some more safety. however upon doing some research, it seems that there is absolutely no point in a half cage (or rollbar as msnz calls them) in a closed car. If you want to take a passenger you need a roll cage, if you don't then in club sport events you don't need any form of cage or rollbar. If you want to do a rally event you need a full cage. So it seems pointless to go with a half cage/rollbar, either go full cage, bucket seats, harnesses, remove airbags etc then get a authority card or leave the car as is but maybe with some more supportive seats. Any insight, recommendations or opinions are appreciated. Cheers
  25. @Bandit that's amazing.. did you take the pic?
  26. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/130i/listing/3718963907 Looks a bit ropey, but should be cheap.
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