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  1. akanatural

    Bumper or Bumper Cover?

    Hey Brent thanks for the info and reply... Seems everything is there - though im not sure what a 'Carrier' is?
  2. akanatural

    Need E38 Bumper Cover

    I need need need! ... a front bumper cover - even a link to where to buy an after market one would be great - cheers!
  3. akanatural

    E38 Rear Indicator Won't Turn Off

    Thanks Jochim, yeah its weird that one bulb should stay on. My local mechanic who did the WOF check unhooked the bulb and meter checked the power and it was a constant just to that bulb - all the other bulbs - reverse lights, indicators etc worked as normal. I got this suggestion on the bimmerforum: "Try to disconnect the battery for 15 to 20 minutes. While it is disconnected push the flashers a couple times to make sure all the spare charges are expended from the car and then hook the battery back up. Things should be ok afterwards for you then." Im not sure what that would do but i'll try it when i get home tomorrow. I'll probably take the car to a local BMW / Euro specialiat on Monday / Tuesday and ask about a new LCM.
  4. Hi guys ... i just returned from Australia to find my '97 728i having a couple of issues. The worst is my Right Hand Rear Indicator Light stays on.. even with the car off. I have to disconnect a battery terminal to make it go out. The worst thing is i have a month to get it registered and i took it for a warrant todayand after mucking around with a wire harness for a bit they ran outta time to sort it.. so it failed its warrant. Does anyone have any idea what it could be ... they seem to think its a wire harness and want a crack at it on Monday ... but im not so sure ... could be a bunch of things really but i wanna try all avenues so any info would be great .. Cheers!
  5. akanatural

    Bumper or Bumper Cover?

    nup no insurance ... its all good Anyone know whether i need a bumper? - or do i need a bumper cover?
  6. akanatural

    Bumper or Bumper Cover?

    Hey guys n girls - I'm just wondering whether i need a new bumper or a bumper cover.... I ran into one of those concrete stoppers in a Gisborne car park - just low enough i couldn't see it and high enough it did significant damage... grrrrr. pics attached..
  7. akanatural

    Need New Key for 97 728i

    ouch ... i was hoping i wouldn't have too - im guessing it will be fairly expensive. I saw an ad for new key and programming on Trademe. The problem is they're in Auckland and need the car to make the key ...Im in Welli and he car can't move without the key - Buggar!
  8. akanatural

    Need New Key for 97 728i

    So my house was burgled while i was outta town and the thieves tried to take my car as they found the key in a cupboard in the house. When they couldn't work out the alarm system they left with the key and clicker and various household appliances. Well now i have no key and no alarm clicker. I think i can take the alarm out - hopefully its not forever immobilized :\ Is there anywhere i can get a new key programmed in Welli? How much etc? thanks for any help guys - my car is destitute at the moment .... oh and i used the search function but nothing came up. cheers!
  9. akanatural

    E38 Front Bumper Needed

    Hey guys n gals i've broken the bottom of my bumper under where the fog light s are right in the middle. I didnt realize it was all one pice and thought the bottom part of the bumper was seperate. Anyways im looking for a replacement front bumper - pref black... Thanks in advance people ... any help most appreciated
  10. akanatural

    I Need The Screw That Bolts My Spare Wheel Down E38

    OK i managed to fix it .... YAY!... thanks for yah help guys! ima bout to start a new thread bout fixing my window washers haha
  11. akanatural

    I Need The Screw That Bolts My Spare Wheel Down E38

    Thats thinking for yah -Legend ....
  12. akanatural

    I Need The Screw That Bolts My Spare Wheel Down E38

    Hey Brent yah still there ... Can i still get that E36 one? otherwise im not sure how it fits together .. wondering if theres any fix for this? Cant get a warrant without the spare bolted down
  13. akanatural

    I Need The Screw That Bolts My Spare Wheel Down E38

    i'll take the E36 one if its possible T./ PM me a prcie etc bro .... choice as! T./
  14. akanatural

    I Need The Screw That Bolts My Spare Wheel Down E38

    Hi Brent - thanks for the reply. Yeah ive got the plate thing labelled -4 - but theres nothing sticking out of it to put the wing nut on . Cant my digi camera anywhere smh or i'd take a pic ... But if yah can imagine the plate is just sitting on top of the wheel with nothing to screw the wing nut onto... would you have that other part?
  15. Howzit people... does anyone know where i can the contraption that bolts my spare down?. I have plate part that sits on the wheel holding it down - im missing the rest of it. any help would be so appreciated!