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  1. Grant, Yes mate, you are so right only i'm going bald doing it. Thanks for the lead though, i will book it in today.
  2. OK - I got my INPA software working in Windows 10 - YAY 12 DME/DDE 2820 64 2821 62 274E C1 2744 C1 2749 C1 78 KLIMA 9C54 64 9C55 61 I hope this helps. because i sure am lost.
  3. Stanmore Bay, Auckland and no i have not had the car scanned, i don't know who to approach.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm hoping (praying) someone can help. for a short while now my 545I has been showing the "Check engine light" the car then start's to rumble and vibrate quite badly. a message in the I-drive says for me to drive with decreased load and the car just will not run smoothly. on occasion i would pull over, turn the engine off, remove the key, start the engine and all is well. other forums have suggested replacing the CCV valves, which i have and for about 3 months, no issues. Till today. in the space of 30 mins i have had to restart 4 times and yet nothing is working to smooth out the engine. Yesterday i went on the 3 hour drive from Auckland to Matamata and back, no issues and i even clocked up a 200kph run on the straight road into Matamata. She is overdue an oil change (booked in for next week) and other topics around the globe suggest the O2 sensors (x4) on the 545I. Please if anyone can offer assistance or even point me to the direction of a mechanic in Auckland that ACTUALLY knows their stuff when it comes to BMW's. Thank you all in advance - your input is greatly received and appreciated.
  5. New to the BMW world, i have to say though lovin it so far. be gentle with me.
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