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  2. I got one. Send me a text on 0211804565.
  3. Video bump, see how easy it is... Although I'd shave the tab off rather than cutting the groove.
  4. Sammo

    Quick rant thread.

    Been chasing a bad rattle (metal on metal kind of sound in front part of car) for the past week or so. Car came back from workshop last Friday for driveshaft hoop install - then last Saturday I installed a short shifter and front and rear upgraded sway bars - so made it a bit harder on myself with all the changes at once.. First noticed the rattle over bumps etc on Sunday and have been chasing my tail on it ever since - first assumed it was the M3 front bar hitting something, then thought it was my end links and then thought it could even be my new short shifter linkage being too close to the driveshaft... So I reinstalled the factory shifter and removed the front bar and end-links and it was still there. I also checked and re-torqued my lower strut bolt, strut nuts and strut mount nuts - still no joy. I don't believe the driveshaft hoops are the culprit, although the rear one is very close to the exhaust. Finally, I remembered I also had the shop change my transmission mounts - just checked those and the lower nuts were VERY loose - like no resistance with a very short handled 3/8" ratchet... Tightened those up which will *hopefully* be problem solved. Dinner time though so will have to test drive again in the morning - fingers crossed!
  5. Haha thanks. She's getting there, cost me a grand yesterday tho 😂
  6. Oil pan removed, onwards we go !! Found a small piece of gasket material in the lower oil pan which looks like it could be from the infamous VQ oil gallery gasket issue ... looks like we'll be taking that detour at some stage !!
  7. I thought about pitching this idea to the spinoff a few years ago! An interview with the Michael Grant would be priceless.
  8. Bet you wish you didn't kick that black cat under a ladder now!
  9. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Lost the windscreen on the 130 to unswept roadworks just outside of Dannevirke today. Two screens in two weeks to roadworks. Yay.
  10. Greetings all, Amz here I own a E46 330 2002 ive had this one for 15 years.Shes a Stock sports BMW apart from the rims.This one is no garage queen and is a pleasure to drive this is why I have kept it so long as you never get sick of driving a Bimmer. Haven’t had much go wrong with this one and it still has all the original German spark plugs in it. Looking forward to reading other like minded people’s vlogs about there rides. Thanks for the sign up cheers Amz.
  11. Yesterday
  12. I fitted the 3mm slip on, hub centric spacers and longer wheel bolts this morning and I'm satisfied. The centre bore is perfect, the spacers tap on around the hub flange and then don't move, the mate is perfect and heaps of flange left for the wheel to centre on. Took her for a spin across the (legal ish) speed range and no wobbles or balance issues, happy with that. I'll tackle the brakes on one of the upcoming long weekends assuming nothing more important pops up. I went for Torq spacers and bolts from TM sold by 360link who was actually very helpful (and saved me some money in the process).
  13. Fuel pump assembly ready to go back in with a Walbro 255lph and dedicated new wiring. Also added in a temp sensor that the Nissan uses which I've connected to the old pump power pins. Its about to get interesting ... engine is up on the stand and oil drained ready to remove the lower oil pan. The approach will be to measure and model the engine where the pan attaches and then install back in the car with trans attached (and subframe reinstalled) but no sump so I can get an idea for the room we have to work with. Then will be able to complete the design of the new wet sump before working on engine mounts and other daunting tasks.
  14. I had a similar issue with my E61 M5, insurance valued it at the same price as a sedan, but I had 2 valuations and neither were significantly more, including one from Continental BMW. They don't seem to take rarity into account. I am probably going to change insurer to someone like classic cover but that may not work for you.
  15. Thanks. That's a bit more than I expected for such high kms, it must have been in very good condition. The recent asking price for under 200k 1.9 manuals had been around $5k. A good idea to auction it!
  16. The PLMC prices are not really, really unrealistic... if the cars were MANUALS. I'd pay $6k for low km 1996 528i manual. I assume this fellow owns these cars as investments (no financing) if he can hold out this long... and has a no mortgage car lot.
  17. I rate the Autoglym stuff. Makes the tyres black/clean vs oily/wet. Does require more regular applications.
  18. I personally would, $12k is alot to be short changed by in an incident. Or perhaps get some quotes from another company? Star or Swan, someone who does agreed value vs market value. Do you know what valuations roughly cost?
  19. Just renewing my insurance on my 2016 F31 335d. Insurance co. has valued car at ~38k, I queried this and they said that they use Motorweb for valuation purposes (although cover is 'market value' if total loss). I had imagined it might be ~50k (esp given supply issues at present and rarity of 335d in NZ as it was never sold here as NZ new model). Sure enough one popped up on TM last night, same year, similar spec and double the km with an asking price of 52k https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2949892828 Any opinions on whether it's worth getting a formal valuation?
  20. Probably stubbornness..as the song goes "I did it my way"😜
  21. Hmmm, it shows up for me in the trademe app. $5500 was the winning bid with reserve met.
  22. Anyone see what this sold for? I'm curious to know but for some reason TM doesn't show me. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2935915907
  23. Hi @Cammsport, good evening, thank you for your reply and also for your kind words. I understand that all of you who participate on this discussion are not aimed on blaming me, thank you. Yes you are right, I guess when it comes to time- pressure I slide into German / English mix, using German phrases filling up with words in English. I will visit a business- english group by March (so far it is allowed to join due to covid) to work on it. Yes sounds good to me, thank you, whenever you are ready and sorted out whats good to go let me know please, take your time and when there are more information needed just drop a mail please, happy to support. Best regards and a nice weekend to you too, David
  24. Hi @Driftit good evening, thank you for your reply and your kind words, I do accept your apologize, thank you very much, nothing to talk about anymore and I do understand your situation for sure, foresight is better than hindsight. Maybe I can be part of it (this forum and help out with parts from time to time) in future showing that I am the guy to count on. wishing you a nice weekend Dan thank you and best regards David
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