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  1. Colossus

    2014 M3 with high kms - should I buy?

    Thank you for opening my eyes to the idea of keeping my existing POS run about, and my weekend car, and getting a third car
  2. Colossus

    2014 M3 with high kms - should I buy?

    haha, been there done that. Not with a BMW but a version 8 wrx sti I used to own. I'm all about stock cars now really. Any modern car you purchase for circa $55k will depreciate a lot.. This one perhaps less so if I do fewer KMs because it has already depreciated more than a similarly aged car due to the higher KMs. It has occurred to me the car could cost me say $1k/month in depreciation and say an average of $400+/month in maintenance. So is it worth $1400 a month to me..
  3. Colossus

    2014 M3 with high kms - should I buy?

    I did a bit of research. There are basically three factors to consider that people have different ideas about: 1) Do you want a car that is 4 years old with higher KM's, or a completely different car that is 8 or so years old with fewer KM's 2) Do you want one that is NZ new and dealer serviced or are you happy enough to get an imported one 3) Do you value knowing the type of KMs and who the driver/owner was or do you think it's all the same The ones I see on trademe are from 2014/15 are all more than $75k. So then it's a question of how much you discount from there for the fact that it has much higher KM's considering the three factors above.
  4. Colossus

    2014 M3 with high kms - should I buy?

    Good points, and thanks for the info regarding idrive - I didn't know it had wear information. Thanks for that info, I didn't think they were CC and it is NZ new. I would be paying someone else to do it. I'm in the Bay of Plenty though so not sure who yet.
  5. Colossus

    2014 M3 with high kms - should I buy?

    How much per corner for the standard brakes? Does anyone have a service schedule so I can look into regular maintenance costs? It's only one service out of the free servicing period so hard to guage.
  6. Colossus

    2014 M3 with high kms - should I buy?

    A price hasn't been agreed, but it will be less than $60k, I think $55k would be a done deal, and that may not be the bottom number.
  7. Colossus

    2014 M3 with high kms - should I buy?

    That's the next question - what would a fair price for that car be? Basically if you looked at it you would think it had done maybe 60,000km in terms of wear and tear. Most of the ones you see have 50-80km on them so it is hard to get a comparison.
  8. Colossus

    2014 M3 with high kms - should I buy?

    It's the twin turbo 6 cylinder, I believe that's an F80. I think it was the first of them after the v8. I stupidly must have removed the mileage in the original post. It's up to 135,000km. So it's high as in I start to wonder about the service life of key components as we may hit that number during my ownership. Based on post above regarding warranty I talked to the owner who genuinely believed the warranty was unlimited KM's, he admitted he may have just been blissfully unaware and is going to check.
  9. Hello, I've haven't yet owned a BMW but I have an opportunity to purchase a 2014 M3 from someone I know and trust that has owned it from new and been the sole driver. It has a full service history from continental and I understand still has a year factory warranty remaining. Never been tracked. It has has high kms but the kms are from a 300km commute done twice a week. Is it a crazy idea to buy it? What are maintenance costs like? e.g. how much would it cost to do front rotors and pads? I'm obviously also concerned with major issues that may cost $$ to fix as well e.g. engine and DCT but I suspect I won't be able to get much certainty regarding that. Thanks!