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  1. jasonbelesky

    e36 325i auto trans

    Hey all, just buying / bought a 1993 e36 325i coupe nz new Tidy tidy tidy, trans is a touch iffy, it seems fluid may be low so maybe a flush out and top up migth be the thing that gets it right, However i thought i would chuck a wtb listing incase some one has a ZF 5 speed automatic box lying around just incase i do need to replace mine at some stage! Please send me a pm or text that would be great. -0210463166 Jason
  2. jasonbelesky

    e30 318i Manual m40 sedan

    in auckland give me a buzz on my mobile
  3. jasonbelesky

    e30 318i Manual m40 sedan

    Hey everyone still for sale Feel free to Pm, text , or call me for details Will be doing cambelt sometime over the long weekend, most likely sunday arvo ! Thanks
  4. jasonbelesky

    e30 318i Manual m40 sedan

    Hey all, For sale is: *1988 NZ new *318i sedan in red (some paint not the greatest) *Manual , gear box seems fine no crunches *M40 cambelt engine (quite ticky, cam is worn) *Manual windows and sun roof *4.1 diff (i will confirm that tomorrow) *Sunroof is NOT rusty, the car infact is quite tidy in ways of not being rusty , bar from one spot in the boot above *left rear tail light. Not rusty in the usual spots (pillars , sunroof and just about anywhere) *240000kms , cambelt is due and i will probibly get onto it this weekend. *wof (i can renew when expires in a month or so) *Reg is out (not degregesterd just too lazy to go pay) but can sus that out! *vinyl door cards in good condition *cracked dash *Standard 14inch bottle caps with ok tread. *towbar *a/c -no gas *clutch seems very good too, doesnt slip at all. *doesnt leak etc etc. Im open to offers, i know whatever price i put there someone is going to offer me a few hundy less so ill start semi high and work my way from there. $1700 o.n.o Feel free to call or text me at anytime for viewing or any questions 0210463166 or 09 2669073 Jason Again excuse the bad photos as were taken late in the day and on my iphone!
  5. jasonbelesky

    e30 m52 build

    Hey there, very nice work on your build there. Kinda off the topic question and sorry if it has already been answered. What is your plans with the m40 engine that came out and is it any good?
  6. jasonbelesky

    e30 parts wanted

    hey all just bought a e30 318i manual sedan and i am after a few bits and pieces. It has a M40 engine belt drive yarddy yarr need : Camshaft (a good one) Some rims , it has bottle caps and i am looking for something a little tidier (tyres with them is preffered) Lowering springs Glove Box (with latch complete) maybe some better shocks if anyone has If i need any other parts ill post on here as soon as i can think of them Pm me or text/phone me on 0210463166 Jason. Cheers
  7. jasonbelesky

    My new $1100 tractor

    Oh by the way sorry for the terrible photos as brent will message me no doubt and tell me how bad they are. Were taken off my iphone and its not the best.
  8. jasonbelesky

    My new $1100 tractor

    Hey all just thought i would throw a post out there and a few pics of my new car, 1988 nz new , e30 sedan manual and ticky as motor! oh and the best part...bad bad bad red paint. (looks very orange in pictures) Car was ver very dirty when i picked it up. Looks like it hadnt been cleaned for about 6 years, smelt like rotten sausages, but thanx to brent and his water blaster and his man power made it look semi respectable.
  9. jasonbelesky

    e36 sedan and e36 318ti parts

    hey all, sorry i havent gotten around to putting the prices up and pictures yet but i will do today or the following day, have just been caught up doing a few things. I know its breaching forum rules but please bare with me, wont be long.!
  10. jasonbelesky

    e36 sedan and e36 318ti parts

    $220 for the seats front and rear $120 window reg
  11. Hi all im looking around for some lowering springs And wheels for my 1992 E34 525i sedan Im not really after any sh8tty brand stuff, something fairly decent, Jamex, Dobi, Nuespeed H&R etc And only full sets please, dont want Pm's or txts if someone has only fronts or only rears, unless they bascicly giving them away. Im also after some Wheels (with or without tyres) 16" to 18" no bigger and no smaller. Something bmw original or rip off is fine, No chromes or anything that just looks silly (spinners). HAHA. Feel free to call or text me anything (within reason) Jason 0210463166
  12. jasonbelesky

    e36 sedan and e36 318ti parts

    Hi there everyone, PLEASE NOTE: I WILL BE POSTING PRICES TOMORROW, BUT PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL ME ON THE NUMBER AT BOTTOM OF POST! I have 2 cars which are being parted out. First car is a white e36 318i sedan.(will post year tomorrow) Stripping the whole car minus the manual gearbox (and everything that goes with the kit) Front bumper Bonnet Grills Engine (single cam 318i chain drive M43 1.9) will post kms once its not raining. Interior , Grey cloth seats in fantastic condition Windscreen..Perfect condition no wiper scratches or delamination All doors, (all in good condition) can sell complete or parts ie, window regulator, glass, handles, shell etc. Dashboard suspension Carpet And bascicly all auxillaries around engine. Most parts are there and in good condition bar the rear right hand side which has had a crunch but feel free to call or text me at anytime regarding anything.' Jason 0210463166 Please note that i will edit this post with prices tomorrow. 2nd Car is e36 318ti In Green Complete car is not being stripped. Parts selling is: *engine m42 twin cam 318i *Auxilliaries (engine) *Interior (dark purple leather seats in ok condition , wear marks mostly on drivers seat, not torn just changing colour slightly, Note: rear seats are the 2 fold down seats and the front seats are not electric. *Door cards, not matching and a little scruffy *carpet *Dashboard *Radiator *Aircon *automatic gear box *Diff (will post ratio tomorrow) *Rims and tyres , Chrome style 15inch hub cap style wheels (similar to the standard e46 alloys) , will post pictures later And Many more. Sorry for the long post but please feel free to call me or text at anytime during the day or night. (obviously not like 3am in the morning but you catch my drift). Jason 0210463166
  13. jasonbelesky

    1987 BMW 525ee

    you have a phone number to call you on?
  14. jasonbelesky

    FREE compact seats, door cards etc

    hey there i am keen on the door cards, mine are non existant, ill be interested in the seats too if no one claims them, Thanks Jasonb
  15. jasonbelesky

    I 735i I personalised plate for sale

    Hey there guys and gals i got a pair of personalised plates for sale. ** I 735i I ** see my link for details. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=333108876 Thanks. you can call me about them if you need 09 2991234 Price is $250 start reserve