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  1. Beema3

    new boy on the block

    Hey Welcome, Nice Ride..... Toyota V8.....Interesting.....
  2. Beema3

    Proud new BMW owner :)

    Welcome! Very Nice, Awsome find.....If only i found it before you
  3. Beema3

    Fog Lights A No No

    Interesting, I just got a ticket today & had them on, But i suppose the 29k's over the speed limit was more on the cops mind than my foggy's! Anyway mine are always switched on (Not the rears), so they are on when my headlights are, I didnt even realise i could get a ticket for it, I cant say i have ever had a problem seeing with the standard BMW Fog lights are coming towards me, But having the rear fog light on & bright yellow ones on, are a real pain.... Fight It!
  4. Each to their own... Im 19 & would never do that to my car & I dont have a problem with people doing it to their cars, Also my sister is about 36 & she is fully into her cars that way, so its not just the younger market thats doing this...
  5. Beema3

    New Guy New Car

    Very Nice, Looks great in Gunmetal....
  6. Beema3

    BMW Club of NZ

    I joined about 3 or 4 weeks ago & i am very happy with it so far, Worth every cent! Everyone's friendly & i got some great info about my car....
  7. Beema3


    Thanks every1 for the warm welcome! Im glad you all agree that those corners look bad, well obviously someone in japan thought they were cool lol
  8. Beema3


    Heres a pic Obviously its the silver E36 & Thanks to "Cain" for the pic & who owns the Red 5 Series on the left, It came in from japan with the chrome corner lights, which i find ugly & will change very soon back to clear factory style ones....
  9. Beema3

    Latest photos of the Tank

    Sure is mine, Needs a bit of work, But yeah good day for my first club meeting.... (do you mind if i steal this photo?, as my camera is broken at the moment & i need a photo of it?) Cheers
  10. Beema3

    Latest photos of the Tank

    Very Nice, one of the best i have seen, The back of your car looks very familiar, Im pretty sure i was following you in the BMWCC Navigation Run for a bit there on sunday, But sadly i couldnt keep up,
  11. Beema3


    Thanks Mate!
  12. Beema3


  13. Beema3


    Its nothing flash but I will do that Soon, I recently ran my camera over, so i need to buy another one...
  14. Beema3


    Hello All! I own a 97 E36 320I Sedan (My first BMW), Im also a Member of the BMWCC. Look forward to chattin with you all!