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  1. Mod's remove if in the wrong area, I have a BMW 323i 2006 and am sure it has angle lights, my question is how can I get them to run as daytime running lights?
  2. Thank Man and yeap am aware of 5% Tint being illegal however we have never had any problems and have had the same tint setup for over 9 years. nice car dude, dad just chipped in some money for mine, got it for $16,000 + ORC
  3. Finally Bought my first BMW and my first car. A BMW 323i 2006 in White. woo any suggestions on what modifications i can do? all suggestions will be great. have gotten it tinted with 5% in the back 3 windows and 35% in the front sides.
  4. Thanks for the reply man will try to post some pics up, any other mods i can do which are around the good price range? The i-Drive upgrade costs around $2400 if im not wrong from autogravity. Way too much, was told by the dealer i could get it done for around $500. Anyone know how i can do it myself? Willing to buy equiptment as i will buy more bimmers for the family haha. All reply welcome to help the noob (me) out
  5. Hey Guys! I have just bought my first ever BMW! WOOO! it is a 2006 BMW 323i in white (looks good too). It is a Japanese import and also do not know what E model it is unfortunately. I am located in south Auckland and want some modifications to be done. It is fitted with I-Drive so I want the navigation to be converted to nz (somehow) and also it has phone steering wheel controls how ever I can not find the Bluetooth settings for it (weird). Can someone help me out please? Thanks! GOO BMW
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