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  1. Daneil, Thank you for the information and the contact, i will get in touch with him and see what he has to say and offer. Thank you.
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, Ok so as some of you may have guessed i have a E60 545I. currently everyweek i am having to top up my coolant by at least 1tr, there is the apperance of liquid and dried antifreeze coming from the small drain hole to the top left of the water pump. My best guess is the Cooland Transfer Pipe seal has failed and getting worse. I have read the horror stories online about the 3K+ repair bill to have this fixed, i've been on Ebay and looking to get one of the many third party repair kits. My question is has anyone done this repair, maybe purchased a kit and can offer some advise or knows of a local NZ company that has these kits or even has purchased a kit and didn't use it. Any suggestions, advise or even some direction is greatly appreciated.
  3. Gidday there gents. Would anyone have recommendations or suggestions on a good grade of Castrol oil for my 545I E60 please? Thanks in advance.
  4. Mike, Would you be confident enough to change mine form JP into NZ frequencies??
  5. Tom, Thank you. still i have only had the car three weeks an i am very new to BMW's. I'm an ex-Holden guy.
  6. I have read on the forums about someone here in Auckland that is able to connect to the onboard computer and change the JP setting to Oceania. My beloved beast is an E60 545I (yummy) I would love some help if at all possable. Thanks in advance
  7. I have had my E60 for 7 days, yes i'm not 100% sure clipping the curb all be it minimal, did the damage to the inner bead of the alloy rim, the guy at Carters in Rosedale did say that the amount of rubber fines that were built up on the deformed part of rim did suggest the deform had been there a while. I did contact Nigel (car dealer) and explained the damage, what the guy at Carters mentioned and that the deform was on another part of the rim. Nigel didn't even argue, he said get it repaired, send him the bill and he would pay for it. I just about fell over! I mean are Car dealers suppose to be this accommodating?? I have to say though, he did make the whole experience pleasurable from the test drive, purchasing & he even put 1/2 a tank of gas in her and gave us a bottle of wine when we collected the car. Question: Am i allowed to do a shout out for a car dealer?
  8. Very True, the tyre was removed this morning, the inner bead was deformed and a buldge in the tyre. $150 to have repaired.
  9. Who i could contact or visit that can login to the onboard Comp and change the JP radio frequency to Oceania? Also i'm in the market for the six disk cartridge for the head unit in the glovebox. lastly, Bluetooth. Now after ready many post's locally and internationally, i have worked out that if BT doesn't appear in the I-Drive communications menu, then the option was never installed or activated. can this be easily activated? or would i have to look into adding the module and having the code added? Any and all replies good or bad are gratefully appreciated.
  10. Sorry guys, BUDDA here, i had to create another account as my new one wouldn't let me sign in. Anyway, I have had my new secondhand 545I - E60 for 5 days and i went and clipped the curb this morning, tore a small hole the size of australia in the sidewall of my SP Sport Maxx - 245/40/R18. felt pretty dam sick to be honest. However, good old trademe came to my rescue, found a local with the exact tyre, tread depth and everything for $60. OMG do i feel better.
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