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  1. krsmith

    Noob - idrive conversion

    Thanks Matt. Will follow up with SW
  2. krsmith

    Noob - idrive conversion

    Thanks all for feedback. Looks like I'll need to pay a visit to a specialist - i have no intention of installing a band expander as they are crap. I had noted a post from Jochen stating that the radio can be converted following a few steps, however this is possibly not for an E61?? I'll check out the phone/bluetooth (I haven't picked up the car yet, just preempting projects - my wife doesn't understand!!). The idrive unit has 2 buttons so must be a CCC - sounds like I am in for some serious $$$$ to rectify the satnav problem. The car yard people reckoned the complete idrive can be converted to NZ for around $1,500 - $2,000 - does this sound realistic? Cheers
  3. I am new to Bimmersport and BMW's. I have just bought a Japanese 550i Touring (2006 E61) and annoyingly I could not convince the yard to convert the idrive to NZ. I am sure these questions have been asked a million times before and apologies up front for rehashing what is most likely old ground, however, from my initial research, it appears the conversion can actually be done in phases i.e. convert the radio (i read a guide, but not sure if it works with a E61). What about the satnav and phone? Can i simply get a NZ nav DVD to load up for NZ maps? Is there a simple technique for the bluetooth/phone interface? There appears to be a lot of cowboys out there who want to charge 2 arms and a kidney for doing the conversion and to be honest I cant see that it should be that tricky. Appreciate your feedback.