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  3. I'm definitely not keen to take the intake manifold off if it isn't necessary. Have seen another video that suggests taking out the turbo piping to get to the manifold instead as well. That would be great if you could give me a hand, im in Cambridge or I could come to you. Would be happy to compensate you for your time as well.
  4. Rules on RUCs on EVs have been in place for a long time. EVs are subject to RUC, there has been an “exemption” in place for a number of years and was until either a set date or the total number of EVs on the road reached a certain percentage. The end date has been moved out a couple of times but it has now been stated it won’t move again, iirc it’s some time in 2023. Cost of electricity + RUC will still be way cheaper per km than petrol or diesel. As for the supply grid, a lot rests on the closure of the smelting plant down south freeing up a lot of capacity. With the vast majority of charging done at home the flexibility is there to use “off-peak” periods.
  5. Right. I think id rather take the exhaust and turbo off, less chance of damaging anything or running into issues, unless you are replacing other stuff while you are there. I can give you hand if you want.
  6. Been twice. Once - the 'real' way. On a bike, living in a garage while there. Road in before the races, road the mountain (slowly and carefully!), parked the bike and gave the keys to the landlady. Sobered up a few days later. Second was the poseurs way. Flew in, stayed in a hotel. To be honest, both are fantastic ways to visit.
  7. An interesting move in the UK, as from 30 June 2022, all home EV chargers must be smart chargers. Separately metered and able to be controlled remotely. Why? Recovery of road tax that is normally recovered via the purchase of petrol Control of the electricity grid peak load It will be interesting to see how the N.Z. Govt handles these issues? Road User Charges for EV's? Currently free. But watch this space when the penetration of EV's start to impact the Govt Coffers. Electricity Network owners are all struggling with the future high impact of the EV charging load. Effectively doubling there peak load on a network the has little or no future EV growth room due to the "Optimised Deprival Value" methodology they are forced by the Govt to use when building major improvements. There is no fat in the system and they simply can't build the network fast enough for electric car charging loads. Will you have enough charge for that urgent trip when the Network Owner has drained your battery to support their network peaks? Do I want to buy an electric car? Not at the moment. They are too expensive, battery life is a concern and the playing field on operating costs is a shifting muddy quagmire. Roll on Green Hydrogen and Green synthetic petrol. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/motorists-warned-as-new-driving-law-may-lead-to-sinister-implications-for-car-tax-costs/ar-AAXLcPw?li=AAnZ9Ug https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/other/driving-law-changes-all-home-ev-chargepoints-will-need-smart-chargers-from-next-month/ar-AAXIfdT?li=AAnZ9Ug
  8. From the top, have got a replacement valve cover gasket but knowing my luck i'll get stuck injectors
  9. What route of removal were you thinking of taking?
  10. Bugger that, you can sleep in a car but you can't race a house!
  11. I listened to it on Saturday, twice, absolute gold. His yarns about his old man are awesome
  12. Got the dreaded cracked stainless exhaust manifold on my e60 530d. Picked up a cast steel replacement manifold + all the associated gaskets. A mate who has done his before was going to give me a hand but has had to leave the country for a while for work. I usually do my own servicing, have watched a couple of YT vids, but this is something i've never attempted before. I'm guessing most mechanics wouldn't appreciate being given parts to just fit? Based in the Waikato/Hamilton/Cambridge if anyone knows of a decent mechanic (called up Hillcrest Auto Services who never got back to me) or if anyone is keen to make some $$$ by watching me and telling me if im going to royally fck something up.
  13. I've got two of those boxes ticked, but it's white.
  14. Was presented with a coolant leak in the 130 today... pulled out of the garage this morning and there was a small pool on the floor, jumped in it this evening for the (short) trip home and got a dash warning and left another small pool in my parking spot at work. Didn't get much beyond 100*C on the ~9km trip home but it's a problem that will need addressing. Long weekend on Waiheke this one so no time to look at it until next weekend so I'll have to carry around some demineralised water or premix G48 for the time being. To be fair, it's the only mechanical problem I've had with it in 2.5 years and ~10k kms so I can't complain. And well, BMW cooling systems, it was hardly unexpected. 🙄 Better than blowing the bottom out of the radiator at the top of the harbour bridge, 20km from home, in the old 328 I suppose...
  15. Someones who’s multi million dollar mortgage just got a whole lot more expensive.
  16. Who special orders something like that, does 1200km in it and then sells / trades it?
  17. This is a lovely counterpoint to the monstrosities that are the iX and the XM...love this colourscheme too. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3611774149
  18. Unexpectedly we might be moving a bit sooner than I thought and my classic e28 has been far more daily competent than I thought it would.. So the big 7 does not get the road time to justify it sitting there! Lots of details in advert, genuinely an amazing and rare car: https://www.trademe.co.nz/3603075905 Would entertain offers here, asking $38k on Trade Me, which vs pricing on the older E65 seems legit. I also can supply the android mirocast unit to share phone to those rear screens.
  19. wheels look great, who painted them for you if you don't mind me asking? the colour looks really good, got a set of wheels id like done in the same sort of colour
  20. "The big problem with Macau is that the bike racing gets in the way of a fantastic holiday" @dirtydoogle I think that Collecting Cars episode is possibly my most listened to podcast ever, he is a great story teller and ambassador for the sport.
  21. jon dee

    Quick rant thread.

    Just in case you are feeling down and need a quick fix Cheers...
  22. I signed up as soon as that deal was released, it's a mere pittance after WSBK and MotoGP video passes 😬 John McG on the Collecting Cars Podcast is a must listen, absolutely hilarious
  23. I have a set of wheels that are not needed if anyone is looking for a nice set of factory BMW alloys to suit a 3 series (also some 1 series) Genuine Style 400M which are off the F30/F31 3 series and F32/F36 4 series 18x8J ET34 front with 225/45/18 Alventi Zeta - Near New 18x8.5J ET47 rear with 255/40/18 Good Year Eagle F1 - Need to confirm but useable condition Wheels are professionally painted a gunmetal grey with almost no kerb damage If you are fitting to an older chassis like the E3x or E9x or E87/E81 etc then you will need to step down a size on tyres anyway Thinking around $1000 Happy to consider offers
  24. Think its around single 57mm on both inlet and outlet sides. Just 5mths old, I swapped it for a new OEM one as I thought this was a little too noisey with my engine swap. In great condition and has a handly flange on it already. Likely fits similar vintage BMWs to the e28 (ie E30 and E24 also). Hangers already attached too. Comes with the chrome single to twin tip adapter I put on (you can sell or use that if you want). Location: Wellington Price: $100 Photos: Attached
  25. Got a new WOF after fixing a few things - PS leak / floppy seat / floppy door hinge / floppy tie rods. Do have a new thing to add to the to-do list - large amount of vertical play in my steering couple guibo causing a clunk over every speed bump... I have a rubber one here but might go for a softer grade grade poly so I feel like I've upgraded / ruined something at the same time.
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