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  1. hi i was looking at buying these rims on trade me and the offset is 40p there 17 " rims.. will these fit??
  2. Cristian

    paint job??

    hey just after a rough estimate price of getting a while 4 door e30 1990 painted to a metallic colour?? and where is a good place to get it done?? thanks
  3. my battery in my e30 is wasted.. need new one asap.. where on the north shore should i go for quality but cheap battery??? and what kind do i need??? thanks:D
  4. could you send me a pic of hopw low yours is please?? also if you are looking to go lower would you consider selling me the ones you have now if i like the picture?? thanks..
  5. Cristian

    tints for E46

    yeah go to unique tints... Feraz does a good job and good price.. he did mine really good and dark for legal tints...
  6. yeh 17 wud b gud 18 better cant afford it though lol... um jsut some nice rims mayb 5 spoke....
  7. hey im wanting to buy some new wheels and tyres... i dont know my stud pattern all that stuff.. its 1990 e30 318i.. what wheels and low prpfile tyres am i looking for?? thanks
  8. just wondering how low can u drop and e30?? besides takn springs out... i can buy full set of 45cm drop.. is that low??
  9. thats what i would of thought to but thats not the case.. even if car is on acc or engine is on.. if door is closed windows dont work.. there is a time as you open the door you hear a "tick" noise then turns the lights on( which is normal) but at the same time the window switches lights will come on 2 and then the windows work.. but once closed.. buttons light off and no up or down.
  10. i did the spraypainting on some things.. it was spray paint for bumpers it looks kinda brown.. but way better then before.. i will buy satin black and do them again... thanks for da tip
  11. hey man, thanks.. umm yeah i already have tints on it. i want to lower it and put sum nice rims... probably find all that on this website
  12. hi guys just wondering if anyone could help me... ahh basically my drivers or passenger door has to be open for my windows to go up or down.. if the doors are closed the windows will not work.. the lights on the window switches go off when door closes also and go back on when door is open... help!!!! Cristian
  13. hey guys my names Cristian.. From auckland.. just got me a 1990 e30 318i... got told to use this website for help on my BMW. yeah thats about it...
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